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How to register for the TOPIK (한국어능력시험)

This PPT gives specifics for how to register to take the TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean - 한국어능력시험). It has been prepared for the 31st TOPIK on July 21, 2013, but should be applicable for all following tests as well (unless they change things dramatically) with minor adjustments.

The original PPT and any updates to this file (plus other TOPIK and Korean language hints) can be downloaded from our website: http://www.keytokorean.com

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How to register for the TOPIK (한국어능력시험)

  1. 1. How to Registerfor the TOPIK Test(한국어능력시험)
  4. 4. AnnouncementsLeft side (TOPIK Exam):1. 시험일자 = Test date2. 접수기간 = Registration date3. 결제기간 = Payment period4. 환불기간 = Refund period5. 수험표출력기간 = Ticketoutput period6. 성적발표 = ResultsRight (Mock Exam 모의시험):1. 대상자 = Test name2. 시험일시 = Test times3. 접수기간 = Registration date4. 모의시험장소 = Location5. 모의시험 응시를 원하는 … =“If you want the mock test…”To close the ads:1. 닫기 = Close2. 1일동안 열지않음 = Don’topen again for 1 day.
  5. 5. Test RegulationsCurrently (Changes after this test)Division 1: If test ID is missing1. Can submit within 3 daysafter the test2. Change: Can’t take testDivision 2: Acceptable ID forms1. Passport2. Foreign registration card3. Korean driver’s license4. Korean national ID card5. Student ID card (removed)Division 3: Photo differences1. Take another picture at thatlocation if not current2. Can’t take the test (ifadmission ticket, ID, facedon’t match)Division 4: Cheating1. Receive no score2. Can’t take the test for 1 yearDivision 5: Someone else takesyour test for you1. Receive no score2. Can’t take the test, 2 years3. Go to court1. will change after the 7.21 test
  6. 6. TOPIK Homepage (www.topik.go.kr)Close the announcement popups.Click “온라인 접수 및 결제” (the button with the computer) to register.
  7. 7. Download & InstallThis page will prompt you toinstall:1. An ActiveX control (at top)2. XecureWeb (button)Install both to continue.(i.e. Internet Explorer = youronly hope)An ActiveX control will also appear in IE…
  9. 9. After installing that ActiveX stuff, join the siteClick “신규회원가입” (가입 = Join) under the black Login button.
  10. 10. Agree to everythingJust click the check box and button and move on.
  11. 11. Join form1. 아이디 = ID (username)a. 중복체크 = check available2. 비밀번호 = password3. 비밀번호 확인 = confirmpassword4. 한글성명 = name in Hangul5. 영문성명 = name in English6. 생년월일 = birth Y/M/D7. 성별 = sex8. 국적 = countrya. 찾기 = search9. 회원구분 = member typea. 한국인 = Koreans in Koreab. 재외국인 = Koreans abroadc. 재한외국인 = Foreignersliving in Koread. 외국인 = Foreigners outsideKorea10. 주소 = address11. 이메일 = email12. 전화번호 = phone #13. 핸드폰 = cell phone #14. SMS 수신여부 = Can wesend you SMS texts to yourphone?15. 이메일 수신여부 = Can wesend you email?Next pageCheck your username
  12. 12. 찾기 = Search; 검색 = SelectSearch for country Search for addressSearch by your 동. You may have to scrolldown a bit to get to your city.
  13. 13. The Completed FormHere’s what the completedform looks like.Oops. I made a mistake.I should be 재한외국인, notjust 외국인 since I live inKorea.^^;등록 = Enroll취소 = Cancel
  15. 15. Now login!(Leave the “일반회원” button checked. That means “Regular Members”. The other buttonis for “Managers”.)
  16. 16. Online Enrollment1. Top half 2. Bottom half“Motive of Application” details 2 slideslater“Photo” details & “Testing Area” selectiondetails on next slideNext slide2 slides later1. 2.
  17. 17. 1. Photo & Test location detailsPhoto specifics Test locationSelect your city firstSelect your testing place second잔여인원 = Seats remainingMust look like a passport pic (white bg)Have a ratio of 3:4Be less than 200KB in sizeLess than 3 months oldHow many spots left?
  18. 18. 2. “Motive of Application” details“Motive ofApplication”1. 방송 = Broadcasting2. 신문 = Newspaper3. 잡지 = Magazine4. 교육기관 = Educationalinstitution5. 포스터 = Poster6. 친지 = Relative7. 친구 = Friend8. 인터넷 = Internet9. 기타 = Other“Purpose ofApplication”1. 유학 = School2. 취업 = Job3. 관광 = Tourism4. 학술연구 = Research5. 실력확인 = To check yourlevel6. 한국문화이해 = UnderstandKorean culture7. 기타 = Other
  20. 20. Test Payment optionsNow you owe 40,000won. Howwill you pay?1. 신용카드 = Credit card2. 실시간 계좌이체 = Real-timebank transfer (Online. Now.)3. 가상계좌 = ATM transferI recommend the ATM transfer.It’s the simplest method.
  21. 21. Now you pay.Payment request page Payment details (last 4 lines)1. 입금은행 = Deposit bank2. 가상계좌주명 = Name on account3. 가상계좌번호 = Acct #4. 승인시간 = Approval timeCheck your details and fill in the phonenumbers if you want.
  22. 22. Check your email for a payment reminder입금마감일 = Payment deadline
  23. 23. Now head on over to that ATMand pay before the deadline!Good luck on TOPIK!