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The Complete Guide to Retargeting [PowerPoint]

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Over 95% of visitors to a website leave without filling out a form. The fastest way to boost top-of-funnel website leads, while being cost-effective with your media spend, is through retargeting. In this concise, no-nonsense educational webinar, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview (along with an in-depth checklist) on effective retargeting campaigns using rich media. Learn:

--How to budget & plan your retargeting campaigns.
Site, Search, Email, and CRM retargeting.
--How rich media makes retargeting more effective.
--How to launch, measure and optimize retargeting campaigns.

Learn more: http://www.kwanzoo.com/cms/solutions/display-retargeting/

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The Complete Guide to Retargeting [PowerPoint]

  1. 1. The Complete Guide to Retargeting Presented by: Mani Iyer | CEO @ Kwanzoo @iyermani #demandgen
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES Webinar Objectives • Educate marketers on new opportunities to accelerate Demand Generation through Retargeting • If you are new to Retargeting, this webinar will take you through it all, from the Basics to Why Retargeting matters & Why you should care.
  3. 3. AGENDA 1. Retargeting: The Basics 2. Planning & Budgeting Retargeting Campaigns 3. Running Retargeting Campaigns 4. Analytics, Reporting & Advanced Strategies 5. Questions
  4. 4. Retargeting: The Basics
  5. 5. Retargeting: The Basics 1. What is retargeting? 2. Site retargeting & minimum website traffic requirements 3. Rich media ads for Retargeting - Why? 4. Retargeting and The Lead Management Process 5. Different retargeting strategies (Site, Search, Email, CRM) 6. Viewable impressions, A/B testing
  6. 6. What is Retargeting? Your Website Ad Network Organic Search Email Social PPC & Display Visitors get tracked for retargeting (cookie’d) Tracking works beyond your website across the web Retargeted Ads Example: • 10,000 website visitors • 30 impressions / visitor / month • Total of 300,000 retargeted impressions per 30 day period
  7. 7. New Prospecting vs. Retargeting New Prospecting • Prospects NOT already in the advertiser’s database. Reach new “watering holes” and place ads to attract new prospects, get them to opt-in into further conversation. Re-targeting • Already a bit familiar with the brand. Visited your site and bounced. • Conversion rates for re-targeting = typically higher than for new prospecting.
  8. 8. Site Retargeting: Minimum Website Visitor Requirements Effective Retargeting Campaigns: • Moderate B2B Websites – 5000+ monthly unique website visitors • 150,000+ retargeted ad impressions available. Volume allows for positive retargeting ROI. • High Traffic B2B Websites – 50,000+ monthly unique visitors • 1,500,000+ retargeted ad impressions available. You can start smaller using “Retargeting Segments”. • High Traffic B2C Websites – 500,000+ monthly unique visitors • Selectively retarget visitors to specific sections of your website using “Retargeting Segments”.
  9. 9. Boost retargeting conversions with rich media – Step 1
  10. 10. Boost retargeting conversions with rich media – Step 2
  11. 11. Boost retargeting conversions with rich media – Step 3
  12. 12. Boost retargeting conversions with In-banner Lead Forms A/B testing showed over 30% higher lead conversions BEFORE: Plan for 30% increase in retargeting lead conversions with In-banner Lead Form Ads
  13. 13. Introducing Video Lead Form Ads • Link in your marketing or training video from Youtube • Capture leads in the rich media ad, store directly into your MAP or CRM 1. Video 2. Overlay banner 3. Lead form 4. Thank you screen
  14. 14. Closed-Loop Reporting integrated with MAP/CRM Measure Impact  Increased lead conversions  Pipeline acceleration  Increased closed/won deals Top of Funnel: Site, search and CRM retargeting Use in-banner and video lead form ads to boost conversions Mid Funnel: Site, email & CRM retargeting of known prospects Dynamic, persona-based & account-based content and offers Lower Funnel: Persona- based, retargeted rich media polls Upsell and cross sell customers Suspect Inquiry Marketing Qualification Sales Qualification Customer Marketing Marketing Automation (MAP) / CRM Accelerate Your Lead Management Process using Retargeted, Rich Media Ads
  15. 15. Top-of-Funnel: Search Retargeting Target ads to people based on the keywords they’re searching for
  16. 16. Top-of-Funnel: CRM Retargeting Target ads to people with only their email or physical mailing address
  17. 17. Mid-Funnel: Email Retargeting Serve display ads to anybody who opens your emails.
  18. 18. Viewable Impressions & A/B Testing Effective Retargeting Campaigns: • You can boost campaign ROI several-fold with: • Viewable impression tracking – make sure retargeted ads are “Above the Fold”, 60% of ad visible in a viewable area or in-focus page for at least 1 sec • A/B testing – Serve multiple versions of rich media ad creative. Test different content / copy / messaging / offers. Adjust campaign creative in real-time.
  19. 19. Planning & Budgeting Retargeting Campaigns
  20. 20. Planning & Budgeting Retargeting Campaigns 1. Retargeting Campaign Cost Components Media Buying, Creative, Campaign Strategy / Management 2. Recommended Minimum Campaign Duration 3. Media Spend by Strategy (Site, Search, Email, CRM) 4. Resources Needed: Your Options - In-house - Outsourced (As Needed) - Outsourced (Full Service) .
  21. 21. Putting Together a Retargeting Campaign 1. Define the goal - demand creation? brand awareness? both? 2. Budget - finalize number based on website visitors reached and engaged, or demand – leads 3. Media Buying – Geo (NA / EU / LATAM / APAC / Global), “Above the Fold”, Day Parting, Data (Job Role, Email, Physical Address) 4. Creative - copy, design, messaging, content offers, brand guidelines 5. Execute & Review - analytics, reporting, key metrics 6. Campaign Management – • Targeting - update retargeting segments, impressions served based on what works • Bid Management – set bid prices to meet volume goals (daily/weekly) • Creative updates - changes in mid-flight based on engagement / lead capture metrics
  22. 22. Budgeting for Site Retargeting: ROI Modeler Monthly Re-targeted Ad Impressions Monthly unique visitors to your website(s) in 1000s 18 Retargeted ad impressions per visitor per month 20 Available re-targeted ad impressions per month 360,000 Cost of re-targeted ad impressions (CPM) $3 Re-targeted Ad Serving Fees (Estimated) $1,080 Paid to Retargeting Provider Monthly Kwanzoo Technology Fees Kwanzoo Silver Plan or Higher $499 Technology Fees Per Month (Paid to Kwanzoo) Kwanzoo Impression Fees Re-targeted Kwanzoo Video Lead Form Ads Cost Per 50,000 Impressions $50 Kwanzoo delivers conversion rates Number of Impressions Needed 400,000 30% or more higher than typical banner ads Impression Fees Per Month (Paid to Kwanzoo) $400 Monthly Re-targeting Budget $1,979.00 Estimated Cost Per Lead Estimated Impressions Per Lead Conversion Low (in 1000s) 6000 (via Kwanzoo Video Lead Form Ads) High (in 1000s) 8000 Lead Captures - Low 45 Lead Captures - High 60 Estimated Cost Per Lead (Low) $33 Estimated Cost Per Lead (High) $44
  23. 23. Media Spend and Minimum Campaign Duration Media costs will vary by strategy: 1. Site Retargeting in units of 1000 (CPM) $1.50 to $3.00 CPM Add $1.00+ CPM for “Above the Fold” From no minimums to $500+ minimums based on the retargeting platform Duration: Most effective if least 6 months for cookie pool to build, then test & optimize content and offers 2. Email or CRM Retargeting Add $1.50+ CPM for Email Address or Physical Address Matches 10,000 Physical Address Minimum Only pay for impressions served to matched addresses From $1000 campaign minimum to CRM retargeting provider CRM list load costs separate ($100+ per list) Campaign management fees separate (15% of media costs) Duration: Can be short (30 to 90 day) campaigns to drive users to a live event, drive pipeline acceleration
  24. 24. Options for Campaign Execution - Resources Needed 1. Retargeting Media Buying In-house – direct from Retargeting Provider Through your agency Through Kwanzoo (full service) 2. Rich Media Creative In-house – use Kwanzoo as tech provider Through your agency – use Kwanzoo as tech provider Through Kwanzoo (full service) 3. Retargeting Campaign Management In-house – directly use Retargeting + Kwanzoo platforms Through your agency – directly use Retargeting + Kwanzoo platforms Through Kwanzoo (full service)
  25. 25. Running Retargeting Campaigns
  26. 26. Running Retargeting Campaigns 1. Retargeting Pixels & Segments 2. Retargeting Creative – Banner Ads, Rich Media 3. Building Creative & Generating Retargeting Ad Tags 4. Burn Pixels 5. Campaign Activation
  27. 27. Retargeting Pixels & Segments Sample Retargeting Pixel Retargeting segment: A collection of pages within your website that can be retargeted with it’s own ad creative. Retargeting pixel: A way to uniquely identify visitors to your website so they can be served ads later on across the web.
  28. 28. Build Your Rich Media Ads in 3 Easy Steps! 1. Select ad unit 2. Customize 3. Run, Optimize
  29. 29. Rich Media Ads – Setup & Customization
  30. 30. Generate Retargeting Ad Tag & Deploy
  31. 31. Retargeting Campaign Template NOTE TO LIZ: Please drop in the Retargeting Campaign Template from Q18, Running Retargeting Campaigns section
  32. 32. Retargeting – Setup Burn Pixel
  33. 33. Analytics, Reporting & Advanced Strategies
  34. 34. Analytics, Reporting and Optimization 1. Analytics from Retargeting Platforms / Networks 2. Kwanzoo’s Rich Media Analytics 3. Viewable Impressions, Conversions & Partial Form Fills Advanced Strategies: Lead Nurturing with Retargeted Ads Dynamic Ad Serving through Kwanzoo - Persona-based & Account-based Targeting Targeting Options through Retargeting Platforms - Geo Targeting, CRM Targeting / List Matching
  35. 35. Analytics from Retargeting Platforms / Networks 1. Media Spend Impressions Served Average CPM Media Spend by Day / Week / Month 2. Visitor Data # Cookie'd Retargeted Website Visitors # Cookie’d Visitors by Retargeting Segment # Impressions Served by Retargeting Segment 3. Conversions Completed conversion events Average Cost Per Lead (CPL / CPA)
  36. 36. Rich Media Ads – Key Analytics Basic statistics include: • Impressions – # times the video lead form ad is served • Engagement – the First Click on the video lead form ad • Lead Captures – complete form fills on Lead Form screen • Clicks – the click on the call-to-action on the Thank You screen that is presented after the Lead Form screen
  37. 37. Rich Media Ads – Detailed Analytics View detail stats including: • impressions • viewable impressions • partial form fills • lead captures • %engagement / impressions • %engagement / viewable impressions • video play duration for each engagement • %video play / total video duration
  38. 38. Mid-Funnel: Retargeting with Rich Media Polls integrated with MAP Systems • Capture data & insights from prospects • Personalize follow-on interactions Insights collected in MAP / CRM
  39. 39. Lower Funnel: Retargeted ads mapped to individual personas and named accounts Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Prospect from named account of interest By contact data (job title, lead score, etc.) Default content with lead form Note: Extensible rules engine, supports personalization using Eloqua & Neustar IP <-> Company based targeting options today. More personalization options (e.g. age, gender, geo, search keyword, etc) planned.
  40. 40. Questions?
  41. 41. Questions? Phone: 408-216-7025 Email: info@kwanzoo.com Twitter: @kwanzoo @iyermani Resources: http://www.kwanzoo.com/resources/display-retargeting/ http://www.kwanzoo.com/solutions/display-retargeting/supported- networks-exchanges/