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#SocialSucess - An Inbound Marketing Case Study

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#SocialSucess - An Inbound Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. #SocialSuccess: An Inbound Marketing Case Kieran Flanagan Inbound Marketing Manager, EMEA @searchbrat #socialsuccess kieranjflanagan
  2. 2. Our experiment
  3. 3. The new B2B purchase journey Search-initiated Social-powered Buyer-controlled
  4. 4. Salesforce.com: our challenges Growing product portfolio to support SMB target: harder to reach with outbound (vs large enterprises) Organic search getting more competitive Paid search getting more expensive Not getting enough early stage interest
  5. 5. The answer: inbound marketing “ Get found.” Brian Halligan, Hubspot
  6. 6. The big B2B convergence Search Search Search Search Social Content
  7. 7. “ What do our prospects care about?” “How can we harvest our expertise to help?” “How can we get this content to market now ?” Search Social Content
  8. 8. A content microsite Search Search Search Personas Theme Topics Process Resources Metrics A content microsite
  9. 9. Goals The Brand Establish Salesforce.com as a thought leader in social business Increase share of voice on our key topics  The Business Explode our organic traffic Reduce reliance on PPC Increase form completes Increase revenue from inbound traffic Target early stage prospects that we currently aren’ t reaching   Internal            Create an Inbound Marketing model that can scale globally
  10. 10. Metrics
  11. 11. Introducing our personas
  12. 12. Speed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Social Sales Mini Guide Social Enterprise Legacy Created Commissioned Curated Social Sales Revolution eBook 2 eBook/ Slideshare Tweet to Resolution 10 Social Media Vendors Building Social Road Map ROI of Social Media Playing in Social Media Sandbox Social Customer Service Mini Guide eBook 3 eBook 1 Social Selling Roundup Mobile Social Roundup Social Customer Service Round up Social Collaboration Roundup Social Business Metrics Roundup Social Marketing Roundup Weeks Christoph Schmaltz Brad Cleveland Mike Derezin Jacob Morgan Mike Stelzner
  13. 13. http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess
  14. 14. Types of content Legacy Dreamforce Takeaways Video Created eBooks Slideshares Infographics Curated Round-ups Multi-interviews Commissioned Expert interviews Articles
  15. 15. The 90/10 rule
  16. 16. Social built in
  17. 17. Salesforce.com/uk banner Salesforce Facebook page Twitter: #socialsuccess Expert advocates Email & e-newsletter PPC Guest posts PR Employees sharing Promoting the site
  18. 18. Shares
  19. 19. Outbound
  20. 20. Experts
  21. 21. The invisible technology behind Social Success
  22. 22. How it’s working… so far (for the month of January) January: non customer traffic +80% year- on-year Traffic from social sites: +300% 70% Of annual target met for newsletter sign ups in month 1 Newsletter open rates 900% Better than our average email 700% above target of eBook downloads set
  23. 23. Balance Prioritization Consistency & Flow Sweat the assets Cross-promotion Keep it on the page Expert Leverage Measure everything What we’ve learned
  24. 24. Next on #SocialSuccess Lead nurturing & scoring programs France Germany Japan New topic sites #SocialSuccess @Cloudforce London May 22 th 2012 http://www.salesforce.com/london Onward & upward
  25. 25. Go forth and make great content
  26. 26. Thank you! [email_address] @searchbrat