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Leveraging Data for Better Personalization

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Every marketer’s goal is to reach their company’s target audience with personalized content that leads to a sale. But with so many strategies out there that claim to do this, many marketers are left guessing what will work best for their business. To help clear the air, we dove into AdRoll’s data to reveal the key tactics that will help marketers drive any customer from the top of the funnel to conversion.

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Leveraging Data for Better Personalization

  1. 1. Leveraging Data for Better Personalization JONATHAN KOO, ADROLL
  3. 3. @Kissmetrics #Kisswebinar @thuelmadsen
  4. 4. Thue is the Kissmetrics Webinar Wizard and Marketing Ops Manager. Before joining forces with Kissmetrics, he was a Lyft driver in SF, which is also how he ended up as a Kissmetrics marketer. Whenever Thue is not trying to automate everything around him, you can find him hiking in the Sierras. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen As Digital Marketing Manager, Jonathan focuses on the strategy and execution of AdRoll's digital marketing and marketing analytics. A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Environmental Studies, Jonathan can often be found cheering his beloved Manchester United. JONATHAN KOO Digital Marketing Manager, AdRoll @adroll
  5. 5. #Kisswebinar @adroll
  6. 6. 1 Section One - Introduction 2 Section Two – Data-Informed Segmentation 3 Section Three – Informing Strategy with Segmentation TABLE OF CONTENTS #Kisswebinar The importance of marketing personalization Segmentation dictates strategy & drive personalization An ABM Example Real-Life Examples from AdRoll Creating audience segments with data
  8. 8. -Adobe One-third of marketers listed personalization as the most important marketing capability yet less than 10% believe they are personalizing their advertising effectively. “ The Personalization Problem
  9. 9. Buyer Personas Manager Associate CMO Director ●  Each member of your target audience has different buying objectives and permissions.
  10. 10. Personalization: The full-funnel approach ATTRACT Reach new prospects CONVERT Turn prospects into customers GROW Maximize customer lifetime value
  11. 11. Data-informed Segmentation TAKING THE GUESSWORK OUT OF SEGMENTATION
  12. 12. #Kisswebinar Types of Data First Party Data Advertiser-owned data. Highest Intent, Best Fit Limited Scale Second Party Data Data collected by secondary party Medium Fit Increased Scale Third Party Data Firmographic / demographic data from outside vendors Lowest Fit Large Scale Intent & Fit Scale
  13. 13. First Party Data First Party Data Segments URL Event Pages Viewed Impressions Served Integrations CRM/Email List
  14. 14. URL Segmentation Captures anyone who visits a specific URL or portion or a URL. ie. adroll.com/pricing* would capture everyone who visits the AdRoll pricing page.
  15. 15. Event Segments Captures those who perform a defined action on your website, such as a button click or form fill.
  16. 16. Frequency-based Segments Audiences based on the minimum number of pages viewed. ie. Viewed 5+ pages. Audiences based on a minimum number of impressions served. ie. Served 10+ impressions. ...for sequential messaging.
  17. 17. Integrations, CRM / Email-list Segments Upload fixed lists directly from a CRM or Email list. Integrate with CRM vendors such as Marketo and Salesforce, or online retailers like Shopify and WooCommerce for dynamic segments.
  18. 18. Algorithmically-Identified Segments aka Second Party data Companies that have massive data pools such as Facebook, Google, AdRoll, etc. can utilize those second party data pools to supplement targetings Your site’s customer behavior is analyzed and matched with similar prospects in the IntentMap Prospects come to your website via ads. With every new customer, Prospecting gets smarter. AdRoll IntentMap +1 BILLION DIGITAL PROFILES The world’s largest opt-in advertiser data co-op
  19. 19. Third parties can enrich your data when needed Third Party Data BlueKai eXelate Acxiom, etc.
  20. 20. Informing Strategy with Segmentation TECHNIQUES FOR TARGETING CUSTOMERS
  21. 21. #Kisswebinar Targeted Audience Personalized Offer Targeted Channel Segmentation dictates campaign strategy
  22. 22. Retargeting Retargeting Desktop Mobile Dynamic Creative Web Social Mobile Retargeting delivers personalized content to users who’ve previously visited your site.
  23. 23. Email Dynamic emails send customers personalized content based on their site behavior Dynamic email customers can enjoy open rates of 50–60% and click-through rates of 10–20%. Dynamic emails can leverage both prospecting and retargeting. Will deliver emails based on specific products viewed or actions taken These are great for loyalty campaigns & upselling/cross selling.
  24. 24. Modern Day Example: ABM Account Based Marketing (ABM) refers to the marketing practices of identifying, targeting, and converting the key accounts that mean the most to a business. *Over 80% of marketers that measure ROI say that ABM outperforms their other marketing investments. Source: ITSMA Account Based Marketing Survey 2013≈≈ #Kisswebinar
  25. 25. What How MeasureWho The process of using data to identify our target accounts Can be a mix of predictive score, share of wallet, industry and verticals Identify decision makers and sphere of influence at each account Data hygiene is critical Lead to account matching Account Selection The Who: Account Selection
  26. 26. Segments Accounts LTV Revenue Potential ABM Budget Tier 1 10 $500,000 $1,500,000 $150,000 Tier 2 100 $100,000 $3,000,000 $300,000 Tier 3 1000 $50,000 $5,000,000 $500,000 The Who: Tier your target accounts
  27. 27. How Define target account personas Craft key messages Build highly personalized content that will resonate and engage What are we saying to these accounts? The What: messaging What How MeasureWho
  28. 28. ●  Find conflict and exploit it ●  Educate on how pain is solved ●  Arm each member for conflict ●  Prove value to gain advocacy ●  Motivate resolution Pick a time to start the conversation
  29. 29. SDR Outreach Hyper targeted advertising Field events Direct Mail Senior Leadership Outreach Personalized digital experiences How do we engage these accounts? The How: Running Campaigns What How MeasureWho
  30. 30. The How: real-life example
  31. 31. The How: real-life example Test CPA was 42% lower than control!
  32. 32. Marketing Qualified Accounts # Marketing assist on sales % Target Account Activation Rate % Target Account Closes # How do we measure our impact? The Last Step: Measurement What How MeasureWho
  33. 33. •  Content Downloads •  Account signups •  Sales meetings secured •  Cost per click •  Cost per action •  Cost per new account •  Return on investment •  Average revenue per account •  Number of closed deals •  Retention / •  Customer LTV •  Churn rate •  Length of account activity •  Upsell per account Engagement Bottom-line Retention / UpsellEfficiency The Last Step: Measurement
  34. 34. Real-life example: AdRoll’s B2B Segmentation Lifecycle Stage Segment Criteria Conversion Point KPI Offer Lead Gen Awareness – ProspecBng ProgrammaBcally & firmographically idenBfied unknown cookies Site Visit # New Site Users Research Content Lead Gen Awareness – Nurture Site Visitors / Known Contacts Content Download Quality Accounts ABM Guide Lead to Appointment Interest MarkeBng Qualified and/or Pricing Page visitors Request Form SDR Appointments Book at Demo Conversion SelecBon Contacts in NegoBaBon Sign Up Page Account Signups Case studies Conversion AcBvaBon – Pixel Placement Sign Up – No Pixel Placed n/a Pixel placements GeSng Started Guide Conversion AcBvaBon – Launch Signup – Pixel placed but no spend Launch Campaign In-app New Closed Wons Free Ads First 30 Days Early Life Spend > 0 & Spend DuraBon < 30 days AdRoll Academy Views 30d GraduaBon Rate Onboarding Videos First 90 Days All Aboard Spend > 0 & 30d < Spend DuraBon < 90d EducaBon Content DLs 90d GraduaBon Rate Performance Playbooks In Life Acct Growth Spend > 0 & Spend DuraBon > 90d HiSng KPI Product AdopBon % ARPA Growth Product Opt Ins Surprise & Delight In Life Churn PrevenBon Spend > 0, Spend DuraBon > 90d, Not HiSng KPI n/a Churn Rate AM Check-Ins Surprise & Delight In Life WinBack Churned Customers ReacBvaBons ReacBvaBon Rate Product Improvements
  35. 35. LEARN MORE NOW Get, keep and grow more customers with Kissmetrics Customer Engagement Automation
  36. 36. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen tmadsen@kissmetrics.com Questions? JONATHAN KOO Digital Marketing Manager, AdRoll @adroll Jonathan.koo@adroll.com