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What Big Brands Do Differently on Amazon

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At Bobsled Marketing, we work with large consumer brands that register millions of dollars (or tens of millions of dollars) in sales each year. Managing such large accounts is definitely not an easy task, but it is an experience we welcome as we get to see first hand just how powerful Amazon can be when using the right tools to reach millions of consumers.

In a recent interview with Chris Guthrie for the SellerCast podcast, I shared some of the most important lessons we learned from working with such large brands on Amazon. For those of you just starting their journey in the marketplace or for those old hats looking to improve their game on Amazon, the following lessons are essential in planning a successful sales strategy that will grow your revenue.

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What Big Brands Do Differently on Amazon

  1. 1. what big brands do differently on
  2. 2. lesson 1
  3. 3. your product assortment
  4. 4. lesson 2
  5. 5. forecasting and management
  6. 6. lesson 3
  7. 7. not relying on
  8. 8. your own e-commerce store
  9. 9. brick & mortar retail stores
  10. 10. other marketplaces
  11. 11. lesson 4
  12. 12. pay-per-click advertising
  13. 13. wasted spend: unprofitable campaigns budget or bids too low to generate results
  14. 14. lesson 5
  15. 15. big brands
  16. 16. “look at what your strengths are as a business, and what the opportunities are, and recognize that you’re not necessarily going to do a great job of executing on those opportunities”
  17. 17. individual consultant agency
  18. 18. are you ready?