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Pets company

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Pets company

  1. 1. Performance Entertainment Technical Services Presented by Stephanie Wallen
  2. 2. Performance Entertainment Technical Services (P.E.T.S.) P.E.T.S. conveys the professional message for individuals looking to host a variety of entertainment performances. Our company will provide the technical services needed for lighting, sound, and pyrotechnics for any event. The acronym of the company name should be easy for individuals to remember, but suggest the range of services available for any event.
  3. 3. P.E.T.S. Name Over viewName Positive: Easy to remember! Plus, the word“technical” suggests that we use the latest technology forour performances from any entertainment aspect.Name Negative: The name doesn’t list all individualtechnical services available. Also, some people may thinkthe name is too general.So far, the name is available per USPTO.gov, and issuggestive of who we are & what type of company we are.
  4. 4. P.E.T.S. LogoBlue is the strongest color present, because itrepresents leadership within the multi-servicetechnical category. The green letter outlinerepresents that our company is environmentallyfriendly, including our pyrotechnics displays. !
  5. 5. About the LogoLogo Font: Century GothicSize: 36 pt. BoldThe blue stands out, because most competitors inthe industry uses neutral color lettering. A lot ofpyrotechnic companies use black for the night skywith colors such as orange or yellow to accent,representing the fireworks. Since our companyoffers more than just pyrotechnic services, weconvey the message of our strong brand with avariety of services.
  6. 6. Competitor Logo Image Source: www.rozzifireworks.com, 2011.Rozzi’s Fireworks has a strong logo, givingpotential clients the impression that the companyis strong and provides quality entertainment. Theyellow burst in the dark sky give descriptiveelement to the pyrotechnic services available forevening entertainment displays, but not for othertimes of the day or events.
  7. 7. Other Strong Wordmark LogosBoth of these logos are strong, and they are easy to remember. There areno pictures, but they are not needed, as the words speak the message. Plus,any time that someone mentions the logo words above, people get a mentalimage of the words and design.Sony shows a color of luxury and strength associated with the color black.Coca Cola uses red symbolic to a strong, dominate color of brevity andfortitude.
  8. 8. P.E.T.S. Corporate CultureP.E.T.S. is a one stop shop for entertainmenttechnical services including lighting, sound, andpyrotechnic displays that are needed. Ourobjective is to provide a variety of services soclients won’t have to make multiple phone callsto a variety of companies. P.E.T.S. will give youpeace of mind knowing that our event plannerswill make sure you have the quality performancethat you deserve for your event.
  9. 9. P.E.T.S. Mission StatementOur goal is to provide the best products using thelatest technology for your entertainment needs.Our mission statement will show employees andclients that we are serious about the commitmentto anyone’s passion for quality entertainmentand give the services that anyone will expect atany concert, pyrotechnic show, weddingcelebration, or other big event.
  10. 10. P.E.T.S. Core ValuesPerformance: We provide the best quality of technical entertainmentservices for any event. Big or small, we will make sure your event has thebest performance available.Passion: Our staff will provide a fun, safe, entertaining performance foryour event. We are trained professionals making sure that you have thebest quality event that stands out among the rest.Presentation: Our staff is accountable for our services and performancepresentation at your event. Clients expect the best, and we will make surethat events get the best we have to offer.People: Our clients’ concerns and needs are our #1 priorities. We striveto provide the best customer service.
  11. 11. P.E.T.S. TaglineTagline: P.E.T.S. is your one stop shop agency forquality technical entertainment performanceservices.The tagline describes that our company willprovide the client with any technical andentertainment needs for any event. Our companydoesn’t limit itself to one or two areas ofspecialty. Instead, there are a variety of servicesavailable allowing the client to save time andmoney with entertainment packages available.
  12. 12. ResourcesCoca Cola. Accessed March 18, 2011 from http://www.coca-cola.com.Ries, Al and Laura. 2002. The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. New York: Harper Collins Publishing.Rozzi Fireworks. Accessed March 17, 2011 from http:// www.rozzifireworks.com.Sony. Accessed March 20, 2011 from http://www.sonystyle.com.