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The Ultimate Guide for Brands Selling on Amazon: The Amazon Expansion Plan

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Consulting with clients on their Amazon selling strategies, I found there was a need for a comprehensive playbook on how to assess if Amazon is the right fit brands, and develop a plan for how to grow revenue and attract new customers on the Amazon marketplace.

No matter what stage you’re at with your business, “The Amazon Expansion Plan” aims to answer the big questions that marketers and owners of larger brands are asking around how to launch and build revenue quickly on Amazon - both in the US and international marketplaces. It provides actionable strategies to help brands effectively grow sales, optimize their marketplace presence and expand their business. It’s what my team and I are doing daily at Bobsled Marketing to helps brands build profitable Amazon stores.

Get the book here: viewbook.at/AmazonExpansionPlan

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The Ultimate Guide for Brands Selling on Amazon: The Amazon Expansion Plan

  1. 1. the ultimate guide for brands
  2. 2. this book WHY
  3. 3. it is for WHO
  4. 4. Some of Bobsled Marketing’s clients
  5. 5. it will help you HOW
  6. 6. is it right for your brand? AMAZON:
  7. 7. in a multi-channel environment BRAND PROTECTION
  8. 8. set-up, scale, and integrate LOGISTICS
  9. 9. marketplace launches INTERNATIONAL
  10. 10. strategies and tactics MARKETING
  11. 11. Kiri is one of the brightest minds in the industry when it comes to launching consumer brands on Amazon. Greg Mercer, Jungle Scout This book is full of clear actionable strategies for anyone looking to expand into the Amazon sales channel. It covers everything from the basics of the marketplaces to advanced tactics for beating out the competition. “ ”Money and time well spent!
  12. 12. to get it? WHERE
  13. 13. Search for The Amazon Expansion Plan on Amazon.com
  14. 14. are you ready?