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Smart urban innovation ecosystem platform article 2016 10-15 Kakko&Mikkelä

1. Responsive- Space-as-a-Service Operator Thematic Programmes Operator Acceleration Ecosystem Operator SERVICE MODES: Thematic Solutions Orchestration Spaces, Communities and Hubs Startups and Intrapreneurs Learning and Education Research and Innovation Co-promoting Co-effectuation Living- labbing & accele- ration journey Events & meeting spaces and support Contacts & Knowledge memory & repository Co-working service & curation for teams Service Design prototype & demo processes Global ecosystem hub & actor PLATFORMS: Enabling physical, virtual & social co-creation, prototyping and demonstrating Kari Mikkelä & Lars Miikki, Urban Mill 30.9.2016 Co-monitoring Co-learning EXPLORATION PROCESS EXPLOITATION PROCESS People Capabilities Sustainable Solutions Business Models Knowledge Capital COMMUNITIES: Multi-disciplinary Co-working, Co-design and Co-creation configurations Creative communities: Themes, Resources, Events, Teams, Prototypes, Demos, Journeys

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