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The Business Case for ABM Part 2: ABM & Demand Gen

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With all the recent buzz around account-based marketing, B2B companies today are actively deciding whether to continue to focus on traditional demand generation to generate leads and nurture primarily through emails, or to move budgets toward account-based marketing with a focus on engaging target accounts.

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The Business Case for ABM Part 2: ABM & Demand Gen

  1. 1. The Business Case For Account-Based Marketing Part 2: ABM and Demand Gen
  2. 2. ABM and Demand Gen The Business Case for ABM Pt. 2 Hosted by: Mani Iyer, Kwanzoo CEO with Special Guests: Ashley Kennedy, Obility SEM Supervisor Nate Gancher, Obility SEM Supervisor Thursday November 17th 10 AM PT/1 PM ET Submit questions via Twitter to @kwanzoo w/ hashtag #ABMDoneRight
  3. 3. INTRODUCING TODAY’S SPEAKERS Mani Iyer, CEO Kwanzoo Host & Moderator Ashley Kennedy, SEM Supervisor Obility Nate Gancher, SEM Supervisor Obility
  4. 4. TODAY’S AGENDA 1. ABM Display, B2B Retargeting and Demand Gen Overview 2. Targeting and Segmentation – ABM vs Demand Gen 3. Program Execution – ABM vs Demand Gen 4. Measuring Program Success 5. ABM and Demand Gen – Finding the right mix? 6. Summary and Q+A
  5. 5. What is Account-Based Display Advertising? North America (NAM) EMEA LATAM APAC Global Accounts Web Browser Your Ads Users at your target accounts are served ads via matched cookies or matched IP addresses.
  6. 6. What is B2B Retargeting? Your Website Email Contacts Other Websites Your Ads Users who are either your email contacts or people who visited your websites are served ads as they browse the web. Website Visitors
  7. 7. What are other channels for Demand Gen?
  8. 8. Pros & Cons of Channels
  9. 9. Targeting for ABM: The Power of Data & Reach 200M 1Billion+ Kwanzoo (Integrated with OMC|BlueKai) Most Other Providers Reachable Contacts (Based on Cookie Data) Reachable Regions with IP Database Kwanzoo (multiple 3rd party IP providers) Most Other Providers
  10. 10. Targeting for ABM: Seeking Higher Media Value & Buying Flexibility Only One Media Purchasing Option Other ABM Tech Providers Provider DSP for Media Purchase Multiple Media Purchasing Options with real-time bidding tools Kwanzoo Program Kwanzoo DSP for Media Other DSP for Media OR With Kwanzoo, programs can run 24/7, maximizing your account engagement. $12 - 15 $22 - 30 Kwanzoo Other ABM Tech Providers Fully Loaded CPM
  11. 11. Targeting for ABM: More Options & Real-Time Insights Kwanzoo Most Other Providers Batch Real Time Kwanzoo Most Other Providers Job Function Job Title Job Level Partners’ Accounts Competitors’ Accounts Filters Reporting Better Filters, Better Targeting Real-Time Data, Real-Time Decisions
  12. 12. Targeting for Demand Gen: Quality vs. Quantity Lead Quality • Exact Match • Long-Tail Keyword Search • Geographically Specific • Targeted Ad Text • Negative Keyword Exclusions VS. Lead Quantity • Broad Match Keywords • General Search Terms • Broad Geographic Targeting • Vague Ad Copy • Limited # of Campaigns w/ Lots of keywords BROADSEARCH NUMBER OF LEADS
  13. 13. ABM with IP Targeting  Uses Kwanzoo IP Data Base  Target accounts based on their business IP ranges ABM Social  Target social handles based on accounts and personas  Deliver ads to Facebook and Twitter users 4 Kinds of ABM Display Solutions ABM with Job Title Targeting  Integrated with OMC|BlueKai  Target users based on Job Function, Level, and Title ABM with Past Purchase Targeting  Integrated with OMC|BlueKai  Target accounts that have purchased a competitor’s product or solution Account Lists
  14. 14. Program Goals ABM Program Serve ads to employees with specific titles at target accounts. ABM with Job Title Targeting Serve ads to employees that work at target accounts in specific locations. ABM with IP Targeting Serve ads to accounts that purchased competitive products in the past. ABM with Past Purchase Targeting Serve ads to relevant contacts at target accounts on Facebook/Twitter. ABM Social Choosing a Program Based on Goals
  15. 15. Launching an ABM Display Program
  16. 16. ABM with Job Title Targeting North America & UK Target Accounts ABM Ads Served Customer Ad Creation, Program Setup, and Media Execution Programmatic Ad Buying ABM Engagement Reports DSP ABM Cookie Database Accounts, Job Titles, Functions, and Level Filters Data Management Platform 1Billion+ B2B Cookies
  17. 17. ABM with IP Targeting ABM Ads Served Ad Creation, Program Setup, and Media Execution Programmatic Ad Buying ABM Engagement Reports DSP Global Target Accounts Customer ABM IP Database [multiple 3rd party IP providers] Global Campaigns: North America, EMEA, LATAM, APAC IPs: 1xx.1x.1x.1xx, 2xx.2y.1y.2yy, […]
  18. 18. Minimum Program Launch Requirements Program Type Minimum to Launch? ABM with Job Title Targeting 50K to 200K Active Cookies & Mobile Device IDs ABM with IP Targeting 200+ Mid-to-Large Enterprise Accounts (International Geos) ABM with Past Purchase Targeting 1+ Competitor or Partner with 200+ Mid-to-Large Enterprise Customers ABM Social 40,000+ Contacts at 500+ Mid-to-Large Enterprise Accounts General Rule of Thumb: Aim to serve at least 1 Million ads per quarter. Want to make sure you are going to reach enough accounts? Get an Account Coverage Report before you launch to see how many accounts you can reach.
  19. 19. Types of Demand Gen Campaigns CORE ALMOST TEST
  20. 20. Core Core campaigns generate first touch opportunities below your target cost per opportunity  Branded  Competitor campaigns  Remarketing  Key products/services
  21. 21. Almost Almost campaigns generate FT opportunities slightly above your target CPO  Tangential keyword themes  New product/service  Contextual display
  22. 22. Test Test campaigns are the unknowns, untested marketing channels or new betas  Gmail Sponsored Promotions  LinkedIn Display  YouTube Remarketing and sponsored videos
  23. 23. Measuring Program Success
  24. 24. Measuring ABM Display Success Ad Clicks Website Visits SDR Activity Pipeline Value ABM Display Success Control Accounts Test Accounts The quickest and simplest way to measure ABM Display Success is to assign accounts on your account list to test and control groups prior to program launch. Identify Control Accounts Ex: 300 Identify Test Accounts Ex: 300 Run Marketing Programs: Emails, SDR 1:1 Emails, Webinars, Live Events Run ABM Display Programs
  25. 25. Measuring ABM Success: Weekly Visitor Journey & Summary
  26. 26. Measuring ABM Success: The Account Engagement Report
  27. 27. Measuring ABM Display ROI ABM Display Programs are used to generate opportunities from target accounts. Therefore, you need to calculate a baseline opportunity from current SDR activity and measure your display program success in terms of its added opportunity. 8 Avg # of SDR Appointments per Month 50% Appointments that convert to Opportunities $30K Average Deal Size for a B2B Company $120 K Baseline Opportunity: $120k x (#SDRs) x (# of Months) A Additional Accounts Engaged through ABM Display B% Engaged Accounts that Convert to Opportunities $30K Average Deal Size for a B2B Company New Opportunities: A x B% x $30K New Opportunities from ABM Display Baseline Opportunity
  28. 28. Demand Gen Tracking Integrating platforms with marketing automation and sales management system
  29. 29. Campaign Channel Cost Conversions CPA CvR MQLs Cost Per MQL MQL:Conversion Cway Twitter $13,295.55 97 $137.07 2.11% 22 $604.34 22.68% Software AdWords $15,703.58 100 $157.04 1.76% 24 $654.32 24.00% Content AdWords $8,834.76 69 $128.04 3.64% 19 $464.99 27.54% Strategy LinkedIn $6,427.05 43 $149.47 3.48% 21 $306.05 48.84% Measuring Demand Gen Success
  30. 30. ABM and Demand Gen Do You Need Both?
  31. 31. Demand Generation: Share of Voice Stack Objective: Grow awareness Focus on increasing brand awareness: 1. Saturate spend on branding campaigns 2. Spend remaining dollars on Core campaigns 3. If budget left over, use for Test campaigns
  32. 32. Demand Generation: Lead Quantity Objective: Grow sales database Focus on lead volume: 1. Determine new lead goals 2. Budget for High Volume campaigns to meet lead targets 3. Run Core campaigns with remaining budget 4. If budget left over, use for test campaigns
  33. 33. Demand Generation: Lead Quality Objective: Generate Sales Focus on performance campaigns: 1. Implement Account Based Marketing to increase velocity in the sales funnel 2. Identify 100% saturation on Core campaigns 3. Layer with Outlier and Testing budgets
  34. 34. ABM and Demand Gen Finding the Right Mix
  35. 35. ABM and Demand Gen Recommendations & Best Practices
  36. 36. ABM Best Practices Understand How Sales is Organized and Key Sales Metrics Map Your Accounts into ABM Pyramids and Define Spend Prioritize ABM Display Programs Towards Your Growth Accounts Implement the Kwanzoo APB Model to Track Accounts Until They Convert to Opportunities Develop a Clear Process for Measuring ABM Display Success Start With Pilot Budgets and Scale Over Time Top Growth Wide-Net
  37. 37. B2B Demand Gen Best Practices  Quality over quantity  Saturate spend towards core campaigns and top performing platforms  Optimize performance based on backend data  Align content and messaging with stage in the buying cycle
  38. 38. YOUR QUESTIONS? It’s time for YOUR questions. Please submit them in one of the following ways: Submit your question(s) via Twitter by tweeting them to @iyermani or @kwanzoo with hashtag #ABMDoneRight Submit your question(s) directly via the Questions window via GotoWebinar
  39. 39. ABM and Demand Gen Resources  ABM Account Coverage Report http://www.kwanzoo.com/cms/ account- coverage-report/  [Ebook] The Business Case for ABM http://bit.ly/Business_Case_for_ABM_Ebook  B2B Marketing Guide to Competitor Targeting http://www.obilityb2b.com/ppc/competitor- targeting/?offer=competitor  B2B Guide to Online Marketing with Marketing Automation http://www.obilityb2b.com/ppc/landing-ppc-with- marketing-automation/?offer=backend
  40. 40. Thank You! For more information, contact Kwanzoo via:  Phone: +1.408.216.7025  Email: info@kwanzoo.com  Website: www.kwanzoo.com  Social Media:  Twitter: @kwanzoo and @iyermani  LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ kwanzoo-inc-/ For more information, contact Obility via:  Phone: +1.503.765.7581  Email: info@obilityb2b.com  Website: www.obilityb2b.com  Social Media:  Twitter: @ObilityB2B
  41. 41. Thank you for joining us!