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UI Development – A Guide to Success

KNOWARTH offers UI & UX development services with an aim to engage more customers and prospects with sleek user interface design.

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UI Development – A Guide to Success

  1. 1. UI DEVELOPMENT •Whether, its 24 seconds or 24 hours, most people spend at least a portion of their days using websites and applications. •An important component of a good looking website or application is the layout of its various elements, including menus. •User interface designers are the conductors of this background orchestra. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  2. 2. • The user interface of any website or application typically involves those objects that a user sees and interacts with directly on their screen. • Such objects include the main content section (document space), menus, dialog boxes, icons, images, and even animations or videos. • However, the user interface is only one aspect of the overall user experience. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  3. 3. •Other factors that affect the user experience are not always visible to the user. •Still, they are integral to any website and critical to its usability. •These features include start-up time, latency, error handling, and other automated tasks that are completed in the background, usually without any direct user interaction. In general, a user interface requires action by a user to accomplish a task, while a great user experience can be achieved, at least theoretically, with no user interface at all. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  4. 4. • It is becoming easier to create websites and mobile apps, thanks to the popularity ofWYSIWYG applications and CMS services. • However, at the same time, it is harder to measure the effectiveness of layouts designed using such methods. • It is not enough to simply have an online presence. • The idea is for it to be impactful and effective in getting the message across to a user. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  5. 5. • Providing a successful user experience requires a balanced approach throughout the development life cycle of the website or the application. • To ensure this balance, you must not only focus on implementing the functionality required to complete a task but also on how the task is exposed or presented through the user interface. • The user interface must not only be functional, it must also be usable. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  6. 6. To ensure success in UI (user interface) design, a product must have these qualities: · Intuitive and consistent design · Clarity · High responsiveness · Maintainability · Attractiveness
  7. 7. • Although educational requirements for becoming a UI designer vary by employer, many prefer hiring candidates with a graduate degree or higher in digital or graphic design, human and computer interaction, interactive media or a related field. • These programs will provide students with the skills and knowledge to become competent in a career as UI designers. • Other skills required are familiarity with CSS, javascript, and HTML, as well as proficiency in design applications like Photoshop and illustrator. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  8. 8. • UI design presents a great career opportunity since it involves both art and technology. • UI designers are the people who are oriented and, able to combine a understanding of form and function of a product. • This comes from an understanding of the needs of the user and the user experience. KNOWARTH Technologies – Software Development Company
  9. 9. •These individuals use academic knowledge with their natural ability to create visual representations of ideas and concepts. •Their skills with graphic design software make them versatile and able to contribute in multiple industries. •They are responsible for creating a user interface design that efficiently organizes the layout, icons and other commands in a visually appealing manner. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company
  10. 10. KNOWARTHTechnologies – Software Development Company KNOWARTH offers UI & UX development services with an aim to engage more customers and prospects with sleek user interface design.The development of the UX/UI includesTechnology Selection, Content Migration, CMS Framework selection, HTML/CSSTemplates,Testing & Deployment. Why KNOWARTH?
  11. 11. Contact Us 11, Aryan Corporate Park, Nr. Shilaj Railway Crossing,Thaltej, Ahmedabad – 380059 Gujarat, INDIA www.knowarth.co m marketing@knowarth.co m KNOWARTHTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.