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Totara User Group Webinar | What's New | Oct 22 2014

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Totara User Group Webinar | What's New | Oct 22 2014

  1. 1. Totara User Group What’s New? Totara 2.7 and Totara Social Andy Kirk, Channel Partner Manager, Totara Learning Solutions Ashley Sinclair, Marketing Coordinator Join the conversation on Twitter: @kineo, #TUG14
  2. 2. Totara Learning Solutions update Totara LMS - what’s new & what’s coming Totara Social Andy Kirk Totara Learning Solutions
  3. 3. 2.6 released in May 2014 with a range of enhancements including: Editable interface Upload icon sets to courses & programs Enhanced catalogue with faceted search Self registration and choose your org, position and manager Fully responsive theme Update: We will now support IE8 in V2.6 and 2.7
  4. 4. Editable interface (a precursor to a fully customisable interface in 2.7)
  5. 5. Exhausted your use of existing icons? -Upload icon sets to courses & programs
  6. 6. Enhanced catalogue with faceted search - More enterprise-friendly, configurable search across categories, custom fields for more targeted searching
  7. 7. Self registration and choose your org, position and manager? Very useful but comes with a caution!
  8. 8. Responsive theme – scale to work across multiple screen resolutions
  9. 9. Everything you need to know about 2.6! See Release notes and full feature descriptionshttp://community.totaralms.com/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=9360 21st October saw the release of v2.6.12 including the support for IE8
  10. 10. What’s coming – 2.7 and beyond Appraisal improvements Face to face improvements Open badges reporting Graphical reporting Fully customisable menu Key theme – polish and ‘deeper’ improvements to existing feature set Details of new features at http://community.totaralms.com/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=9563
  11. 11. Appraisal improvements (based on round of user feedback on Performance Management) A patch for v2.6 will also be provided Activation improvements – warning trigger if appraisal is missing information Assignment improvements - New appraisal auto created when users added to groups Report improvements- aggregate reporting of closed appraisals, a report to display closed appraisals (and/or exclude them from the other report)
  12. 12. Face to face Including, but not limited to: Session note field on sign-up – user enters special requirements Session self approval Declare interest in session – for future sessions Cut-off date / minimum session capacity Face to face enrolment plugin – sign up while in a course Enrolment integration via course catalog User picks position when enrolling – good for cost centre allocation
  13. 13. Open Badges reporting A new report builder source, ‘New Badges Issued’ - per user per badge. Filter by badge status
  14. 14. Graphical reporting
  15. 15. Fully Customisable menu Allows admin to customise the contents of Totara menu via interface Reorder items Show/hide items from main screen Create custom menu items Open links in a new window
  16. 16. An enterprise social learning platform designed to stand alone, or as a companion application to Totara LMS. Available from your partner from 01st November -31st March as a free trial, then at the same price points as Totara LMS
  17. 17. Influences on this: 70:20:10 Framework, experiential and social learning, professional networking, the changing nature of work and learning – all reflected in customer demand & RFPs! Intended to: Complement structured formal learning, record, organise and find knowledge and expertise, provide a user friendly peer to peer network.
  18. 18. CGK have experience of delivering solutions working within this framework already and Totara LMS does have social learning capabilities… now we have a purpose-built platform
  19. 19. Personal feed
  20. 20. Content types … file uploads, blogs, status updates
  21. 21. Display your content… in Pages
  22. 22. … in Groups
  23. 23. And importantly, connect with people
  24. 24. Tenants concept – use the system collaboratively, add themes per department organisations
  25. 25. Highly configurable, plug-able, interoperable (Leap2A spec): open source like Totara LMS. Take it in your direction – stand alone, use with Totara LMS
  26. 26. Bear in mind this is a very early look at Totara Social. Improvements, development and UI streamlining already underway Lots more to come…… Come back in November and CG Kineo will be pleased to help!
  27. 27. Improving performance through learning and technology

Notas do Editor

  • These are some of the more visual enhancements to demo
  • Site admin > advanced features > Enable Goals, Appraisals, 360 feedbacks – Learning Plans > programs > Certifications
  • Site administration > Courses > Custom icons (upload to site and then choose at course level)
  • To turn this on: Site admin > Advanced features > Enhanced Catalog (Turn off if standard catalog search is required). Include logos, filters to search by learning providers, qualifications orany other specified criteria
  • Useful for organisations with external partners, large team or distributed set ups.
    Log out, Create new account
    To turn on: Site admin> plugins > authentication >Email-based self-registration. Allow primary position fields
  • All of these features have been requested by customers and developed by Synergy Learning.
  • Three elements to this
    Report aggregation – Aggregate report data via the interface
    Report graphing – supporting Columns, line graphs, horizontal bars, scatter, pie and area displays
    Report graph block – Add a block to a page to display the graph from a report. It can be used to build graphical dashboards
  • This could be for professional validation, to present a CV or as a personal learning space, or a web-page for a team project
  • Again, this can support project teams, departments, cross department topics, cross-organisational consortia, for external stakeholders – it also helps to unlock pockets of knowledge and expertise to a wider audience
  • Not full walled tenancy but intended to facilitate collaborative work across organisations