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Why are designer handbags so appealing

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Serial numbers are often printed on the bag and many designers also include a care booklet with the item.

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Why are designer handbags so appealing

  1. 1. Why Are Designer Handbags So Appealing?The authentic designer handbags do differ from other bags in ways besides their fine quality and design.They also offer status to the woman carrying the handbag. Bags from haute couture designers are madeby hand from the highest quality leather they can find anywhere in the world. These are not items ofmass production made in factories that produce low cost, high volume goods. Designer bags areproduced in limited editions making them exclusive and placing them under the category of statussymbols.Each cut, stitch and rivet is carefully placed in each bag, which is why youll notice there arenever any seams of leather sticking out in the handles and the custom silk or satin fabric is alwaysperfectly sewn in the interior. These are bags designed to serve a function, but more than that, theyrebags designed for the exclusive purpose of quality.Designer HandbagsAside from impeccable quality and design, designer handbags also offer a certain status. When someonesees you carrying an expensive bag, they usually try to get a peak at the brand. They understand that itsone of the most amazing bags in the world and it usually spurs them to look into one themselves, whichbrings me to the next topic. Resell value.If you are uncertain about buying that expensive designerhandbag, check out the bags available at the next yard sale you attend. You will find a table with a bunchof bags each marked around $5.00. There will not be a designer bag in the lot. The reason for that is finehandbags like fine wine grow more valuable with age. Vintage wine and vintage handbags actually arean investment. Neither of them depreciate. Even if the bag is used and shows signs of wear, they onlylose their value if they are ripped or stained. Even in those cases, they may still retain their value if youcan find a specialist in the repair of fine leather handbags to work their magic.Luxury HandbagsIf you take good care of your bag, youll be able to sell it a year or so from now and get close to what youpaid for it. Just make sure you dont lose its certificates of authenticity. The last thing you want to do isfind yourself scrambling after the fact to verify the authenticity of your bag. Nobody ever actuallybelieves you the first ten times.Finally, if you are consider purchasing a designer bag, dont buy a knock-off. Knock-off bags are extremely noticeable to the bag lover and instead of walking by you and droolingover your bag, they will walk by and laugh knowing that youre carrying around a $30 purse pretendingthat its a $750 bag. With handbags, authentic is the only way to go. Authentic bags have become moreand more popular since the knock-offs started to appear in the last few years.With the flood of pseudodesigner bags, manufacturers have improved their craft of making their fakes more resemble the truedesigner handbags in every detail. But one sure giveaway is the very leather the bag is made of. Highend leather is soft and creamy to the touch. There will be no marks or bumpy areas on the leather of thereal McCoy. Every metal piece on the bag will be stamped with the designers name. The interior fabricwill not only be of the highest quality, it will bear the design house logo, and the vast majority ofdesigner handbags come with a certificate of authenticity.