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Examples of Social Content That's Generating Demand and Creating Sales Conversations on LinkedIn

View this presentation to learn what type of content that you should be creating and sharing on LinkedIn in order to generate demand and initiate sales conversations. Inside this presentation you'll see real life examples of companies that are sharing the right social content in order to attract more leads and sales conversations. But more importantly you'll see what types of content you need to be sharing on LinkedIn to achieve these results.

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Examples of Social Content That's Generating Demand and Creating Sales Conversations on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Examples of Social Content That’s Generating Demand and Creating Sales Conversations on:
  2. 2. Social Content Examples Presentation Thought Leadership Content is Not the Backbone of Their Program No Thought on How B2B Buyers Make Their Purchasing Decisions Using LinkedIn and How They Can Support the Buyer’s Journey They’re Just Pushing Out Content Instead of Pulling People In Why Sales and Marketing is Not Generating Leads and Demand Using Their Content on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Social Content Examples Presentation Why Sales and Marketing is Not Generating Leads and Demand Using Their Content on LinkedIn
  4. 4. Social Content Examples Presentation Why Sales and Marketing is Not Generating Leads and Demand Using Their Content on LinkedIn… Because They’re Listening to Studies Like…
  5. 5. Social Content Examples Presentation  They look at the most successful posts that received on average of 138,841 views, 42,505 likes and 567 comments so they're looking at people who already have a large following. We're finding that because too many CEOs and sales and marketing leaders are simply putting up "reminders" inside their how-to etc. posts, that these posts are getting ignored and not showing any performance for those that do not have a really well-established network.  These studies focused on reach only - not engagement. Sorry, likes and comments are not true engagement metrics. They are not tied to revenue objectives. Reach without engagement is nothing. Some Things You Need to Know About These Social Content Studies
  6. 6. Social Content Examples Presentation Why It’s Important That Sales and Marketing Really Pays Attention to the Content They’re Sharing on LinkedIn… Buyers are self-educating! They are post-poning engaging with sales until the last moment. As a result, many B2B organizations are at risk of being left out of the business decision. Sales and marketing needs to start demonstrating their thought leadership and turning the “buyer and seller” relationship on LinkedIn into “Subject matter expert and interested party” relationship so sales can enter the conversation. Notice how up to ¾ of the B2B buying process is completed before sales now gets involved.
  7. 7. For Social Product Marketing The Importance of Having the Right Social Content Strategy for Your LinkedIn Marketing & Social Selling Program…. AT&T gains $47M through a blog-centered social sales strategy 18 Months Later
  8. 8. For Social Product Marketing Results Our Clients Are Achieving Using the Right Social Content…. Leading Technology Firm Builds a Community of 900+ Key Decision Makers From Companies Like: This led to more RFPs and opportunities in the private sector! More Leads to Revenue Opportunities for Leading Communications Tech Company In fact, we generated more leads and sales ready revenue opportunities that all of their other marketing initiatives combined. Because of the on-LinkedIn and off- LinkedIn nurturing strategies we put into place the leads and opps became closed deals. 17 Different Companies Have Reached Out to One of Our Clients in the Last Year:
  9. 9. Examples of Social Content Presentation Takes a challenger sales and marketing approach Puts a stake in the ground Is forward thinking Inside LI discussions groups provide standalone value – instead of acting as a newsfeed for your blog posts It’s your own content – The 80% other people’s content, 20% your content rule should not apply to LinkedIn. Provides more than “reminders” and shares solutions or new approaches others have not thought about Social Content That Drives Leads and Demand on LinkedIn…
  10. 10. Social Content Examples Presentation Example 1: Sales Coaching Firm Uses Study Based Thought Leadership Content to Gain Interest, More Group Members and Sales Calls https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/82-sales-professionals-out-sync-b2b-buyers-focused-pitching-parsley?trk=prof-post  This post on the LinkedIn’s content platform received more than 1400 views, 100+ likes and 20 comments in just days.  Even more importantly than the additional reach (as reach is nothing without engagement) Tanja gained 40+ group members in two days. These new group members included the VP of Sales and Marketing at Connex International, the Sales Director at HCL Technologies and the Group VP of Business Development at Oracle.  Several sales conversations scheduled (including one with the VP of Sales & Marketing at ChannelAssist) as a result of the article and the additional nurturing. Tanja may not have received 100,000+ views but, this article is leading to revenue.
  11. 11. Social Content Examples Presentation Example 2: Technology Company Gains Real Interest and Engagement By Discussing Changes in the Industry. This post generated over 3,000 views, 185 likes and 12 comments in just a couple of days. Because of this content Fortune 1000 marketing leaders are joining the group – and engaging in sales conversations.
  12. 12. Social Content Examples Presentation Why This Article is Gaining Attention and Driving Demand In this post, he talks about the fall of 3rd party cookies (what most digital advertisers are using), the rise of first party cookie technologies, new best practices and approaches, higher demands and standards for digital campaigns and the future of digital advertising. Since the article discusses a major shift that will start to happen in the industry in the near future – and since organizations spend a great deal of money on digital advertising (with 71% of organizations reporting that they will spend more in the next 12 months than in previous years) – the article quickly gained momentum. Digital advertisers wanted to learn about the changes and how they can maximize their digital spend.
  13. 13. Social Content Examples Presentation Example 3: Professional Service Firms Use Challenger Content to Change Their Prospects Thoughts and Actions…
  14. 14. Social Content Examples Presentation Challengers outperform all the other seller profiles - 40% of top performers are Challengers. Challenger closes deals through an ability to lead, teach, and push the buyer. They challenge common practices, thoughts and approaches. They take control of the sales conversation, rather than reacting to the buyer’s agenda.
  15. 15. Social Content Examples Presentation Showed prospects that a lack of sales hunters is not their problem even though that it’s a very common complaint that she hears from mid-market B2B organization. Un-teaches her audience the sales approach that they’re used to and explains why it’s not generating sales. She’s challenging organizations on why they are not changing their selling approach when buying has changed. Getting organizations to rethink their budget allocation between sales and marketing. The content is providing a mental disruption that is reliably resetting the customer’s choice of purchase criteria decisively in her favor.
  16. 16. Social Content Examples Presentation Example 4: B2B Technology Messaging and Positioning Firm Opens Tech Marketers’ Eyes with State of the Industry Reports Provided an in your face assessment of the big players in the industry and how most of them were struggling with their positioning.
  17. 17. Social Content Examples Presentation Results of Lawson’s Post…  Nearly 600 views of the post and 18 likes  More than 3 dozen high quality technology marketing leaders opt-in for the ebook. Including the CEO, CMO and other marketing decision makers at one of the companies he assessed.  Real conversations were initiated including some that led to further sales conversations and to the proposal stage as shown by the email screen shot to the right,
  18. 18. Social Content Examples Presentation Example #5: Video Production Firm Attracts Immediate $38K Opportunity and Gains the Attention of 17 Enterprise Prospects By Creating Content and Discussions That Turn Vision Into a Clear Path To Value…
  19. 19. Social Content Examples Presentation Now take a look at the content you’re posting on the LinkedIn publishing platform? What type of content are you creating? What results are you achieving? When you think about your results, think beyond views, likes and comments. That’s only the start of engagement. Really take a look at your content and how it’s tied to your revenue goals (and if it’s helping you accomplish those goals). If not, then maybe it’s time you change the content you’re posting.
  20. 20. Social Content Examples Presentation More Resources to Help You Create More Effective Social Content to Drive Demand, Leads and Sales Opportunities on LinkedIn: • Our Free LinkedIn Marketing Training including an interview with LinkedIn's Senior Content Marketing Manager – http://www.freelinkedinmarketingtraining.com • LinkedIn Post: 88% of the Time You Can Blame Your Content For Why You're Not Generating Leads on LinkedIn – http://tinyurl.com/linkedincontentpost • Free Social Content Strategy - We’ll review the content you're using on LinkedIn and how you're using it and work with you on the type of content you should be using on the platform, for discussions and for lead nurturing. Schedule your strategy call at http://meetme.so/getlinkedinhelp • Get Help with Linked Strategies Community - Inside the group, we're challenging the approaches and social content that sales and marketing leaders are using - and exchanging new ideas for driving demand and developing customer relationships. Join the discussions at: http://jointhelinkedinmarketingdiscussion.com
  21. 21. Social Content Examples Presentation About GetLinkedInHelp.com & Kristina Jaramillo We are passionate marketers focused on harnessing the power of the LinkedIn network to generate leads, develop prospects and establish thought leadership positions for our clients. We’ve been doing it since 2009 – using our proven process to produce amazing results. Kristina Jaramillo (Founder of Get LinkedIn Help) is… • New York Times Recognized Social Media Expert • Featured in LinkedIn’s Guide for Sophisticated Marketers • Published in publications like: