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Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 in Berlin: Präsentation von Prof. Mark Harris

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Die Präsentationen "Innovaventures" von Prof. Mark Harris in dem Workshop "High Tech Entrepreneurship" auf dem Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 in Berlin.

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Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 in Berlin: Präsentation von Prof. Mark Harris

  1. 1. ™ High Tech Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Summit 2013 October 19, 2013 Prof. Dr. Sc. math. Dr. h.c. Mark Harris 1 CEO and Founder Adjunct Professor for Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  2. 2. Where I am coming from… While at Intel, responsible globally for Intel’s Entrepreneurship Programs, since 2006 brought Technology Entrepreneurship to  40 Countries  100 Technical Universities 2 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  3. 3. Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation MSc Discipline Marketing Strategies for High-Tech Companies ~60 hrs Innovation Management In IT ~75 hrs Student Company ~60 hrs Behavior ~60 hrs Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation Core Courses MSc ~105 hrs Customer Relationship Management ~60 hrs Knowledge Management And Technology Transfer ~60 hrs 90 ECTS credits E-Commerce Fundamentals ~60 hrs E-Government Fundamentals ~60hrs Project Management ~60 hrs •60 credits courses •30 credits Master’s Thesis 3 Financial Management And Venture Funds ~75 hrs Organizational Strategy Management ~60 hrs © innoVaventures All rights reserved Legal Issues and E-Business ~60 hrs ™
  4. 4. What is innovation ? Innovation is an invention, paired with a process and a market Entrepreneurship invention 4 process © innoVaventures All rights reserved market ™
  5. 5. Technology Entrepreneurship The New Way Forwards EUR Observations: • EU 2020 declaration highly focussed (#1 issue) on innovation and entrepreneurship. • Invention (ideas,patents ) is good, but commercialization is not. • Very low VC activity in EU (1/5th US), huge equity GAP • Attitude of entrepreneurship and failure not being an option a big hindering factor. • Need to catch-up on some 20+ years of entrepreneurship education • Need to broaden where and how entrepreneurship is taught • Need to get EU success rates (20%) close to US 5 (30%). Criteria GDP (2012) Domestic Patents (2009) VC activity (2012) (New Ventures) % of population that consider entrepreneurship % of Population that become entrepreneurs % of population that accept possible failure in a startup Entrepreneurship Education since US 16.82 T$ 82000 26.5 B$ Europe 16.56 T$ 135000 3.6 B$ Comparison Comment Economies in same Ballpark Europe invents +65% more (actually much more because no SW patents in Europe, CII) Europe only a fraction of US (EVCA) US is 50% higher 67% 45% US is 289% higher 13% 4.5% US 40% higher 75% 1980’s © innoVaventures Breadth (# types) rights reserved 8 All 54% Early 2000’s Trying to catch up 2025years of Education and attitude ™ Programs in HE and now starting in K12 1-2
  6. 6. What is Entrepreneurship ? „The pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources one currently has under control“. * * Source: Professor Howard Stevenson 6 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  7. 7. What is Technology Entrepreneurship ? Cash Flow I The technical invention II III IV The company t The business innovation Derived: Prof. Jerry Engel UC Berkeley Enhanced: Prof. Dr. Mark Harris Needed: Technology Entrepreneurship Skills Management Skills (MBA etc) So Technology Entrepreneurship is not only „What“, but also „When“ !! 7 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  8. 8. A short excursion in Math: Question: What is the shortest distance between points A and B ? Sure, a straight line: A B as long as we are in two dimensional space.... in three dimensional space, for example on a globe it is the GREAT Circle (ARC) Slide: 8 8 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  9. 9. So what is the shortest path for a new venture ? The Path (Trail) to New Ventures Start(up) loop forever Gazelle Slide: 9 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  10. 10. New Venture Creation Pipeline Model Sweet Spot For traditional Business and Entrepreneurship Education Phase 1 entrepreneurship education, Educational BizPlan Competitions Sweet Spot Business and The need for Entrepreneurship practitioners Education Through new ventures left on their own Practitioners gap to bridge this Phase 2 Coaching Consulting Mentoring Experimental labs Industry connections Phase 3 1st real BizPlans Summer schools Bootcamps Seed Funding Phase 4 Angel Funding infrastructure Phase 5 VC / further scale Engagement with Business Angels Collaboration with other new ventures Educational Process 10 Real-life practice © innoVaventures All rights reserved Real companies ™
  11. 11. ™ helps you to bridge the GAP !! Phase 1 entrepreneurship education, Educational BizPlan Competitions Phase 2 Coaching Consulting Mentoring Experimental labs Industry connections Phase 3 1st real BizPlans Summer schools Bootcamps Seed Funding Phase 4 Angel Funding infrastructure Phase 5 VC / further scale Seed Funding Entrepreneurship Education Services 11 Educational Process Real-life practice © innoVaventures All rights reserved Real companies ™
  12. 12. Your path to success !!! ™ 12
  13. 13. Backup 13 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  14. 14. InnoVaventures Global Network of Experts 14 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  15. 15. InnoVaventures Network of -in negotiation (Phase I) -planned (Phase II) -planned (Phase III) 15 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  16. 16. Network of Global Clusters of Innovation 16 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  17. 17. Literature: Accompanying Literature: Timmons/Spinelli New Venture Creation ISBN 978-007-125438-0 Steven Gary Blank The Four Steps to the Epiphany ISBN 0-9764707-0-5 Steve Blank, Bob Dorf The Startup Owner’s Manual ISBN 978-0-9849993-0-9 Geoffrey A. Moore Crossing the Chasm ISBN 0-88730-717-5 Clayton M. Christensen The Innovator’s Dilemma ISBN 0-87584-585-1 Henry Chesbrough Open Innovation ISBN 1-57851-837-7 Recommended Literature: David J. Teece Managing Intellectual Capital ISBN 0-19-829-542-1 Annalee Saxenian Regional Advantage ISBN 0-674-75340-2 > www.innovaventures.com >NEWS>Blog>24 October American University in Bulgaria 3 Youtube Videos about 5 hours total. 17 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  18. 18. Prof. Dr. Mark Harris Prof. Dr. Mark Harris is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry and in entrepreneurship. Prof. Harris recently retired from Intel to follow his passion in entrepreneurship and in new venture creation. While at Intel, Prof. Harris built Intel’s global Technology Entrepreneurship program together with UC Berkeley California’s Lester Center for Entrepreneurship. During this period Prof. Harris experienced first hand the difficulties, especially in Europe of building entrepreneurial Eco-Systems. Prof. Harris brought technology entrepreneurship curricula to over 100 technical Universities in over 40 countries. Prof. Harris holds Masters Degrees in Computer Science and in Economics from the Technical University in Munich. He also holds a Professorship as Associated Professor for Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University Politehnica of Bucharest as well as at the University St. Kliment Ohridski of Sofia. He is also an expert for the Executive MBA Program at the Technical University of Munich and is a Senior Fellow at the International Entrepreneurship Academy Intentac. Prof. Harris is also on the executive board of Informatics Europe as well as on advisory boards of collaborating or invested companies. In 2007 Prof. Harris received a Doctor honoris causa from the St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia and also received the “Blue Ribbon of Sofia” the highest recognition for academic achievement the University of Sofia awards. In 2010 Prof. Harris received a Doctor honoris causa from the University Politehnica of Bucharest. 18 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™
  19. 19. Prof. Dr. Mark Harris My Contact Details: Email: mark.harris@innovaventures.com Tel.: +49 8063 256 9070 Mobile: +49 15 12 12 388 12 19 © innoVaventures All rights reserved ™