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IPL Scam

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Indian Premier League Scam

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IPL Scam

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION • The Indian Premier League is a Twenty 20 cricket competition created by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and chaired by the Chairman & Commissioner IPL, BCCI Vice President Lalit Modi. • The first season of the Indian Premier League commenced on 18 April 2008, and ended on 1 June 2008. • Barriers during second season. • Third season was scheduled from 12th march 2010.
  2. 2. HOW IPL ORIGINATED • Cricket has always been like a religion for this country. It is seen as more than just a game. The players are considered as demigods and literally worshipped. • IPL commissioner Lalit Modi did not exactly get a brainwave to launch the tourney. • The format of Twenty20 cricket has emerged as a phenomenon after the Twenty20 World Cup was won by India and since then people have been totally immersed into it.
  4. 4. IPL REVENUE GENERATION AND DISTRIBUTION • Broadcasting • Sponsorship • Media tie-ups • Gate Receipts • Merchandise • In-stadium advertising
  5. 5. SCAMS
  6. 6. IPL SCAM INVOLVED • BCCI officials involved • Politicians involved • Money laundering • Match fixing • Corporate and celebrities involved
  7. 7. BCCI OFFICIALS INVOLVED AND ROLE OF LALIT MODI IN IPL • Lalit Modi, IPL Commissioner • He was the former architect of the Indian Premier League 2008 and 2010. • Involved in the commercial side of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. • Brought IPL to high level.
  8. 8. Cont….. • Tax evasion and laundering • Betting • Ownership of IPL teams • Broadcast deals
  9. 9. POLITICIANS INVOLVED 1.Sharad Pawar family  over 16% equity in one of the bidders for an IPL cricket team. Pawars own 33.6 lakh shares (out of 2.07 crore shares) in City Corporation NCP supremo and Union agriculture minister, his wife Pratibha and daughter Supriya Sule. 2. Shashi Tharoor Sunanda Pushkar got equity of the value of Rs 70 crore 3.Praful Patel  Praful Patel was accused of meddling in the auctioning of the franchisees.
  10. 10. MONEY LAUNDERING • NRI’s • Tickets • SMS
  11. 11. BETTING AND MATCH FIXING • Online Bets • Anonymous Tippers • SMS
  12. 12. CORPORATE AND CELEBRITIES INVOLVED •Multi Screen Media or Sony Entertainment Television •World Sports Group •International Management Group •Raj Kundra •Shahrukh Khan •Preity Zinta
  13. 13. Cheerleader Outfits Liquor in stadiums • Gabriella Pasqualotto Liquor in stadiums
  14. 14. SECURITY VANS SCAM The scam is being called the Security van scam. IPL awards contract to Visual Impact headed by Ajay Verma. Contract is to supply 3 vans at Rs 5 crores. Contract further said 4 more vans to be provided over next 7 years.
  15. 15. STRENGTHS IPL Twenty20 cricket game - 2 ½ hours. Fast-paced and exciting. Appealing as a spectator sport. Revenue is maximized. Unified the sport – more successful . WEAKNESSES Could replace other forms of cricket. Expensive for some IPL fans. Stakes are very high. Short-term failures. Some teams have overpriced their sponsorship OPPORTUNITIES Large potential mass audience. League functions under a number of franchises. Corporate hospitality. Huge opportunity for merchandising. Franchise fees will remain fixed. THREATS Dispute between BCCI and Lalit Modi(Kochi Team) May not see return on investment. Franchises are very expensive. Franchises fan base should remain strong or else can give rise to cash flow problems. IPL SWOT ANALYSIS
  18. 18. CONCLUSION
  19. 19. Sahim Khan khan.sahim@gmail.com