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Ed Tech Teacher San Diego 2014 The Power of the Little People

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Ed Tech Teacher San Diego 2014 The Power of the Little People

  1. 1. The Power of the Little People Using iPads to Transform Learning in the Early Years Presented by: @klirenman
  2. 2. Young learners are cute. But they are far more than just cute.
  3. 3. + Transformational Learning =
  4. 4. iPads allow young learners to learn in ways that work best for them.
  5. 5. While learning about 2d shapes and 3d solids some learners... ... chose to one-on-one video conference with a student in Iowa ... tweeted shape/solid clues to twitter #2d3dshapes
  6. 6. While other learners... ... created a castle and labeled it with skitch. ... used the iPad camera and PicCollage app to create a digital poster
  7. 7. And others still created their own movies with an iPad camera, Skitch, Draw and Tell, and iMovie .
  8. 8. An independently created iMovie documenting 3d solids knowledge.
  9. 9. iPads allow young learners to make choices about how they learn to read, write, and learn new math concepts.
  10. 10. Technology’s Impact on Student Reading (From the Student’s Point of View)
  11. 11. In all cases young learners are capable of making decisions on how they best learn a new concept. iPads allow them to be empowered, engaged learners.
  12. 12. They can choose the best way to show their grasp of concepts taught. Podcast Digital Poster Paper Poster
  13. 13. iPad apps make it easy for young learners to make their thinking visible.
  14. 14. Screen casting apps allow young learners to create their own content. Sample Screen Casting Apps •Explain Everything •Educreations •Show Me •Screen Chomp •Doodle Cast Pro
  15. 15. Voice recording apps allow young learners to talk about their work and self assess. Voice Recording Apps •Draw and Tell •Audio Boo •Voice Record Pro •Tellagami
  16. 16. Story Telling Apps Book Creator My Story
  17. 17. Presentation apps provide choices for young learners to show their knowledge, Pic Collage Popplet Skitch
  18. 18. I use my iPad to organize graphically.
  19. 19. When you allow young students to have CHOICE with their learning, and provide them with iPads ANYTHING is possible! Ownership of Learning = Engaged Learner
  20. 20. A student’s perspective on the impact of using technology for learning.
  21. 21. Young learners can use iPads to co-create ...
  22. 22. ... with classmates
  23. 23. Animal Research in Grade One
  24. 24. ... big buddies
  25. 25. ... high school students
  26. 26. ... and with the world. Good News Bad News
  27. 27. Good News Bad News
  28. 28. The Very Hungry Student
  29. 29. Social media allows young learners to connect and learn with the WORLD! Blogs Twitter Video Conferencing
  30. 30. Young learners can blog I use my iPad to blog.
  31. 31. ... to share important messages
  32. 32. ...to thank an author
  33. 33. ...to teach a friend
  34. 34. ...to invite a guest
  35. 35. ... and most importantly to document their learning
  36. 36. Young learners can learn with others through video conferencing.
  37. 37. Video conferencing brings the world into the classroom.
  38. 38. Video conferencing allows my students to... ... read to an adult.
  39. 39. ... share work with an app developer
  40. 40. ... guess a mystery number
  41. 41. ... meet an expert
  42. 42. ... teach another class
  43. 43. ... learn with another class
  44. 44. Young learners can use iPads to learn with the world via Twitter I use my iPad to tweet .
  45. 45. ... to share voice of a fairy tale character to #lrrh13
  46. 46. ... to share Santa’s secrets to #santasec13
  47. 47. ... to back channel during an online presentation
  48. 48. ... to share math problems at #mathstory
  49. 49. ... to share clues about 2d and 3d shapes at #2d3dshapes
  50. 50. ... to thank an author
  51. 51. ... to have a conversation
  52. 52. ... to answer a question
  53. 53. ... to help another class collect data
  54. 54. Sometimes my young learners work with classes that can’t use twitter to learn with. In those cases we use Today’s Meet.
  55. 55. So while young learners are indeed cute, they are far more than just cute. They are mini super heroes who can use iPads for so much more.
  56. 56. Contact Information Karen Lirenman @klirenman Skype: klirenman karen.lirenman@gmail.com learningandsharingwithmsl.blogspot.ca handoutsbykaren.wikispaces.com Grade One, Division 19 Woodward Hill Elementary, Surrey, BC @MsLsClass mslirenmansroom.blogspot.ca kidblog.org/mslirenmansclass2013-2014