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Mobile Marketing To The Masses In Africa

  1. Mobile Marke+ng To The Masses In Africa Moses Kemibaro
  2. A Li.le Bit About Me… Commercial Manager at Perform Group ( Founder & Director at Dotsavvy for 12+ years In 2012, Sales Director for Africa at InMobi In 2010/11 Founder Regional Manager at Dealfish (Now OLX) TechBlogger @
  3. Jan 2014 April 2014: 50% 67% Of New Phones Sold In Kenya Are Smartphones
  4. This Is Significant!
  5. The reality is that as much as 90% of mobile internet usage in Africa is done over low-­‐cost feature phones that typically have GPRS/ EDGE speeds. The most brands popular mobile internet device from research is the Nokia 1680 Classic
  6. The inexpensive Huawei IDEOS kicked off Kenya’s smartphone revolugon 3 years ago as hundreds of thousands of units sold. Android is the fastest growing smartphone OS in Kenya. Smartphones are less than 20% of ALL mobile internet usage in most of Africa.
  7. This, is not really for Africa
  8. This, even less so…
  9. Mobile Metrics for Africa 770M Subscribers in 2014 67.3% Mobile Penetragon
  10. Africa’s Mobile Generagon Is Young
  11. FB is 100M strong & 80% mobile
  12. Mobile Bible Apps In Church
  13. Africa is “mobile first” for the Internet Mobile is the main and olen only screen for Internet usage throughout Africa. The majority of Internet users in Africa have their first Internet experience on mobile. Mobile Internet consumpgon in Africa is largely focused on social media, entertainment, news and general informagon.
  14. Kenya is Mobile 31.8 million mobile subscribers for 78.2% market penetragon 21.6 million Internet subscripgons for 53% penetragon Broadband Internet is 1.4 million subscribers 99% Internet usage in Kenya is Mobile
  15. Smartphone Penetragon in Africa
  16. Android Is Growing In Kenya…
  17. StatCounter Mobile OSes In Kenya
  18. Mobile Markegng in Kenya The reality is that when targegng users in Kenya, nagve mobile web sites will give you the best reach across ALL devices. However, as inexpensive smartphones take off and data plans become more affordable, users want more sophisgcated engagement and therefore responsive web sites, mobile apps and rich media are becoming more important. Therefore, what are the next steps for mobile markegng in Kenya?
  19. Think Mobile First! ingmacy immediacy interacgvity accountability
  20. The Mobile Markegng Cycle Objecgves Targegng Planning Execugon Opgmizagon Measurement
  21. Mobile Targegng Capabiliges Content & Category Geo-­‐Targe+ng Operator Handset Model O/S Date & Time • All Day • Morning • Night • 6am – 11am • Nigeria • Kenya • France • United States • Sports • Entertainment • Games • Shopping • News • Classifieds • Social • Nokia 6300 • Nokia 1280 • BB Bold City -­‐Targe+ng • BB Curve • Nairobi • Lagos
  22. Mobile Ads: Call To Acgons 23 Call Branches or HQ Explore Products & Services, View Branches on Google Maps, News & Events, etc SMS Sales & Customer Service View TVCs on YouTube Lead Capture Forms, App Nogficagons and Promogons Engage on social media
  23. How Mobile Ads Work Ad shown on Mobile Ad Network Clicking Ad takes users to corporate web site User goes to Co-op Bank YouTube Page
  24. Mobile Ads Outperform Desktop Ads Fewer mobile ads per screen means a higher share of voice (SOV) compared to desktop ads Higher ad awareness = brand awareness Click-­‐through rates (CTRs) are twice or more of that of desktop Consumers purchase decisions heavily influenced by mobile
  25. Mobile Brand Campaigns Primary goal is to create brand awareness. Typically uses CPM or CPC media buys on premium mobile inventory on mobile web and mobile apps that delivers the best brand engagement.
  26. Mobile Performance Campaigns Primary goal is to drive conversions in the form of lead generagon, mobile app downloads, calls, etc. Typically uses CPM buys on performance oriented mobile sites that drive the best responses for Call To Acgons (CTAs)
  27. Keep Your Mobile Ad Campaigns Simple Consumers have a very limited a.engon span on mobile – 10 seconds tops! The mobile landing page and mobile ad have to load quickly Design with user goals in mind – have a clear value proposigon Less is more on mobile!
  28. Ensure Maximum Reach Across Devices Call Call/Text GPRS/EDGE WAP Bluetooth QR Code Email GPS 3G Mobile Apps WIFI Email Augmented Reality 4G/LTE
  29. Na+ve Mobile Web Sites Nagve mobile web sites or campaign landing pages have been specifically designed for mobile devices. In Kenya, where the majority of Internet access is mobile, this is probably the best way to go for mobile markegng. However, nagve mobile web sites tend to be very basic so that they can render on entry-­‐level Internet-­‐enabled mobile devices
  30. Responsive Web Design (RWD) The term “Responsive Web Design” (RWD) was first quoted by Ethan Marco.e RWD provides an opgmal web site experience -­‐ easy reading and navigagon with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computers to mobile phones) RWD uses CSS3 media queries, fluid proporgon-­‐based grids and flexible images
  31. Responsive Web Site Design
  32. The “reality” of RWD Its NOT the “end all be all” of web design for mobile. It’s a compromise of sorts. CSS3 Media queries mean it will NOT work on a good number of feature phones. This is Africa! Images and elements can take forever to download on slow mobile internet connecgons. It CAN cost more and take longer to execute than a dedicated mobile web or desktop opgmized web site.
  33. Mobile Measurement & Opgmizagon Reach Impressions Click Through Rates Clicks Engagement Social Shares Time Spent Page Views Effecgveness Downloads Leads CPM CPC CPA
  34. Tracking Mobile Conversions A major caveat to measurement due to: mulgple tracking technologies (i.e. cookies, UDID, ODIN, Market Referrer, etc) Costly third-­‐party tracking tools Mulgple reporgng interfaces Inconsistent data across mobile playorms There is no single solugon so mobile marketers have to work the gamut to measure effecgvely
  35. Mobile Media Planning & Buying Mobile media planning enables marketers to achieve mobile markegng objecgves by using the best possible mobile media playorms available to advergsers within their markegng budgets. Involves analyzing target audiences, keeping abreast of mobile media developments, reading mobile markegng trends and understanding mogvagons of current and prospecgve customers.
  36. Social Media By The Numbers In Kenya Facebook: ~ 4M Users 0.8M Users YouTube: 3.5M Users Linkedin: 1M Users
  37. VSERV Mobile Ads
  38. TwinPine
  39. Make mobile markegng work for you Mobile opgmize campaigns Test different types of mobile ads Use explicit and compelling CTAs Capture leads for re-­‐ markegng Make campaigns shareable on social media Think mobile first!
  40. Thank You! @moseskemibaro