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File 5 IB recommendation for the essay questions

Some Recomendation for the students for the IB ESS by IB

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File 5 IB recommendation for the essay questions

  1. 1. Dear all Here I have given some of the Recommendations given by the IB for writing essay questions Follow these guidelines for the tomorrow paper 2 Recommendations and guidance for the students writing essay questions 1. Ensure an actual study of an existing ecosystem. Local level case studies should be used wherever possible to reinforce and illustrate concepts . 2. Encourage candidates to go for precision in their answers rather than vague statements. Exemplar material could be used to illustrate this. 3. Advise candidates to break answers into sections rather than write as continuous prose 4. Candidates should be instructed to leave at least a line between part questions for clarity. 5. It may be helpful to encourage candidates to move away from pictorial flow diagrams to simple boxes and arrows. 6. Encourage candidates to draw diagrams when appropriate. 7. Candidates should be taught to read the questions carefully before answering, and to frame their answers with an eye to the mark scheme. 8. Evaluation requires both sides of an argument to be explored.
  2. 2. 9. Encourage students to break up their answers into the relevant sub sections to make it easier for the examiner to identify which part of the question they are answering 10. Candidates should be encouraged to write within the space provided within the exam paper.