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Andrew Carnegie

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Andrew Carnegie

  1. 1. Andrew Carnegie By Kimberly Crispell
  2. 2. Early Years • Born in Dunfermline, Scotland on November 25, 1835 • Parents William Carnegie and Margaret Morrison Carnegie
  3. 3. Life in Scotland • Father worked as weaver • He was replaced by looms that produced fabric faster, cheaper • Immigrated to U.S when Andrew was 12
  4. 4. Early Working Days • 13 years old - worked as stoker in textile factory then as a telegraph messenger • 17 years old - assistant to superintendent of Pennsylvania Railroad
  5. 5. Climbing the Ladder • Carnegie used fresh ideas to cut costs & increase profit • Burning train cars instead of salvaging • Bigger, Stronger, Longer Trains capable of carrying larger loads
  6. 6. Company Owner • Built company that replaced wooden bridges with iron to support bigger trains • Then started up his own steel companies
  7. 7. Steel Companies • Bessemer Process created steel from pig iron inexpensively and easily • Carnegie used this process and his plants came to dominate the industry
  8. 8. Business Practices • Monopolized steel industry • Fixed Prices • Low wages, harsh conditions and long hours for workers to ensure maximum profit
  9. 9. Philanthropy • Donated millions of dollars to promoting education and peace • Built thousands of libraries
  10. 10. Life After Big Business • Sold company to competitor JP Morgan • Dedicated rest of his life to philanthropy until August 11, 1919 • “A man who dies rich, dies in shame”- Andrew Carnegie
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