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Cannes digest 2014 by kirowski Isobar

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How was Cannes Lions this year? All the important learning by Hungarian advertising experts of kirowski Isobar.

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Cannes digest 2014 by kirowski Isobar

  1. 1. NEW / OLD
  2. 2. teach new technology old tricks
  3. 3. people still go to see James Bond movies
  5. 5. there’s no easy way
  6. 6. Fuck formal briefs
  7. 7. SAY NO
  8. 8. We are as blind as we want to be
  9. 9. share your dilemma
  10. 10. Anyone saying The Sky Is The Limit hasn’t been to space
  11. 11. Future ad agencies
  12. 12. hybrid experts, united ventures, designing better lifes, the new creatives
  13. 13. Big Spaceship + Forsman & Bodenfors 50/50 creative / non-creative; whoever’s doing it, has the responsibility
  14. 14. INNOVATION
  15. 15. Nothing interesting starts without doubts
  16. 16. small ideas can have great effects
  17. 17. Finding a beautifully simple solution to an ugly problem
  18. 18. SMALL DATA
  19. 19. small input from the user offering great outcome
  20. 20. Small data is not about what you can tell about the world but about what could be interesting for the individual
  21. 21. FAILUREs
  22. 22. Shit happens more often than success, so it offers more learnings
  23. 23. STORYtelling
  24. 24. ppt vs tales
  25. 25. When we’re in story mode we just ignore raTionality so better not bother your audience with facts
  26. 26. Thanks!