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Kelly C. Ruggless

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Kelly C. Ruggles is a fee-based financial educator from Spokane, Washington.

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Kelly C. Ruggless

  1. 1. Kelly C. Ruggles Educates Clients on Retirement Financial Planning
  2. 2. Kelly C. Ruggles is a fee-based financial educator from Spokane, Washington. Kelly C. Ruggles has had more than 15 years of experience working in the field of financial planning and has helped more than 1,000 retirees make wise financial plans to best manage their financial resources during their retirement years.
  3. 3. Kelly C. Ruggles believes that standard financial strategies rarely work for all clients because each client has different aspirations from a retirement financial plan. While some want to create a ready pool of liquid cash at their disposal, others want to use the money from their retirement plan for vacationing and traveling purposes. This generates the need for customized retirement financial plans for each client. Customized retirement financial plans take into account the financial condition, aspirations, and budget of the client. Only then, with that information in hand, can a financial plan suitable for the client be drafted.
  4. 4. Kelly C. Ruggles’ clients vary from businessmen and industrialists to common Americans who want to make their retirement years a comfortable, financially sound experience. Many times a client might need money for medical purposes or to pay off a mortgage on a vehicle or house. In such cases, money saved through wise retirement financial planning can be essential.
  5. 5. Kelly C. Ruggles believes education is the first step toward being successful in financial planning, and he has written several articles and a book to educate readers on that general subject. The book, ‘Financial Concerns for Retirement,’ focuses on the need for financial planning after retirement and how seniors can plan for those years.
  6. 6. Kelly C. Ruggles also is an experienced speaker on the subject of retirement financial planning, and he regularly conducts workshops and seminars to educate retirees and preretirees on the subject of financial planning after retirement. His seminars contain useful information for seniors, teaching them how they can save money while paying taxes, how to invest in mutual funds and the share market, and about basic mistakes many new investors make. The schedule of Kelly C. Ruggles’ workshops is available on his Web site.
  7. 7. About Kelly C. Ruggles Kelly C. Ruggles is the founder and owner of American Reliance Group Inc., and follows a ‘client need-based’ philosophy in regards to the retirement financial planning needs of each client. Learn more about Kelly C. Ruggles and his book “Financial Concerns for Retirement’ by browsing through www.kellyruggles.com.
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