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Media Project

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Media Project

  1. 1. My Story • My story is going to be about a girl who becomes a victim of bullying, she doesn’t understand why she gets bullied. But later on she realises that the bully has his own problems and issues which makes him bully others. The victim then decides to become friends with the bully in the hope that he won’t put other through what she had been through, and to turn the bully into a better person.
  2. 2. Storyboard First there will be the bully looking very tough. Then in the second picture will be the complete opposite, the victim looking vulnerable. Here will be the bully bullying the victim Then the bully will look upset like the victim in the second picture because of his own problems that he faces.
  3. 3. This is the bully looking, strong, powerful and intimidating (low shot) so he looks bigger. Lighting is darker for a more evil/scary effect. Here is the upset victim taken from a high shot to make her look vulnerable and small. This is the bully bullying the victim. Taken from a midshot so you can see the arm of the bully and the head and shoulders of victim. However what we didn’t know is that the bully has his own problems at home which makes him act the way he does.( High shot to make the bully look vulnerable and sad.) In the end the victim decides to help the bully so that one day they can become friends. Taken from a midshot
  4. 4. • My story appeals to my target audience because there are many teenagers out there who do get bullied but are too scared to tell someone or to try to reason with the bully, because maybe they have their own problems and issues, and my story shows that not everything has to end badly and that it is possible to become friends with a person who use to bully you, as bizarre as it seems. My first two images were to contrast each other because the first was a tough bully and the second was a vulnerable victim. At the end of the story where the victim’s hand is on the bully’s shoulder was a kind gesture to signify a new friendship.