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EdTechTeacher iPad Summit - The Connected Classroom

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EdTechTeacher iPad Summit - The Connected Classroom

  1. 1. The Connected Classroom Presented by Karen Lirenman @klirenman ETT iPad Summit, San Diego February 2014 #ettipad https://todaysmeet.com/ ettconnectedclass Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ 73645804@N00/440672445/ by woodleywonderworks
  2. 2. This year it all started with one little tweet...
  3. 3. ...and the world responded. New Zealand England Australia India USA Canada South Africa
  4. 4. But the most fascinating tweet of all was... ...from the class with no windows!
  5. 5. We use twitter to connect...
  6. 6. ... through interactions with authors
  7. 7. ... who take the time to connect with us.
  8. 8. ... through our own hashtags to... Practice Numeracy #mathstory #2d3dshapes Practice Literacy
  9. 9. ... to back channel with other children.
  10. 10. When twitter is blocked for others... we connect through Today’s Meet.
  11. 11. We connect through our class and student blogs...
  12. 12. Blogging in Grade One Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGVukT_a4_0
  13. 13. Through our class blog ... we connect by sharing our learning.
  14. 14. Through our class blog ... ... we connect through the comments we receive and reply to.
  15. 15. Through our class blog... ... we connect with other children through their class blogs.
  16. 16. Through our student blogs... we connect by sharing our learning.
  17. 17. Through our student blogs... we connect with other students.
  18. 18. Through our student blogs... we happily accept comments from others...
  19. 19. ...to connect and extend our learning.
  20. 20. Through our student blogs... ...we connect with experts such as authors.
  21. 21. We use video conferencing to connect... as a class and one-on-one.
  22. 22. Video Conferencing Video http://video.theloop.ca/watch/-/ 2355256542001#.UuiZ3qWtuHI
  23. 23. As a class we use video conferencing to connect to ... • practice math • discuss literature • compare communities • share learning • learn from experts • teach others
  24. 24. One-on-one we use skype to connect ... ... with others to learn math
  25. 25. ... and with others to share reading.
  26. 26. We co-create with others to connect.
  27. 27. We co-create with classmates to connect over class collaborative projects.
  28. 28. We co-create with our grade five big buddies to connect and expand learning.
  29. 29. We co-create with our classmates to create and connect with highschool friends.
  30. 30. We co-create with our classmates to create and connect with children around the world .
  31. 31. We connect through globally organized collaborative projects. • Global Read Aloud • Quad/Primary Blogging • International Dot Day • Projects by Jen • Global Classroom Projects • Kinderchat Projects
  32. 32. We connect with our families too!
  33. 33. ... through Community Read
  34. 34. ... through inviting our families to join our class Skype calls.
  35. 35. Would you like to connect with us too? Karen Lirenman @klirenman Skype: klirenman karen.lirenman@gmail.com learningandsharingwithmsl.blogspot.ca handoutsbykaren.wikispaces.com Grade One, Division 19 Woodward Hill Elementary, Surrey, BC @MsLsClass mslirenmansroom.blogspot.ca kidblog.org/mslirenmansclass2013-2014