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Ages back i found one of the phishing HDFC bank page and felt like writing explaining about the term in general.

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  1. 1. PHISHING Phishing is an attempt of obtaining information from auser which is meant to be kept secret or can be used atproper place. phishing results in loosing user fromhis/her account details to credit card number and insome weired cases even identity theft.The Modules Operandi ➔ A e-mail saying we need some details & supposedly seems to be genuine. ➔ e-mail like you have won a million Rs lottery fill the form & collect your money. ➔ Fake mail page where you will login & result in loosing your passwor d.some screen-shots:-i have taken these shots from a spam that i receivedtoday. It is a phishing site of the HDFC bank. see if you find any differ ence in the pageswww.atuljha.com
  2. 2. onewww.atuljha.com
  3. 3. twowww.atuljha.com
  4. 4. threewww.atuljha.com
  5. 5. Points to notice:--if we open and match the real page of HDFC we will findeverything similar except the ADDRESS BAR which ihave encircled.It is also VeriSign Secured. the original page of HDFC.www.atuljha.com
  6. 6. well we can clearly see how easy it is to forge or createa fake page with same content.-----Protection---we can protect ourself if we are careful enough beforedoing any financial transaction a making sure the ndpage we are filling our details are the true one.--software---Yes we do have one from netcraft.i have not tried itbecause i keep my eyes open & believe in myself ratherthan the softwares.www.atuljha.com