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Madurai city-A Rare Information's


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Madurai city-A Rare Information's

  1. 1. 1 | P a g e MADURAI CITY INFORMATION -GURU MADURAI CITY -A RARE INFORMATION COLLECTION CREATED BY -GURU CHARAN KUMAR 1. Madurai is guarded by 3 hills Yanamalai, Nagamalai & Pasumalai.This is unique about the Madurai city. 2. Madurai is also known as KADAMBA VANAM, the district tree of Madurai as Madurai was once full of Kadabam trees. The tree is located inside the Meenakshi Amman temple south tower entrance 3. The Nandi which is situated at the back of the temple is one of the Asia’s biggest Nandi statue in the sitting posture. 4. Tirumala Naicker Mahal is the biggest palace in Tamilnadu.Started in 1636A.D & finished in 1642A.D. Only mahal in the world built without using girders. (Ceiling) 5. Thirumalainaicker Mahal is called as JUICE PALACE, because of the fact that only fruit juices were used instead of water for construction. This is the only palace in the world to be named so. 6. Gandhi Museum was the palace of Ranimangammal built in 1670AD in 13 acres. 7. Gandhi museum was opened on 15th April 1959 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. 8. Madurai, in South India is the only place to have a Museum for Gandhi. 9. The blood stained shawl that Gandhi had been wearing when he was shot is displayed in Gandhi Museum. 10. DATES & YEARS GANDHI VISITED MADURAI  March 26-28 ,1919 - To enroll volunteers for Sathyagraha in connection with Rowlat act.  Sep 20-22,1921 - Gandhi changed to Join cloth forever in west masi street.  Sep 28- 30 ,1927 - For raising funds for khadi and spreading the message of Swadeshi.  Jan 25-27 ,1934 -During his All-India Harijan tour with Takkar Baba &Mira Behn.  Feb 2-3,1946 – To worship Sree Meenakshi Amman. 11. Gandhi changed his attire to the loin cloth which earned him the title ‘Half Naked Fakir’ on 21st September 1921 in 175-A west masi street. This is the house where Gandhi identified himself as one of the poor. 12. For the first time Gandhi appeared in loin cloth before the public in Madurai in a place, now called GANDHI POTTAL. 13. In 3rd Feb 1946 Gandhi visited the Meenakshi Amman temple for the first time. Meenakshi Amman Temple is the only temple in South India which Gandhi visited in his life time. 14. Madurai Mariamman temple tank is the biggest tank in south India. It is a square tank of 16 acres. The tank is connected to river Vaigai through underground water channels. It has totally 12 steps on each of the four sides. 15. ‘Teppothsavam’ festival is celebrated in every February on the occasion of Thirumalai Naicker’s birthday. 16. Other than French, Tamil is the only language in the world which has sangam and this sangam is situated in Madurai. 17. Madurai is the only district in Tamilnadu having the names of Tamil months as the names of streets.
  2. 2. 2 | P a g e MADURAI CITY INFORMATION -GURU 18. MADURAI GORIPALAYAM MOSQUE- This is Tamilnadu’s second oldest mosque. 19. In India the mud pot system was first introduced in Madurai railway station. 20. Vaigai originates in the Periyar plateau of the Western Ghats and flows through Varusanad Hills towards the south. 21. Near Sholavandan, Vaigai bends to the southeast and enters into Madurai city. 22. JAIN CAVE TEMLPE- Evidences from Keelakuilkudi in Madurai show that Jain saints had lived here and carved the mountains. 23. Hajeemoosa Saree Shop-This is South India’s first and oldest saree shop started in 1878 24. Madurai A.V.Bridge-This is one of the oldest bridges in Tamil nadu opened on Dec 6,1889 and named after a British Prince Albert Victor 25. Arappalayam-Arappalayam is mentioned in one of the 63 Thiruvilayaadalgal of lord Siva. Arappalayam is called as "Pittukku Mann Sumantha Thiruthalam." 26. The house where M.S. Subbulakshmi (MADURAI SHAMGUMA VADIVU) was born is located near the central cinema theater and she was born in Madurai sep 16, 1916. 27. Muthukaruppan Thiagarajar Chettiar Founder of Thiagarajar Groups-In Madurai he started South India’s first cotton mill in 1925 (Meenakshi Mill) 28. MADURAI CENTRAL CINEMA THEATRE- Tamil Nadu’s oldest theatre is the Madurai central cinema built in 1932. 29. Madurai Abhirami Theatre- Madurai Abhirami theatre is the first theatre in south India to introduce the DTS system. 30. MADURAI M.C. SCHOOL- In this place only Swami Vivekananda gave a speech to the people of Madurai before he went to Chicago International Religious Conference. 31. LADY DOAK COLLEGE- This is south India’s first and oldest women’s college started in 1948. 32. Koodal Azhagar Temple-Only in this Sthalam, Periyalwar sang his great Thiruppallandu and he got the title “PRATHYAKSHAM” of Sriman Narayanan. 33. ‘Velli Ambalam’. In Meenakshi Amman Temple an idol of Nataraja is seen. This idol of Nataraja is covered with silver leaves. Hence this hall is named as Velli Ambalam . 34. Tamilnadu’s first employment office was started in Madurai. 35. Tamilnadu’s first Uzhavar Sandhai started was in Madurai. 36. India’s first remote traffic signal introduced in Madurai roads. 37. After Dihar jail, Madurai central prison is the only prison in India having electric current in their compound walls. 38. Telephone service in Madurai was first utilized by (late)Sri.K Thiagarajar Chettiar, the founder of Thiagarajar Groups, and number provided to him was '1‘. 39. First Tamil Number Plate was issued, in Madurai, to Mr. Tamilkudimagan (Late M.P.) in 1972 for his Royal Enfield Motorcycle Number.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e MADURAI CITY INFORMATION -GURU 40. First Tamil Movie Trailer Show outside Chennai, a trailer of the movie BOYS, directed by Shankar, was shown at the Ambika Theatre Complex, Madurai, on 18th July, 2003. 41. First time in the judicial history of India a witness examined by video conferencing on 17th July, 2003 in Madurai High court. 42. Bank of Madura was the first private bank in south India started in Madurai by Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar in 1943 43. Manikkavasagar, a Tamil poet who wrote Tiruvasakam lived in Madurai 44. The oldest school in Madurai is M.C.Hr. Sec.School founded in 1856. 45. The Madurai Tamil Sangam has been publishing a Tamil monthly since 1903 called Sentamil. 46. The fifth Tamil conference was held in Madurai on Jan 4 -10 1981. 47. The Telecommunication service began in Madurai in the year 1921 with 92 connections. 48. The All India Radio Madurai station was started in 1987. 49. The first public park in Madurai is Rajaji Children’s park started in 1883. 50. The Largest public park in Madurai, Eco Park was opened in 2004. 51. Thirumalai Naicker Mahal was the first monument in Madurai announced as National Monument by TAD