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Alura and julie safer journeys

  1. Alura, Julie and Nana are walking to school.
  2. They came to a driveway. It is a sneaky one because there is a bush hiding the drive way!
  3. Nana didn’t notice the sneaky driveway and kept walking.
  4. Taihoa! Julie and Alura shouted for Nana to stop.
  5. I can Now Nana! hear a We have got car! to wait for the car!
  6. The car backed out of the driveway.
  7. Once the car drove away, the girls told their nana that it was safe to cross the driveway.
  8. Julie, Alura and Nana carried on walking to school.

Notas do Editor

  1. Kia oraAlura!
  2. Can we merge thi with the first or second slide?
  3. What is stop in Maori?
  4. How do we know a car is coming? Can we re-word this?
  5. Come on…in Maori?
  6. Picture of school?