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E-Learning: 21st Century Perspectives on Teaching, Learning, and Technology

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E-Learning: 21st Century Perspectives on Teaching, Learning, and Technology

  1. 21st Century Perspectives on Learning, Teaching and Technology<br />
  2. Advances in technology, information,and communication, have changed the way learning and instruction are carried out.<br />
  3. TheInternet broke through and changed everything<br />
  4. Students today are doing things differently from those 20 years ago<br />
  5. Across the Years<br />Y<br />Baby Boomers<br />Gen X<br />Gen Z ?<br />Veterans<br />2000<br />1965<br />1980<br />1945<br />Generation Y<br />Millennials<br />Echo Boomers<br />Baby Busters<br />Net Gen<br />Generation Next<br />Nintendo Generation<br />Boomlets<br />
  6. Across the Years<br />Y<br />Baby Boomers<br />Gen X<br />Gen Z ?<br />Veterans<br />2000<br />1965<br />1980<br />1945<br />shifts happened<br />
  7. Paper-based culture<br />
  8. Screen-based culture<br />
  9. Sources of Information<br />
  10. Learning Environments<br />Broadcast Television / Radio<br />Mobile<br /> Learning <br />INFORMAL<br /> Learning <br />Online <br />Learning <br />School-based<br />Multimedia<br />OPEN<br />ACCESSIBLE<br />CLOSED<br />STRUCTURED<br />
  11. Learning Tools<br />
  12. Modes of Communication<br />
  13. Y<br />Advent of the internet<br />Culture of technology<br />Changes in modes communication<br />Changes in the forms of information<br />
  14. digital natives“born with I.T.”They don’t know any other way<br />Y<br />
  15. 21st<br />century<br />Educators are faced with even more CHALLENGES than the last century<br />
  16. Tech-Savvy<br />Multi-Taskers<br />Personal<br />Hands-On<br />Visual<br />Collaborative<br />Goal-Oriented<br />Social<br />Y<br />
  17. Knowing the 21st Century Learner<br />Infotective- why’s and how’s- various information sources- purposeful information<br />
  19. Where’s the Conflict?<br />vs.<br />21st Century Learner<br />Traditional Teacher<br />
  20. Where’s the Conflict?<br />vs.<br />TraditionalLearner<br />ModernLearner<br />
  21. Beliefs FILE SHARING<br />
  22. Beliefs INFORMAL LEARNING<br />
  23. Trust NEW SOURCES<br />
  24. Old Learner vs. New Learner<br />Techno-Phobic<br />Tech-Savvy<br />Sequential<br />Multi-Tasker<br />Formal<br />Personal<br />Passive<br />Hands-On<br />
  25. Old Learner vs. New Learner<br />Text Based<br />Visual<br />Competitive<br />Collaborative<br />Task-Oriented<br />Goal-Oriented<br />Private<br />Social<br />
  26. Shift in Learning Theories for the Online Environment<br />
  27. Teachers have to keep up Technology Literacy Media LiteracyOnline CommunicationInternet Tools<br />
  28. Students with 21st century skills require teachers with 21st century skills too!<br />
  29. 21st Century Skilled Teacher<br />Computer-Savvy<br />Creative<br />Critical<br />Constructive<br />Connected <br />Communicative <br />
  30. Time for a different kind of university -- kaplan<br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e50YBu14j3U<br />
  31. Thank You! kiran.budhrani@delasalle.ph<br />