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Streaming Music in 2016

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This slide deck explains the streaming landscape to Caribbean Nationals and introduces a new niche streaming solution called Chune which will assist the Caribbean with using more local content and making Caribbean music easier to discover for locals and internationals.

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Streaming Music in 2016

  1. 1. Streaming Music in 2016 The Dark and Light side of Streaming media
  2. 2. Music is no longer going to be digital it IS DIGITAL
  3. 3. Streaming Media comes in many different shapes and sizes.
  4. 4. Content Creators vs Consumer / Streaming RIAA chairman Cary Sherman said “streaming music’s continued growth shows that music remains in high demand, but streamers need to consider whether the rates they pay artists are equitable” - Digital Trends Artists making pennies on the dollar in the new music landscape Taylor Swift - Artists should be able to control who can listen to their music on streaming platforms. In the case of the album 1989 she wanted American paying subscribers only to be able to listen to the album and those outside the US can listen for free.
  5. 5. Content Creators vs Consumer / Streaming No major streaming platform has been profitable to date
  6. 6. Content Creators vs Consumer / Streaming Even without one of the biggest albums Spotify still has the most paying subscribers (20M) and still holds the fastest growth. Next to Youtube of course :’) but Youtube is completely free.
  7. 7. Despite these views from the music industry...there is tremendous value to these platforms
  8. 8. Despite these views from the music industry...there is tremendous value to these platforms ● Subscription revenue climbed 39% in 2014 - Fast Company ● Ad Supported Music Streaming makes up 56% of US Streaming Revenue in 2014 - Music Industry Blog ● Streaming services generated a third of all music revenue in first half of 2015 - Digital Trends
  9. 9. What are other countries doing?
  10. 10. Spain, Italy and France all experienced growth in streaming revenue. 36% rise in streaming - 22% rise in digital revenue. 22% of revenue from streaming - 16% from downloads. 34% gain in streaming revenue.
  11. 11. Sweden, Norway, Japan the meccas of streaming. 79% of revenue from streaming. 75% of revenue from streaming.
  12. 12. What about the T&T Artists and Streaming?
  13. 13. Pros and Cons of Streaming for T&T Artists ● Availability of music ● Listener empowerment ● Discovery ● Analytics ● Limit Piracy ● Social Network Pros Cons Very small fish in a big pond (need huge Fan Base) Lacking similarities Being marketed by persons unfamiliar with our culture. How can we then solve this problem???
  14. 14. Streaming Limits Piracy but cannot stop it
  15. 15. What options exist for T&T/Caribbean Artists?
  16. 16. Solution Chune is a platform created to become a hub for all Caribbean artists (Vocalists, Musicians, Producers and Djs) where their musical creations can be standardized, easily discovered, heard, distributed and monetized.
  17. 17. Created for us, Marketed by us, To best portray…..us
  18. 18. The End To find out more about Chune chunebiz Email: kern@chune.biz