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Innovations and progress in flying less

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Continuation of business as usual trends for aviation are incompatible with meeting national and international commitments to avoid dangerous climate change. Academics are increasingly leading by example in finding ways to pursue our research, collaborations, and teaching while reducing our flying and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Here I share some updates from around the world, but focused on Sweden and my department, LUCSUS for policies and strategies to reduce flying.

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Innovations and progress in flying less

  1. 1. Innovations and progress in flying less Kimberly Nicholas, PhD Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies kimnicholas.com, Twitter: @KA_Nicholas @KA_Nicholas
  2. 2. It all started with a beer in Vienna… @KA_Nicholas
  3. 3. https://academicflyingblog.wordpress.com/ Petition text: @KA_Nicholas
  4. 4. Peter Kalmus, climate scientist: initial carbon footprint dominated by flying Kalmus, 2016, “How far can we get without flying?” YES Magazine @KA_Nicholas
  5. 5. Peter Kalmus: 10x lower emissions Kalmus, 2016, “How far can we get without flying?” YES Magazine 2.1 tons/person/yea r by 2050: target for staying below 2° (Girod et al., 2014) @KA_Nicholas
  6. 6. A few academic fliers contribute most emissions Wynes & Donner, 2018, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions report Survey of 1509 individuals across 8 departments at UBC: • Almost 1/3 did not fly • 8% produced half of all flight emissions • 25% produced 80% of emissions @KA_Nicholas
  7. 7. High-impact personal climate actions: meat, car, & flight-free; choose smaller families Wynes & Nicholas, 2017, Environmental Research Letters Graphic by Catrin Jakobsson @KA_Nicholas
  8. 8. Daily choices on mobility, food & energy save emissions NOW Wynes & Nicholas, 2017, Environmental Research Letters Graphic by Catrin Jakobsson @KA_Nicholas
  9. 9. LUCSUS Timeline to Flying Less @KA_Nicholas
  10. 10. LUCSUS: New flying less policy @KA_Nicholas https://www.lucsus.lu.se/article/lucsus-presents-new-travel-policy-to-reduce-work-related-emissions
  11. 11. LUCSUS Travel Pledge @KA_Nicholas ”Climate pledge document,” http://www.kimnicholas.com/academics-flying-less.html
  12. 12. Academics flying less @KA_Nicholas
  13. 13. Strategies to reduce conference carbon footprints Desiere, 2016, EuroChoices • Reduce participants traveling long distances • Ensure key role in conference for those who do travel long distances • Consider desired attendees and select central conference location for them • Select location with good train/transit connectivity • Do not reward selecting exotic/remote conference locales • Facilitate booking train tickets, offer discount vouchers from train companies, inform participants about their carbon footprint@KA_Nicholas
  14. 14. Wynes & Donner, 2018, Action Plan, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions report @KA_Nicholas
  15. 15. Some resources: @KA_Nicholas http://www.kimnicholas.com/academics-flying-less.html
  16. 16. New research project: ”The takeoff of staying on the ground” Co-PI Johannes Stripple @KA_Nicholas http://www.kimnicholas.com/the-takeoff-of-staying-on-the-ground.html
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  19. 19. Local newspaper 100% about climate ”1 in 5 try to choose not to fly” @KA_Nicholas
  20. 20. ”Climate Perks” from 10:10- extra time off for slower travel @KA_Nicholas Contact: Max Wakefield, 10:10