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Environmental problems and benefits of de-industrialization in Detroit - for Edexcel B GCSE

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  1. 1. Derelict, eye-sore – any other associated environmental problems?
  2. 2. Heavy metal contamination of water supplies andsoils due to runoff from abandonded factory sites
  3. 3. Red sludge - heavy metalcontaminated muddeposited after floods
  4. 4. 2-ringed plover (kill-deer) – on Ford’s green roof
  5. 5. Click for video
  6. 6. What other sustainableuse is Detroit ‘ripe’ for?Think Havana!
  7. 7. Click for video
  8. 8. Why is Detroit great for this?• space (why?)• saves money (lots of unemployed)• people with time (lots of unemployed)• obesity issues• government subsidies (why?)
  9. 9. Any barriers / problems toovercome?• contamination (there are ways...)• lethargy / de-motivation etc.• taste issues? (if been brought up on McDs etc...)• Wal-mart etc not so keen?
  10. 10. Grimsby?!
  11. 11. What environmental pros and cons are there simply fromthis population decline? (due to deindustrialisation)
  12. 12. Deindustrialisation can be positive for the localenvironment – eg in Detroit.But these things are still being made – justsomewhere else (where?) – and with even fewerenvironmental controls, generally – global shifthas just changed the location of the factories andthe pollution – not reduced it [more likelyincreased it as there is MORE being made (for thegrowing middle classes) as well as with fewercontrols] - AND there is the added pollution fromtransporting the goods all over the world...