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Introduction to BDD

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BDD is about implementing the software by describing its behavior from the perspective of its stakeholders, and customers.

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Introduction to BDD

  1. 1. An Introduction to BDD Gaurav Shukla Software Consultant Knoldus Software LLP Gaurav Shukla Software Consultant Knoldus Software LLP
  2. 2. Agenda ● Workflow of TDD ● What is BDD ● Outside-In methodology ● Pull based approach ● Living document ● What BDD is not ● Tools supports BDD ● Reference
  3. 3. Workflow Of TDD
  4. 4. What is just happening? ● Their is a mind set, ● Which causes the testing cuts,
  5. 5. Why testing gets Cuts, ● Question: if the business owner has envisioned the system’s behaviors at the start, what is the need to spent time in testing the actual behavior works? ● Answer : Tests are often not seen as shared capital; they are not thought of as having value to the project, because “they’re just for the engineers”, or similarly, providing value to a single one department or group of people. ● How do we make tests this shared capital? The simple answer is BDD.
  6. 6. What is BDD ● Short definition:- BDD is about implementing the software by describing its behavior from the perspective of its stakeholders, and customers. - Dan North ● More complete:- A second generation, outside-in, pull based multiple stakeholder, multi scale, high automation agile methodology. It describe the cycle of interaction with well defined outputs resulting in delivery of working tested software that matters. - Dan North
  7. 7. ● Requirement comes in the form of user stories Outside-In methodology
  8. 8. Pull based is better than push based ● Push based approach: deliver things with deadline – You have to develop this by last week. ● Pull based approach: – The stories are prioritized by bussiness value. – The team commits to stories on the priority basis. – A deep backlog is available. – Pulling requires outside in communication.
  9. 9. The Pull Cycle ● Stakeholders add business values prioritized story in the backlog. ● Developer pulls the highest priority story, to work on that in a sprint. ● Developers/QA demonstrate completed stories as Runnable Tested Feature (RTF). ● Business owner pull that RTF's and release as an update of the software.
  10. 10. Living Documentation ● Living documentation is a dynamic method of system documentation that provides information that is current, accurate and easy to understand. ● Feature files that are written in a natural language format may serve as the core of living documentation. ● Each file describes how a particular piece of code is supposed to behave, gives an example and describes the desired outcome. ● The process of testing ensures that the associated documentation is always up to date.
  11. 11. What BDD is not.. ● It's just an unit testing with another framework. ● Using Given, When and Then. ● The responsibility of a tester. ● An alternative to Manual Testing.
  12. 12. Tools supports BDD ● Cucumber (Ruby framework) ● Behat (PHP framework) ● Jasmine (JavaScript testing framework) ● Concordion (Java framework) To be continued...
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  14. 14. Thank You !!!