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Daily Health Update for October 10/16/15 Poway Chiropractor

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Daily Health Update for Poway Chiropractor Dr. Rode of Rode Chiropractic in Poway CA

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Daily Health Update for October 10/16/15 Poway Chiropractor

  1. 1. To Receive These “Daily Health Updates” via Email, Sign Up at www.DailyHealthUpdate.com - CODE: . This information should not be substituted for medical or chiropractic advice. Any and all health care concerns, decisions, and actions must be done through the advice and counsel of a health care professional who is familiar with your updated medical history. DAILY HEALTH UPDATE Friday, October 16th , 2015 Courtesy of: Mental Attitude: Is Mind Reading Possible? A team of researchers contend it’s possible to link up the brains of individuals in two separate spaces, so that one person can figure out what the other is thinking. They claim it could be done by digitizing the electrical nerve activity of a person's thoughts, translating that activity/thought into a specific signal, and then transmitting that signal over the Internet in patterns that can be understood by another person's brain. Study author Dr. Andrea Stocco writes, "Brain-to-brain interface is a field of research that is just at the very beginning… What we've achieved is already very cool. But what this has the potential to lead to is a whole new form of communication." PLOS ONE, September 2015 Health Alert: Dizziness After Standing May Indicate a Greater Risk of Early Death. Harvard University researchers claim dizzy spells that occur after you’ve been standing for a few minutes may be an early sign of serious neurological disease and an increased risk of premature death. The condition is called orthostatic hypotension and is defined as a drop in blood pressure that occurs within three minutes of standing. In the study, 29-64% of individuals suffering from this condition died during the ten- year follow-up period, depending on how quickly they became dizzy after standing. In comparison, only 9% of healthy people in a control group passed away during this same time frame. Dr. Paul Wright, chair of neurology at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York adds, "The data warrants a deeper and more extensive evaluation of this type of patient. It appears that consistent drops in blood pressure are not as benign as once thought." Neurology, September 2015 Diet: Fruits & Veggies Help Keep You Thin. Eating more fruits and non-starchy vegetables may help keep you fit and trim. Scientists analyzed over two decades of data collected from more than 133,000 women and men and found that risk of excessive weight gain decreased as the intake of fruits and non-starchy vegetable increased. The findings may provide further food-specific guidance for the prevention of obesity, which is a significant risk factor for the development of health condition such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. PLOS Medicine, September 2015 Exercise: Aerobic Exercise Can Reduce Dementia Risk By Nearly a Fifth! Seniors who perform daily aerobic exercise can cut their risk for dementia by 19%. The study followed 15,589 seniors for six years and found those who participated in a daily aerobic exercise program lasting at least 45 minutes were significantly less likely to have been diagnosed with any form of dementia by the end of the study period. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, October 2015 Chiropractic: Obesity a Risk Factor for Spinal Stenosis. A new study involving over 364,000 participants finds obese and overweight individuals have a higher risk for developing spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine. Spinal stenosis is a condition whereby either the spinal canal or one or more vertebral foramina becomes narrowed. It can lead to compression of the spinal cord or spinal nerves, potentially resulting in painful symptoms including low back pain, buttock pain, and leg pain and numbness that is made worse with walking and relieved by resting. The findings indicate obesity epidemic may be a novel explanation for the increased rate of clinical lumbar spinal stenosis diagnoses in recent decades. Spine, September 2015 Wellness/Prevention: Healthy Vitamin D levels May Reduce Lung Cancer Risk. After reviewing data from ten published studies, researchers report that simply maintaining healthy vitamin D levels may reduce an individual's risk for lung cancer by 5%. However, the best way to reduce one's risk for the disease is to not smoke and limit exposure to secondhand smoke. Cancer Causes & Control, September 2015 Quote: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” ~ T.S. Eliot Kip Rode, D.C. (858) 391-1372 92064RODE