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Logs Don't Lie Or Do They?

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Presented at Pubcon Las Vegas October 21, 2013 - In this presentation the misinformation contained in digital analtyic reporting and software is explored with the solution on how to dig through the data for the truth

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Logs Don't Lie Or Do They?

  1. 1. Analytics – Logs Don’t Lie or Do They? Alan K’necht Partner: Digital Always Media @aknecht
  2. 2. @aknecht
  3. 3. Including Logs & Analytics Data @aknecht
  4. 4. The Truth Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Mark Twain in the 19th Century @aknecht
  5. 5. The Truth Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Mark Twain in the 19th Century • 21st Century – Nothing has changed! @aknecht
  6. 6. The Truth Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Mark Twain in the 19th Century • 21st Century – Nothing has changed! • Statistics are there to prove whatever you need to prove! @aknecht
  7. 7. The Truth Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid: humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” – Albert Einstein @aknecht
  8. 8. Lies or is the Data Flawed? • Putting all your trust in an out of the box analytic solution = Flawed Data • Flawed data generates inaccuracies • Inaccuracies = Not the Truth = Lies! @aknecht
  9. 9. Lies or is the Data Flawed? • Do you know: – – – – Are you capturing 100% of all data? Are you counting things you shouldn’t? Who is auditing the data source? Do you know how your analytic tool: • Counts Visits? • Determines Bounce Rate? • Defines an Unique Visitor? @aknecht
  10. 10. Lies or is the Data Flawed? • Are you capturing: – Downloads – When people click on links to other sites – Interaction with page objects • Did they watch the whole video • Where did they exit from the video • Broken links on pages (i.e. 404 errors) @aknecht
  11. 11. @aknecht
  12. 12. Your analytic tool doesn’t make it true @aknecht
  13. 13. Finding the Truth • Don’t just rely on your tool – Learn what makes it tick – Isolate areas that just don’t feel right – Get professional help/training • Customize the installation to track what you need to track! @aknecht
  14. 14. @aknecht
  15. 15. Not What You’re Looking For! • Customize the out of the box reports – Report on what’s important to you • Avoid standard dashboards – They are what the tool thinks is important • Educate data consumers – Too often, they don’t know better @aknecht
  16. 16. Finding the Truth @aknecht
  17. 17. Start Making Changes • Identify causes for lies! – Counting the wrong thing • Exclude internal usage from general reports • Exclude junk traffic – Know what you’re measuring & why! • Page views meaning less for most companies – Identify what quality traffic is – Measure quality! @aknecht
  18. 18. Don’t Set It & Forget it! • Need to review filters regularly – i.e. did some IP addresses change? • Are goals/conversions set correctly? • Are defined segments still appropriate? • Websites are organic & constantly changing , you need to change with them @aknecht
  19. 19. People choose the paths that grant them The greatest rewards for the least amount of effort @aknecht
  20. 20. @aknecht
  21. 21. Don’t Be Lazy The greatest rewards await those who dig for the truth and never give up. Keep digging, you’ll find the truth! - Alan K’necht @aknecht
  22. 22. Thank You Alan K’necht alan@DigitalAlwaysMedia.com @aknecht Type my name into Google @aknecht