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Kelvin Emmanuel Ng - Brandfolio

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Kelvin Emmanuel Ng - Brandfolio

  1. 1. The Bureau of Branding & Design Brandfolio + +
  2. 2. Contents + Beliefs & Skill Set + The Work Selected Creden9als In a Nutshell E sg.kelvin@gmail.com W the-branding-bureau.com + Contact Private & Confidential Summary Bio
  3. 3. Truth That Sells That has been my working philosophy. Customers are becoming more savvy, less forgiving to brands that are not truthful about what they can deliver, those that aren’t true to their brand promise. With the advent of digital connecAvity, disgruntled customers can quickly become ‘badvocates’ that can destroy a brand’s equity with a couple of influenAal posts. At the same Ame, the environment has reached a point of hyper-compeAAon where brands need to truly differenAate to thrive in their market, supported by aGenAon- geHng creaAve. For over a decade, I have been successfully helping clients to process their truth into powerful branding that sells. Private & Confidential
  4. 4. In a Nutshell Private & Confidential
  5. 5. In a customer’s mind, the brand equals the company’s reputation, that is, the experience & value they expect to get In a Nutshell Private & Confidential
  6. 6. Branding & design enables businesses to deliver distinctive experiences, bringing them to life through all internal & external touch-points In a Nutshell Private & Confidential
  7. 7. Branding for Success As a result, Branding will allow you to: •  Clarify a posiAoning that is differenAated from compeAtors •  Define the relaAonship between brands and sub-brands, targeAng them to specific segments •  Develop messaging that persuasively communicates the brands’ benefits and proposiAons •  Create an experience of the brand that nurtures loyalty and commands a premium Private & Confidential
  8. 8. In a Nutshell In an industry where agencies are polarised between experAse in brand strategy versus creaAve execuAon, I have demonstrated the ability to effecAvely synergise between the two in projects globally. The Difference Private & Confidential
  9. 9. In a Nutshell For over a decade, I have steadily gained credibility, being listed as a consultant with government agencies, the Singapore Design Council and the Management Consultants CerAficaAon Board. I have not only spoken at seminars worldwide, judged at and garnered creaAve awards, but also achieved markeAng excellence and consumer choice awards for clients. Business, Marke9ng, & Crea9ve Excellence Private & Confidential
  10. 10. Private & Confidential
  11. 11. In a Nutshell Singapore Star Award – Touché (Asia Pacific Breweries) Singapore Star Award – Summer’s Eve (CB Fleet) Singapore Star Award – Zing (Eu Yan Sang) Singapore Star Award – Crakgon (Vivian Regina) Singapore Star Award – ChocoMarvel (Hi-Beau) Crea9ve Awards NTUC Unity Choice Awards – Avalon Just Ume Cozy Cot Holy Grail – ChocoMarvel Watsons Popular Choice – Avalon ProbioAcs NTUC Unity Choice Awards – Avalon Fat Burner Her World Beauty Awards – ChocoMarvel MarkeAng Excellence Award Silver – ChocoMarvel Branding & Marke9ng Awards Spirit of Enterprise Award – Nominee Shell LiveSPARK Award – Soyato Runner Up, Ideas Inc - Soyato Winner, Start-up @ SG - Soyato Business Awards Agency of the Year - Finalist Business, Marke9ng, & Crea9ve Excellence Excellence in Brand Strategy – Soyato Private & Confidential
  12. 12. Private & Confidential
  13. 13. In a Nutshell I understand that the map is not the territory. My tenure as an entrepreneur means I have an affinity for pracAcal business-oriented branding soluAons for the region. Entrepreneurial in Spirit Private & Confidential
  14. 14. In a Nutshell I have applied my proven methodology across the globe – in the fields of corporate, consumer, environment as well as digital branding. Applying a holisAc approach across a comprehensive work scope has benefiGed MNCs, SMEs and start-ups alike. Proven, Holis9c Methodology Private & Confidential
  15. 15. 1. Brand Research 2. Brand Audit 3. Gap & Opportunity Analysis 5. Brand Architecture 4. Brand Platform 6. Brand Expression 7. Brand Activation & Training 8. Brand Consulting & Measurement Tools: Focus Groups, Surveys, Desk Research Visual audit of relevant Brand Touch-points: • Logos • Collateral • Website • Uniforms • Vehicles • Stores, Offices etc. Insight: Perceptions, Attitudes, Associations Audience: Staff, Public, Government Agencies Identify gaps between desired and existing positioning and perceptions, attitudes, associations with regards to: • Operations • Products & Services • Relationships • Brand Equity SWOT and competitor benchmarking •  Vision & Mission •  Brand Values •  Brand Personality •  Brand Attributes •  Brand Positioning •  Hierarchy/relationship between brands •  Naming convention & visual relationship Develop Visual Branding System & Touch-points: Corporate Branding • Logos , Stationery Consumer Branding • Packaging, A&P Environment Branding • Signage , Retail Digital Branding • Web, Social Media •  Brand Training •  Media Relations •  Marketing Communications Counsel, Editorial Services •  Event Management •  Speaking Opportunities KPI & ROI: •  Perceptions, Attitudes, Associations •  Media value, Frequency & Reach Overview of Work Experience Set KPI and ROI Framework Establish Brand DNA TM Develop Brand Charisma TM Administer Brand Nurture TM In a Nutshell Private & Confidential
  16. 16. In a Nutshell I recognise that every company is at a different point in their business and branding journey. I believe in idenAfying the unique challenges facing each organisaAon, looking to nurture it by recommending opAmal branding iniAaAves that considers both their resources as well as ambiAon. Nurturing Brands of All Sizes Private & Confidential Launch growth maturity decline
  17. 17. Selected Creden9als Private & Confidential
  18. 18. From government agencies to global market leaders & local SMEs, I have worked with B2Cs and B2Bs for more than a decade… Selected Creden9als Private & Confidential
  19. 19. …to enhance their brand equity through global thinking & local applica9on Selected Creden9als Private & Confidential
  20. 20. For just over a decade now, I am proud to have been accomplishing my mission of Nurturing Brands of all Sizes Following are a few examples of projects I have had the privilege to work on Selected Creden9als Private & Confidential
  21. 21. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall 01 Localise, posi9on & launch a leading foreign-listed corpora9on Private & Confidential
  22. 22. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Private & Confidential
  23. 23. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Private & Confidential
  24. 24. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Private & Confidential
  25. 25. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Private & Confidential
  26. 26. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Private & Confidential
  27. 27. Watabe Wedding Chijmes Hall Private & Confidential
  28. 28. 02 Integrated Marke9ng Campaigns for leading FMCG brands F&N Private & Confidential
  29. 29. Private & Confidential F&N
  30. 30. Gondola dressing Wobbler Headerboard Standee Shelf Talker Pallet dressing Private & Confidential F&N
  31. 31. Fleet / Summer’s Eve 03 Turn-around a #1 US brand in Asia Private & Confidential
  32. 32. Kimage Hair Studio 04 Bring a neighbourhood brand up-market Private & Confidential
  33. 33. Soyato 05 Brand & launch a successful start-up Private & Confidential
  34. 34. Soyato Private & Confidential
  35. 35. Mama Lemon 06 Achieve record sales for a heritage brand Private & Confidential
  36. 36. Vivian Regina 07 Posi9on a B2B SME to expand globally Private & Confidential
  37. 37. Vivian Regina Private & Confidential
  38. 38. 08 Brand the developer of Singapore’s most branded commercial developments Raffles Quay Asset Mgt Private & Confidential
  39. 39. HSBC 09 Internal branding campaign that engaged staff at one of the world’s largest banks Private & Confidential
  40. 40. Private & Confidential HSBC
  41. 41. Energizer / Eveready 10 Packaging alignment across Asia for a global market leader Private & Confidential
  42. 42. 11 Re-posi9on a veteran brand for a new market segment and global expansion Private & Confidential Singex / Expo / Max Atria
  43. 43. Private & Confidential Singex / Expo / Max Atria
  44. 44. Raimondi Cranes 12 Develop a brand campaign for a leader in the global crane manufacturing industry Private & Confidential
  45. 45. Knowledge Universe 13 Brand architecture development and posi9oning for the leading private educa9on organisa9on Private & Confidential
  46. 46. Baygon 14 Brand Alignment across Europe & Asia for a global market leader Private & Confidential
  47. 47. 15 Pre-acquisi9on brand refresh for a public listed VOIP market leader Mediaring Private & Confidential
  48. 48. Mediaring Private & Confidential
  49. 49. 16 Crag a breakthrough campaign for a leader in Execu9ve Development The Works Partnership Private & Confidential
  50. 50. The Works Partnership Private & Confidential
  51. 51. 17 Re-brand a 200 year old ins9tu9on that represents leading corpora9ons from 40 na9ons and 20 industry sectors SICC Private & Confidential
  52. 52. Na9onal Ins9tute of Educa9on 18 Crea9ng brand alignment within a na9onal educa9on ins9tute Private & Confidential
  53. 53. 19 Cross-marke9ng & Trade promo9on for a global market leader Eveready Private & Confidential
  54. 54. Eveready Private & Confidential
  55. 55. Eveready Private & Confidential
  56. 56. Eveready Private & Confidential
  57. 57. Eveready Private & Confidential
  58. 58. Eveready Private & Confidential
  59. 59. F&N foods/Sunkist 20 Win market leadership in a new category for a trusted brand Private & Confidential
  60. 60. The Star Pitch Private & Confidential
  61. 61. The Star Pitch Private & Confidential
  62. 62. The Star Pitch Private & Confidential
  63. 63. The Star Pitch Private & Confidential
  64. 64. Logos Private & Confidential
  65. 65. Summary Bio Private & Confidential
  66. 66. Private & Confidential Co-founded and led a Brand Agency of the Year 2014 finalist that was also awarded the MarkeAng Excellence Award and Packaging Star Awards in mulAple years. Brand Strategy & CreaAve Director with a 16 year career in Brand Development, MarkeAng & Design. Experience in brand strategy development, account management, internaAonal design & markeAng campaigns for clients - from Fortune 500 companies to local SME start-ups, in both B2C and B2B industries. ExperAse in implemenAng a holisAc branding process, from brand audit, research, gap analysis & posiAoning, brand architecture/blueprint/guidelines development, idenAty systems, design conceptualisaAon, online/print markeAng acAvaAon and project management.
 Overseen online to offline markeAng operaAons in China and Singapore as Chief MarkeAng Officer, developing markeAng strategy, vision and direcAng markeAng efforts towards contribuAng to the business’ growth and boGom line. A CerAfied PracAcing Management Consultant (with SBACC) and Design Singapore Council registered designer that delivers Branding as well as Design seminars and clinics locally as well as overseas. Access my curriculum vitae & porholio online sg.linkedin.com/pub/kelvin-emmanuel-ng/10/928/b64 www.the-branding-bureau.com Key Accomplishments: Delivered branding soluAons, markeAng plans / campaigns that successfully • Launched start-ups • Re-posiAoned SMEs & foreign listed corporaAons • Delivered record sales & sales turn-around regionally • Established market leadership • Re-branded businesses for local and overseas growth
  67. 67. Kelvin Emmanuel Ng + + E sg.kelvin@gmail.com W www.the-branding-bureau.com Visit us at www.the-branding-bureau.com