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Newspapers, IIIF, and ALTO

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Presentation to ALA Newspaper IG

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Newspapers, IIIF, and ALTO

  1. 1. Newspapers, IIIF, & ALTO ALA 2016 Karen Estlund Co-chair, IIIF Newspaper Interest Group Associate Dean for Technology & Digital Strategies Penn State University Libraries kestlund@psu.edu
  2. 2. What is IIIF?
  3. 3. IIIF APIs
  4. 4. Image API {scheme}://{server}{/prefix}/{identifier}/{region}/{size}/{rotation}/{quality}.{format}
  5. 5. Presentation API …..
  6. 6. Search API: Use Cases ● Searching OCR generated text to find words or phrases within a book, newspaper or other primarily textual content. ● Searching transcribed content, provided by crowd-sourcing or transformation of scholarly output. ● Searching multiple streams of content, such as the translation or edition, rather than the raw transcription of the content, to jump to the appropriate part of an object. ● Searching on sections of text, such as defined chapters or articles. ● Searching for user provided commentary about the resource, either as a discovery mechanism for the resource or for the discussion. ● Discovering similar sections of text to compare either the content or the object.
  7. 7. IIIF Newspaper Interest Group Goals ● To determine development + Usage of IIIF for digital Newspapers ● To demonstrate best practice in exploitation of IIIF for Newspapers ● To promote usage of IIIF for Newspapers ● To consider related formats, especially serials ● To explore and exploit possibilities for search, discovery, and annotation of Newspapers Chairs: Karen Estlund, Penn State & Glen Robson, National Library of Wales Special Thanks to Glen! I’ll be using examples from National Library of Wales throughout.
  8. 8. IIIF Newspaper Resources ● Newspaper IG Page: http://iiif. io/community/groups/newspapers/ ● Newspaper IG Working Documents: goo.gl/jNFfVw ● IIIF Awesome: https://github.com/IIIF/awesome-iiif ● IIIF User Stories: https://github.com/IIIF/iiif-stories/ ● Slack Channel: iiif.slack.com #newspapers ○ Email kestlund@psu.edu to be added ● Code of Conduct: http://iiif.io/event/conduct/
  9. 9. IIIF Mapping Newspapers IIIF Title Collection Issue Manifest Edition Manifest Article Range Page Canvas Image Image Alto Annotations
  10. 10. IIIF Newspapers Best Practices Document (Draft) https://goo.gl/yY3T9T
  11. 11. OCR in Annotation List { "@id": "http://dams.llgc.org. uk/iiif/4342443/annotation/list/ART8.json", "@type": "sc:AnnotationList", "label": "SIEraOROLlOIOAt, OBSERVATIONS,", "within": { "@id": "http://dams.llgc. org.uk/iiif/4342439/annotation/layer/ART8.json", "@type": "sc:Layer", "label": "OCR Article Text" } },
  12. 12. OCR and ALTO in Open Annotations { "@type":"oa:Annotation", "motivation":"sc:painting", "resource": { "@type":"cnt:ContentAsText", "format":"text/plain", "chars":"SIEraOROLlOIOAt, OBSERVATIONS," }, "on":"http://dams.llgc.org. uk/iiif/4342439/canvas/4342443#xywh=2003,4684,554,34" },
  13. 13. Also Recommend Link to the OCR in the Manifest "seeAlso": [ { "profile": "https://www.loc. gov/standards/alto/", "@id": "http://oni.mith. us/lccn/sn83045396/1911-09-17/ed-1/seq-1/ocr. xml", "format": "text/xml" } ],
  14. 14. Getting Newspapers Into IIIF ● Quick Start Guide for IIIF: http://iiif.io/technical- details/ ● Newspaper Best Practices Model: Forthcoming, Draft: https://goo.gl/yY3T9T ● NDNP Data ○ Open ONI (open source fork from Chronicling America software): https://github.com/open-oni/open-oni ○ RAIS image server: https://github.com/uoregon- libraries/rais-image-server ○ Python Library to host static images: https://github. com/umd-mith/ndnp_iiif
  15. 15. IIIF Guidance in Open ONI / How to use APIs Example: http://[url]/about/api/
  16. 16. Open ONI Newspapers in IIIF Viewer
  17. 17. IIIF Newspapers in IIIF Viewer http://newspapers.library.wales/view/4342439/4342445/53/
  18. 18. Comparing Newspapers in IIIF Viewer (Mirador) http://iiif.github.io/mirador/demo/
  19. 19. OCR and ALTO as Annotation Layers
  20. 20. What this Means for Newspapers