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BUC18 Client Success Showcase: Boosting Efficiency with Backstop CRM

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Join Kenneth Lo (Sr. Product Manager at Horsley Bridge Partners) as he walks through how they use Backstop with regards to tracking custom data, planning effective road shows, and increasing efficiency with activity tracking.

* Download the deck to view the speaker notes.

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BUC18 Client Success Showcase: Boosting Efficiency with Backstop CRM

  1. 1. Boosting Efficiency with Backstop Kenneth Lo, PMP | Sr. Product Manager
  2. 2. Icons • Time saving tips and tricks • Features that need to be activated by your Relationship Manager or Support Boosting Efficiency with Backstop
  3. 3.  Five Missions  Live Actions  Stump the Panel @backstop @klopmp
  4. 4. Every millisecond counts http://fastkadence.com/worlds_2015
  5. 5. Add prospects for upcoming Meow VC Fund VIII (MV8) Mission 1 of 5 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up
  6. 6. Excel Upload BackstopExcelNew Contacts
  7. 7. Remove duplicate records Mission 2 of 5 Spring Cleaning
  8. 8. Report Builder Report ETL Backstop
  9. 9. Track Buying Temperature and prominently display it Mission 3 of 5 MV8 Fundraising
  10. 10. Entity Definition Manager Custom List Home Page Custom Entity Page
  11. 11. Compile recent intel for cross-Pacific flights Mission 4 of 5 Prospect Visits
  12. 12. Summary Book Activities Summary Book Bon Voyage
  13. 13. Research on LinkedIn, Twitter & PitchBook Mission 5 of 5 Due Diligence
  14. 14. Custom Links Public Data Think Tank Actionable Insight
  15. 15. Visualize and summarize prospect data in print-friendly format Advanced Mission Investment Committee Meeting
  16. 16. Excel Toolkit (ETK) Data Import VBA/Macros Data Visualization
  17. 17. klo.pm/buc18
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. Please provide feedback for this session using your BUC app Boosting Efficiency with Backstop
  20. 20. Need More Direction? Boosting Efficiency with Backstop 1. Stop by the BackCHAT Bar 2. Contact Support: support@backstopsolutions.com +1 (312) 277-7702 3. Continued Learning: support@backstopsolutions.com