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ABM at Scale with OMC|Eloqua and BlueKai

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Account-based marketing (ABM) is changing the way B2B companies approach demand generation in 2016. Are you doing ABM right? Join Kwanzoo CEO Mani Iyer and OMC|BlueKai Expert and Senior Product Executive Niraj Deo as they explain OMC and partner ABM capabilities, how they fit into the 6-Step ABM Execution process, and how to build an ABM solution stack that delivers results.

Join us in conversation with questions and answers via Twitter #ABMCHAT and #ABMDoneRight.

Our ABM experts will share key insights on
--Moving to ABM: The 6-Step ABM Execution Process
--Solutions: How to choose the right OMC and partner solutions for ABM
--Orchestration: Delivering account-centric cross-channel experiences
--Analytics: New metrics for measuring ABM program success

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