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Introduce about Hue - Vietnam

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Giới thiệu về Cố đô Huế

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Introduce about Hue - Vietnam

  1. 1. List members of Group 1 1. Trương Thị Kim Soa 2. Phạm Thị Quế 3. Lương Thị Yến 4. Bùi Tuấn Vũ 5. Vũ Tiến Thảo
  2. 2. Hue is an ancientcapital, a World Heritagesite and architecture,culture and art are veryunique Hue famous not onlyfor its beauty but also itsspiritual values
  3. 3. 1 Famous spots 6 Festival2 Transport 7 People3 Entertainment 8 Service4 Weather 9 Some advice5 Food
  4. 4. 1. FAMOUS SPOTS When you come toHue, you can’t ignorethe landscapes here Speaking to Hue, wecan not refers to Huongriver and Ngu moutainas the represent of thisplace
  5. 5. With the blue water, Huong riverwinding immense moutains, overacross Hue citadel making a chamingscene
  6. 6. Trang Tien Bridge over Huong river
  7. 7. There are many tombs in Hue. From thecentral of Hue city, tomb of Tu Duc is nearest(about 5km), tomb of Minh Mang is the farthest(about 15km).
  8. 8. Most travelers do not skip the ancient tombs
  9. 9. Hoang Thanh wasbuilt in 1804 but until the reign of Minh Mang it wasfinished with more than 100 projects:
  10. 10. Thai Hoa Palace
  11. 11. Lang Co Beach is one of the mostplace beauty scene and best naturalcondition with blue water and the vasttropical forests
  12. 12. You should come to its inearly morning or late afternoon.You can see the great sunriseand sunset
  13. 13. 2. TRANSPORT Transport is very convenient in Hue. You can travel to Hue by planes, trains,passenger Car or ships
  14. 14. You can move around the Citadel and theRoyal Citadel by cyclo.
  15. 15. 3. ENTERTAINMENT Talking to Hue we can notforget Hue royal court music
  16. 16. You should sit on Dragon boat, sightseeing Huong river whilelisten to Hue royal court music. You can dropdown flower toHuong river and enjoy the night fanciful beauty of Hue
  17. 17. One of the entertainment has along life in Hue is Fly kites – that youshould to join in
  18. 18. Coming Hue you can take part in manyFestivals
  19. 19. 4. WEATHER Hues climate is affectedby complicated atmospheric circulation of the monsoon region of Southeast Asia
  20. 20. Dry season begining from March to August. It is hot and muggy
  21. 21. From August toJanuary is the rainyseason. In this time, it can rains all day and even length all week so you should have a raincoat or an umbrella
  22. 22. 5. FOOD Hue has a variety foods from folk dishes toRoyal dishes. According to Food professionals,Hue dishes account more than 1300 of total1700 nationwide dishes Royal dishes
  23. 23. And the most interesting dishes whichyou have to enjoy it is folk dishes: Pickled shrimp Hen rice
  24. 24. Hue Food is known over time by the traditionalfamily cooking, the chefs and the well knownvillage, with local specialties.Kim Long village with In cake Dinh market famous for Beo cake
  25. 25. Khoai cake Beo cakeWet cake barbecue
  26. 26. 6. FESTIVALS Hue is known as the city of Festivals ofViet Nam There are many festivals are held thereevery year: Hue festivals, Hue TraditionalCraft Festival, The traditional boat racing,Sinh Village wrestling...
  27. 27. Hue Festival is a biginternational culturalevent organized everytwo year since 2000
  28. 28. This Festivalis one of thebiggest culturalactivities not onlyfor Hue city butalso the wholecountry
  29. 29. Traditional Craft Villages Festival This festival will introduce the bonsai acrossthe country and show eating and drinking culture ofHue
  30. 30. The traditional boat racing is held on National Day on Huong river every years If you come here on the occasion Festivalyou can feel the cheerful atmosphere
  31. 31. 7. PEOPLE Hue people isvery friendly, hospitality and attached with nature Culture in Hue made a deep character, gentle and sensitive in people there.
  32. 32. Hue girls impress with ao dai andconical hat. They are very privacyand usually does not expressfelling to others
  33. 33. 8. SERVICE Hue’ service is very well . Youcan visit beauty scenes. Thenwhen you tired, you should go tohotel to rest.
  34. 34. Pilgrimage Village Resort & Spa Mondial Hotel Huong Giang Hotel
  35. 35. When you want to eat, more restaurant to you choose. Famous restaurant such as Tinh Tam vegetarian restaurantRoyal restaurant
  36. 36. You can rent motorcycle to self-discovery theancient CitadelThere are many famous ao dai tailors near bythe Hue Citadel, you can come here to buycloth, put the sewing only in one day
  37. 37. 9. ADVICES We have some advice for you when you come to Hue: You should try Hue specialties If you come here in rainy season you have to bring an umbrella because of irregular weather You should come to Hue in the Summer because in this time there are many festivals being held