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Urban Mill Innovation Platform Case 5.10.2017 for japanese guests

Urban Mill case presented for the Future Center Alliance of Japan delegation 5.10.2017

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Urban Mill Innovation Platform Case 5.10.2017 for japanese guests

  1. 1. Kari Mikkelä: URBAN MILL Case 5.10.2017 Think local, act global! Orchestration of Co-creation and Co-deployment supported by Connected Digitally Enabled Physical Platforms Kari.Mikkela@urbanmill.fi,FutureCenterAllianceofJapan5.10.2017 Co-working and Co-creation Platform Prototype for Urban Innovations Betonimiehenkuja 3E, 02150 Espoo, Finland www.urbanmill.org
  2. 2. We are living a VUCA & Postnormal Era VUCA Era (US Army) • Volatile (vision), Uncertain (understanding), Complex (clarity), Ambigous (agility) • Oikukas, Epävarma, Monitahoinen ja Epäselvä Postnormal Era (Stowe Boyd) “Organizations are becoming fast-and-loose, reconfiguring around social networks instead of business processes, becoming more decentralized and as autonomy increases, more egalitarian. We will belong to our networks – which are our own – and not to institutions that require us to subordinate our interests and selves.” Main characteristics: • low or no predictability • non-linear development • emergence of new, unexpected combinations of competences and business models • legacy organizations face huge transformation challenges Kari Mikkelä, Urban Mill, Savonlinna 20.7.2017
  3. 3. • We have stepped to a Postnormal VUCA Era • Old operational models don’t fit to the new reality • Individuals innovate, not institutions! • Meaningful purposes motivate and engage people • Multi-talented and disciplinary teams thrive • Connected platforms enable people to contribute • Entrepreneurial thinking and new business models emerge! • Ecosystems and networks are new working contexts • Systemic gaps need to be filled and wicked problems solved! • Ambidexterity rules: think local and build global impact! Think Local, Act Global! A great opportunity for local Hubs. Kari Mikkelä, Urban Mill, Savonlinna 20.7.2017
  4. 4. Urban Mill – Urban Transformation and Innovation Hub www.urbanmill.org KariMikkelä&LarsMiikki,UrbanMill,14.3.2017version0.9EN Scientific Research (3) Regional and Interregional Collaboration (1) People and Communities of the World (8) Urban Mill Facilitation Processes: Engagement, Curation, Uplifting, Orchestration Innovation & Experimentation (5) Biz Devel. and Startups (6) Learning and Education (4) Enabling Environment (2) URBAN MILL 2013-16 Ecosystem Community Platform 85.000 Visits 2.300 Events 1.000 Pioneers 500 Organizations 200 Protos/demos 50+ SMEs / Startups IT Middlephoto:JoniViitanen,CityofEspoo KIGALI Private and Public Services (7) MIDE 400+ Private & Public & Industry Organisations
  5. 5. The Interface Challenge: Bridging the “People vs. Instutions” Gap!
  6. 6. Levels of the Learning Ecosystem (Learning as a service) SERVICE OFFERING OF ESPOO ECOSYSTEM Service Production and innovation processes (internal/external) City-as-a- Service City Community Learning-as-a Service Service Provision Learning Enablers Operational units Learning Contributors People ENABLING PLATFORMS/ENVIRONMENTS Social, Physical, Virtual, Innovation Platforms “Places” GLOBAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT Potential inndividuals, companies, entrepreneurs, developers, researchers,“Global Affordance” Humanity INDIVIDUALS AND COMMUNITIES Pioneers, makers, exploiters CORE ECOSYSTEMS City Energy Wellbeing Innovation Experience Learning INSTITUTIONS ”Strategic Top-down” ”Operational Bottom-up”New roles ”Structural Ecosystem” ”Knowledge Ecosystem” Activity-Driven–NOW! Actor–Driven-FUTURE! v 0.2 13.9.2017New capabilities Value-driven ”Boundary resources Ecosystem”
  7. 7. Response to the challenges: create and leverage Local Sticky Knowledge! “Creep into the Mind” • Movements/ quality in Japan, environment in Germany • Cultural assumptions (Fashion, Music, Arts) • R&D approach “See through the Eyes” • Vision statements • Management processes • Customer Service Manuals • Consumer Behavior Reports “Jump into the Shoes” • Practices and skills • Simple procedural routines “Take a Picture” • Technical blueprints • Patents Explicit Knowledge Endemic Knowledge Simple “See & Study” Experiential Knowledge “Experience & Practice” “Study and Live” Existential Knowledge “Feel and Live” Complex Source: Yves Doz, INSEAD TACIT EXPLICIT
  8. 8. Smart Networked Co-creation Hubs configure Distributed Creative Knowledge Work Espoo Innovation Garden Sustainable solutions Challenges CapabilitiesKnowledge Business models People Networked Smart Working Methods & Space Co-learning Co-design Co-effectuation Physical & Digital Environment Social & Cultural Networks Energizing Urban Ecosystems Research Program 2012-2016 Lars Miikki & Kari Mikkelä, Järvelin Design Oy 21.8.2012 / 20..2017 A Smart Networked Co-Working Space supporting Creative Knowledge Work WORLD Impact Driven! Kari Mikkelä, Urban Mill, Savonlinna 20.7.2017
  9. 9. What Creates ‘Rootedness’? 1. The Presence of Complex ‘Sticky’ Knowledge Locally - Collective, tacit, interactive, complex ‘knowing’ 2. Strong Linkages with Co-Located Players/Partners interacting to create and exploit complex knowledge - Customers - Suppliers - Partners - Knowledge Creation Hubs - Competitors Source: Yves Doz, INSEAD
  10. 10. Framework for Open Innovation at Urban Mill Adopted from CatLabs Catalunya
  11. 11. Open & Smart Ecosystem Platform Service
  12. 12. From pipeline thinking to platform thinking Source Kakko & Mikkelä: Platform thinking within the third generation science park concept emerging cases from Finland and the Netherlands
  13. 13. Serendipity & Innovation orchestration elements Kari Mikkelä & Lars Miikki, Järvelin Design Oy 7.7.2017 v. 0.998 Realize Movements Spectrums Practices BUILD PEOPLE CONTEXT MEANING INSTITUTIONS INDIVIDUALS LEARNING RESOURCES DOING AGENTS
  14. 14. From project management to Serendipity management Source: Ilkka Kakko, Jari Kaivo-oja, Kari Mikkelä: “How to Support and Develop the Innovation-oriented Entrepreneurship in Turbulent VUCA conditions?”
  15. 15. Multidexterity: From push production to organisation of value creation by pull! Source: Richard Normann: Reframing Business: When the Map Changes the Landscape
  16. 16. A vision: Co-create locally meaningful and globally impactful innovation hub based on entrepreneurial thinking! 1.Ask how could local talents and knowledge sources complement/support entrepreneurial efforts? 2.Ask how locally available knowledge can be complemented with global talents and knowledge sources? 3.Ask how do local entrepreneurs globally exploit and leverage the capabilities they co-create enabled by the hubs? Local innovation and co-creation hub opens an opportunity for co-evolution between local entrepreneurial ventures and global knowledge networks!!?
  17. 17. Urban Mill materials Urban Millin sivustolla: https://urbanmill.org/stories/ Mikä on Urban Mill? • Urban Mill -esite • Urban Mill brochure in English • Urban Mill videoesittely (Työelämä 2020/TEM) • Tilat yhteiskäyttöön – Urban Mill / Maankäyttö –lehti, 3/2013 • Urban Millin kumppanuus ammattiyhteisön kanssa (TEK ry) • Innovation Alley: Startup Sauna, Design Factory ja Urban Mill • Korjausrakentaminen-lehti 2/2017: Luova tila ei yksin riitä – myös työtapoja pitää muuttaa Urban Mill -yhteistyöverkostossa tuotettuja julkaisuja • Innovaatioekosysteemit elinkeinoelämän ja tutkimuksen yhteistyön vahvistajina / VNK TEAS • Yrittäjäekosysteemit kasvun ajurina / VNK Policy Brief • “How to Support and Develop the Innovation-oriented Entrepreneurship in Turbulent VUCA conditions? • Platform thinking within the third generation science park concept emerging cases from Finland and the Netherlands • Learning spaces as accelerators of innovation ecosystem development • Place-Based Innovation Ecosystems: Espoo Innovation Garden and Aalto University (Finland), EUR – Scientific and Technical Research Report, 2017 Kari Mikkelän esityksiä aihepiiristä • https://www.slideshare.net/kmikkela/