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  1. 1. Olympic Torch Relay eventThe signature event of the 2010 Olympic Torch relay sponsored by Bank of RBC at Downtown Torontoin 2009. My friend and I signed our name to support the winter Olympic game and became volunteersfor that event. I learned a lot of Canadian cultures in this event and I knew how important the winterOlympic game especially hockey game mean to Canadian people.
  2. 2. Church eventMy church mates and I participated in a lunch party of church in 2010. We brought our home-made foodto church and shared our food with others. It helped me to build network and connection with differentpeople in the community. I learned a lot of Canadian cultures and religion knowledge, which enrichedmy point of view to the religion and Canadian community.
  3. 3. Church eventAfter the lunch party of church, we took a picture and exchanged business cards or contact methods.We had a great conversation in community, religion, economy situation and the job market.
  4. 4. Clean Ontario Lakeshore activityMy cousin invited me to join the activity of cleaning Ontario Lakeshore with her friends in 2011. Wewere all volunteers and we wanted to do something for our city. We picked up all litter and garbage onthe ground and threw into the classified garbage bins. We went all the way through the harbour andpark to clean the beach and street. It’s a good way to tell people that city needs their constantlyawareness to keep the constantly clean.
  5. 5. Colleague’s wedding in ChinaWhen I was working in Dell, I knew a lot of colleagues. This picture was taken in a wedding in XiaMeng,in which the bride is my colleague and the groom is a manager in another sales team. Our teammembers , colleagues in other teams and some senior managers attended their wedding. I knew morefriends in this wedding and had a lot of information during the party. Party is a good way to build therelationship with other people and broaden your social network.