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Dan gillmor

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Dan gillmor

  1. 1. Dan Gillmor: We the Media • Published 2004 • Subtitled: ‘Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People’ • Available for free on the internet at: http://oreilly.com/catal og/wemedia/book/
  2. 2. We the Media: key ideas• citizenship doesnt just happen – being a citizen has to be learned or developed• Big Media – News corporation, CNN, BBC, Emap, Google, eg, hav e controlled who gets to produce and share media
  3. 3. We the Media: key ideas• concentrated choice of media, leading to profits for an oligopoly (small cluster) of companies• ownership and control of the companies in the hands, largely of white males with a private school education.• Why does this matter? - large groups of people only ever get represented by other groups.• Gillmor sees the internet as a catalyst for a challenge to this establishment hegemony, as ordinary citizens use blogs and other online communication tools to share their own news – citizen journalism.
  4. 4. We the Media: key ideas• Bloggers – the former audience. News blogs a new form of peoples journalism.• Gillmor wrote his book before the creation of social media such as YouTube and Twitter. These now also play a key role in the democratisation of the media.
  5. 5. We the Media: key ideas ‘The spreading of an item of news, or ofsomething much larger, will occur – much more sothan today – without any help from mass media aswe know it. The people who’ll understand this bestare probably just being born. In the meantime, eventhe beginnings of this ‘shift’ are forcing all of us toadjust our assumptions and behaviour.’ - Gillmor, We the Media p42 - 43