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How to Kick-Start Your Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing

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Are you underutilizing email marketing and marketing automation? The chances are that you're only scratching the surface of what's possible. The customer lifecycle should be your primary focus when looking to communicate with your customers and you need to map out the key touchpoints to effectively target customers with relevant messages and offers.

99% of retailers are merely doing the basics with email marketing automation. In this webinar, Philip Storey, Founder and CEO of Enchant Agency, will show you how to kick-start your customer lifecycle with email and help you become one of the 1% winning at email marketing.

You’ll learn:

The fundamentals of the customer lifecycle
Why email marketing is still the most effective channel for nurturing customer relationships
The importance of really listening to your customers
How to map out your customer lifecycle for email
How to create new interactions that generate revenue and improve the customer experience
Great lifecycle email examples from top brands across different industries

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How to Kick-Start Your Customer Lifecycle with Email Marketing

  1. 1. How to kick-start your customer lifecycle with email marketing PHILIP STOREY, ENCHANT AGENCY
  2. 2. @Kissmetrics #Kisswebinar @thuelmadsen
  3. 3. Thue is the Kissmetrics Webinar Wizard and Marketing Ops Manager. Before joining forces with Kissmetrics, he was a Lyft driver in SF, which is also how he ended up as a Kissmetrics marketer. Whenever Thue is not trying to automate everything around him, you can find him hiking in the Sierras. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen Philip is the Founder & CEO at Enchant, the customer lifecycle agency. Before starting Enchant, Philip spent 15 years both agency and client-side, helping brands to build relationships with people through marketing. When he’s not marketing, he can be found on the yoga mat or meditating in the hills of Vietnam. PRESENTER NAME Founder & CEO, Enchant Agency @philipstorey
  4. 4. @thisisenchant #Kisswebinar @philipstorey
  5. 5. 1 What is lifecycle marketing Mindset Strategic tools Prioritizing tactics and strategies 2 How to tackle the customer lifecycle with email marketing 3 Great examples of lifecycle email marketing TABLE OF CONTENTS #Kisswebinar
  6. 6. What is lifecycle marketing?
  7. 7. It’s listening to what people need. Then doing something about it.
  8. 8. One thing is for sure… It’s not about you.
  9. 9. Because there are only two forces in any form of relationship…
  10. 10. Contributing
  11. 11. or taking…
  12. 12. Guess which type doesn’t work?
  13. 13. #Kisswebinar Everything starts with understanding your audience
  14. 14. #Kisswebinar “Seek first to understand”
  15. 15. #Kisswebinar What are we listening for? • Interactions on-site • Interactions in email • Birthdays • Anniversaries (purchase etc) • Browse behaviour • Negative actions (lack of engagement)
  16. 16. #Kisswebinar Be sure to ask the right questions… • At subscription • At purchase • Within campaign emails • When customers lapse • When customers become advocates
  17. 17. When we get it right, if feels great. The results are incredible.
  18. 18. #Kisswebinar But when it’s not right, the negative impact can be irreversible.
  19. 19. #Kisswebinar • Unsubscribes • Complaints • Loss of revenue • Loss of database • No recovery option = It’s over…
  20. 20. You cannot force people to do things.
  21. 21. To assume that what you want and what customers want will be the same, is foolish.
  22. 22. #Kisswebinar If we know it’s bad, then why do we do it?
  23. 23. We call this… The campaign marketers curse.
  24. 24. #Kisswebinar The causes of the curse… • Pressure from those above • Lack of time to plan • Unrealistic objectives • Culture of unhelpful goals • No customer centricity • We think we already care = It’s over…
  25. 25. Where do we start with lifecycle marketing?
  26. 26. Map your customer lifecycle Acquisition Consideration Getting excited & experience Retention & advocacy Win-back
  27. 27. Then add your existing strategies Acquisition Consideration Getting excited & experience Retention & advocacy Win-back 1 1 1 2 2 Sign-up on-site Sign-up on-site Campaign emails Cart abandonmentWelcome series
  28. 28. Then map the customer journey
  29. 29. Then find out where customers get stuck or where they expect you to go that little bit further.
  30. 30. #Kisswebinar Look at other industries
  31. 31. Then use your imagination.
  32. 32. 1. What’s possible today?
  33. 33. 2. What might be possible tomorrow?
  34. 34. What will really make people happy?
  35. 35. #Kisswebinar And don’t be a creep
  36. 36. #Kisswebinar You’ll end up somewhere like this Acquisition Consideration Getting excited & experience Retention & advocacy Win-back 1 1 1 1 1 3 33 3 4 4 3 22 4 5 2 2 2 Sign-up on-site Sign-up on-site Campaign emails Cart abandonmentWelcome series Customer win-backLoyalty email program Category browse seriesNurture seriesSign-up on-site Sign-up on-site Sign-up on-site Sign-up offline Product browse series Advocacy – tell your friends Product replenishment Trialist > 2nd purchase Non-engager program Ask for preferences
  37. 37. There are other ways to do this too… Source: Emailcenter Lifecycle email guide
  38. 38. There are other ways to do this too… Source: Ometrica customer journey map
  39. 39. Tips
  40. 40. Once you’ve mapped your tactics and strategies, you need to organize them
  41. 41. #Kisswebinar So use a grader to score each idea, based on • Perceived cost • Ease of implementation • Potential of involving IT • Impact it will have on the customer • Impact it will have on marketing performance
  42. 42. Every automated email campaign should be a series of messages, by default.
  43. 43. Because asking once, isn’t really a conversation.
  44. 44. Ask your customers what they might like…
  45. 45. Who’s good at putting people first? Who’s good at listening and understanding their audience?
  46. 46. #Kisswebinar Campaign Monitor
  47. 47. #Kisswebinar Campaign Monitor
  48. 48. #Kisswebinar Campaign Monitor
  49. 49. #Kisswebinar Campaign Monitor
  50. 50. #Kisswebinar Just Eat
  51. 51. #Kisswebinar eflorist
  52. 52. #Kisswebinar GANT
  53. 53. #Kisswebinar Redbubble
  54. 54. #Kisswebinar New Look
  55. 55. #Kisswebinar Urban Oufitters
  56. 56. #Kisswebinar Reebok
  57. 57. #Kisswebinar Santander
  58. 58. #Kisswebinar Ocado
  59. 59. #Kisswebinar Cineworld
  60. 60. #Kisswebinar PlayStation
  61. 61. #Kisswebinar Withings
  62. 62. This gets results. I’ve seen brands 400% their revenue from email marketing by putting people first.
  63. 63. #Kisswebinar • Happier customers • Better retention • Easier to get consistent results • Less day-to-day pressure on you • Overall, a more consistent marketing performance And it’s not just revenue…
  64. 64. #Kisswebinar But there are dangers ahead to avoid…
  65. 65. #Kisswebinar • Always try to find ways to put customer needs first • Map your customer lifecycle • Map the customer journey • Then map how you’ll make changes • Next, prioritise them with a grader (low-hanging fruit comes first) • Put it into action • And never stop improving! Let’s recap
  66. 66. THUE MADSEN Marketing Operations Manager, Kissmetrics @ThueLMadsen tmadsen@kissmetrics.com Questions? PHILIP STOREY Founder & CEO, Enchant Agency @philipstorey philip@enchantagency.com