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Oculus Collection 2010

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Oculus Service Collection for 2010. Find additional information on consulting, evaluation, corporate fitness and other customer perception management solutions.

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Oculus Collection 2010

  1. 1. agency service collection, two thousand and ten customer perception management oculus
  2. 2. customer perception management Businesses struggle everyday with people satisfaction, marketing, sales and internal training support. What most companies fail to understand, is that all of these seemingly unrelated departments function smoothly when viewed as an entire whole. Traditional business operation planning and methods encourage separate individual consultations with human resources, sales, marketing, training, web & branding experts to develop and provide strategic planning. At Oculus, we combine all essential consultants and services to create a one stop shop for outside consulting services. Oculus is a dynamic people focused company, dedicated in providing superior, up-to- oculus date fully-customizable professional training, customer and employee evaluation, marketing, sales and human resources support. We find solutions for today’s fast pace work environment and ever changing markets. From small boutique luxury hotels to financial planning organizations, Oculus can create a customer perception management plan to meet your needs.
  3. 3. sales&leadership operationsseminars onlineelearning Development of the leadership and sales structures within an organization During your partnership with Oculus, your Oculus People learn in different ways and through can often be placed on the back burner. Leaders and Sales have been left Director will consult, train & educate on any topic a variety of mediums. That is why at for too long to fight for themselves and have been expected to produce or that is required based on his/her areas of Oculus, we are pleased to combine perish. In today’s volatile environment, sending a lamb among the wolves expertise. Here are just some the areas we can education technologies with traditional is not a great strategy. Successful and progressive organizations provide include within your business evolution plan: methods to allow a solution for all types of direction, training and development for all members within their team. learners and workers. If your business has The outcome can create team synergy, reduce expensive management Complaint Handling & Communications workers 24 hours per day, we have a turnover, increase sales and provide essential customer and employee Customer Loyalty & Experience solution that will fit with any schedule. management skills. Oculus Solutions and partners are pleased to provide Food & Beverage/ Restaurant With our e-learning videos, offline Leadership and Sales development and support to encourage growth Housekeeping & Maintenance presentations, webinars and evaluation within your environment. Our consultants will be able to review Motivational Speaking surveys, we can target all members of your operational concerns and develop a plan using our external sales, Personality & Behavioral Styles organization. leadership, & consulting partnerships. Combining our research with the Time Management existing Oculus tool box, your management and sales teams will flourish! Onsite Training Services
  4. 4. We don’t mind being the fish out of water in our industry! In order to help your business grow and compete within the marketplace, our commitment is pushing for your success. Oculus has built its business success on loyalty and the longevity of our customers and not from saturating a geographical area. When you choose to partner with us, we will limit the number of clients we can consult with in your area and in some cases provide you with our services exclusively. This is just one of many ways we are different at Oculus. the oculus company difference
  5. 5. Stop going in circles with your consulting or training company. Discover new and exciting ways to increase your revenues and re-energize your staff! Customized services, not stuck on repeat! At Oculus, our consultants are here to help you find what you are looking for, even if we are unable to provide the answer at that exact moment. We have partnered with local experts to obtain the best possible solutions because our consulting time is designed to increase revenues. We don’t believe in “restrictions” or “programs” designed to limit consulting topics or to one department. SAVE TIME AND MONEY! With a targeted approach and a wealth of knowledge, our consultants will be able to diagnose and customize your programs to facilitate change and growth immediately! Compare our packages to our competition and for less consulting and less oculus customization, you will pay up to hundreds of dollars more per month
  6. 6. oculus marketing Image is everything in today’s marketplace. What we find visually appealing will help in our decision making process and guide our wants versus want not. The way that customers perceive our products or services will be crucial to their buying choices. Oculus is watchful of oculus our client’s image and marketing strategies as they directly affect ongoing revenue development. Working with our team of professional marketing, designers and creative directors, we can produce marketing materials that are compelling to your customers, but also remain something you can believe in and become excited about. We have partnered with Watermelon Studios, Therrien Web & SEO Design and other local specialists to produce marketing and media activities within a strategically developed marketing plan.
  7. 7. Some of the services that we are able to offer our clients are:  Ad & Print Collateral  Branding  Content Development and Management  Graphic Design Services  Logo Design  Public Relations Solutions  Social Media Management  Web Design and Development Since your account manager will be involved in all area of your perception management, you will never worry if the right message and design standards are being met.
  8. 8. Mystery shopping is a perfect way to evaluate & facilitate positive changes from within your organization. Oculus is pleased to offer telephone, internet and live mystery assessment opportunities. Results will be presented based on a pre-set criteria and will include suggested personalized improvement tips. An “Opportunity Map” will guide your employees and staff through necessary steps on how to progress in their Mystery Shopping Services personal growth plan, ultimately encouraging revenue growth as a result of superior customer service and sales skills. We are pleased to offer recorded telephone Onsite mystery shopping is a great way to mystery shopping both through traditional evaluate and learn from an actual complete mystery shoppers and planned recordings from customer experience. Combing traditional actual live incoming customers. Each result will evaluation with digital recording, we can assess receive a personalized opportunity map and can a shopper’s personal impression with an actual be customized to fit your business factors and transcription of the experience. regional exceptions.
  9. 9. the oculus company difference Quality and Competitive Assessments Quality control and review can reveal essential data that In order to make intelligent business decisions, it is important to have a directly relates to customer satisfaction. Having a scrupulous, grasp of your internal surroundings, but what about the external? Your objective and neutral set of eyes examine your site for competitors and how they compete in the marketplace can drastically product quality can provide a successful focus. affect your revenues. Oculus can organize analysis, mystery shopping, and quality assessments of your competition. If you are aware of what the Oculus is pleased to provide Quality Assessments and “other guy” is planning and achieving, you have an edge on a greater reporting thereof for optimized business management. Many market share. of our consulting packages already include complimentary Some analysis concepts can include customer service, lead turnaround quality control options but additional/enhanced assessments time, product quality, and sales can be created based on your individual business needs. All QC reports include an Opportunity Map which will guide your business through suggested operational changes.
  10. 10. Service and Environmental Awards Ocu Service Award: Our service award is extended to businesses who have demonstrated consistent and superior quality customer service. This award is awarded throughout the year and ongoing with current Oculus clients within an evaluation and quality assessment program. Green Eye Award: Oculus is pleased to be an environmentally friendly company. We use and support local services to boost our economy and reduce shipping needs. We encourage our clients to utilize our services through web based applications and help us reduce the use of paper products during our consulting time. If printing is required, our locally selected printer will use soy-based ink products and recycled papers. These are just a sample few of the ways we support our planet. We also offer an award to those companies that choose to participate in the environmental fight. The Green Eye is awarded to businesses who have demonstrated consistent, measurable and progressive environmentally friendly operational decisions.
  11. 11. People are different but they are predicatively different! Understand why your employees behave the way that they do, using a DISC Personality Assessment. This psychological based, behavioral model tool is a perfect complement to people management efforts within a progressive organization. Oculus is pleased to offer and use within its consulting the results from DISC assessments. Better understand your employees, hire the right people (the first time), or for personal growth awareness. oculuspersonality
  12. 12. Employee Recruitment Finding and keeping the right employees can be challenge in any work environment and during any economy. It is important to form a relationship and invest your new hire training dollars on someone who can bring the much needed skills to your existing team. Since our business is people, we understand the importance of selecting the right individual to fill those important shoes in whatever capacity. That we why we are pleased to have partnered with Canadian based Peg Moves to offer extensive recruitment and foreign worker immigration management throughout North America. Peg Moves is a dynamic and experienced recruitment firm focusing on management level placements and foreign worker requirements. Let their expertise and thorough search methods guide you to making successful hires! Corporate and Group Fitness Workers compensation claims and missed work days due to employee illness can create chaos for any operational structure. Winter weather, travel and just exposure to the general public can attack even the best of immune systems. Partnering with a certified fitness and nutritional expert, Oculus is pleased to offer our fitness “JOLT” program to encourage a healthy and productive workplace. Our Jolt consultant will create a plan to encourage positive and wholesome daily lifestyle choices. Make your workplace, a healthy place to be!
  13. 13. Customer and Employee Surveys Customer surveys are a great method to collect unbiased and necessary data, to achieve higher customer satisfaction and to drive product loyalty. Oculus is pleased to offer customized customer surveying and statistic collection. The confidentiality Human Resources Hotline of a third party will ensure accurate results. All surveys can be completed via your Oculus is pleased to partner with local human resources consultants in providing extensive method of choice of Email, Web or Telephone. Results will be complied into a human resources management consulting. A great way to manage your people is with the customized Oculus Opportunity report for easy review and can be combined into assistance of our HR Hotline service. We are delighted to review a variety of help topics, some of onsite consulting. the areas can include: Performance Management, Employment Standards, Human Rights, Harassment, WCB concerns, Benefit questions, Payroll questions, Discipline and Dismissal, Not unlike customer surveys, employee surveys can reveal valuable information to Conducting Appraisals and more address challenges and concerns from within the organization. Allowing a secure and non-threatening method to openly communicate, employees can share information and ideas. An insight to the internal operations can lead to business success and increased revenues
  14. 14. Oculus Business Solutions is made up of a group of experienced professional consultants- some of whom you can see below! Unlike other consulting or training companies, we offer consulting and business solutions strategies for the big picture, covering all departments and all employees Margreth within your organization. People helping people, our team is here to motivate, teach, guide and customize a solution which is meant to fit your team. People Roxanne Kevin James Mario
  15. 15. the oculus company difference Key Contacts: Kevin James Saunders- Managing Director- The Oculus Business Solutions, Americas & Australasia Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia kjsaunders@oculussolutions.com Telephone: 1-604-569-3931 Maureen Keegan- Director of Operations- North Australia: 612-8003 5901 America & Australasia Toll-free: 888-OCULUS4 maureen@oculussolutions.com Fax: 1-604-648-8173 Roxanne Jessome- Director of Recruitment & Sales www.oculussolutions.com roxanne@oculussolutions.com Email: peoplecare@oculussolutions.com Mario Castillo- Director of Operations, South America Contact mario@oculussolutions.com Sales Contact: sales@oculussolutions.com
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