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How to use Online Marketing to Cut Sales Team Churn

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A practical guide to using online marketing to making your top sales people sell more and earn more

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How to use Online Marketing to Cut Sales Team Churn

  1. 1. Read more on our blog How to use Online Marketing to Cut Sales Team Churn
  2. 2. Sales people cost money & time 1. Finding good ones can take 6 months 2. 3 more months before they produce 3. 6 more months before you know if they’re good – If not, 3 more months to coach/de-hire > back to 1 – If not, 12 months of sub-optimal results
  3. 3. Read more on our blog So did you make the right decision?
  4. 4. Read more on our blog Online marketing & sales team churn 1  Sales people only want to sell  They hate cold calling (& it doesn’t work)  Lots of qualified leads keep them busy & happy  Your on-target performers keep performing  Those who don’t, need coaching or de-hiring
  5. 5. Hi-Tech Buyers do 70 - 80% of their research online - before they talk to a vendor so: Your online presence must be optimised Your content has to attract buyers Why online is critical
  6. 6. Read more on our blog Your website is your key lead generator Landing pages must engage visitors Calls To Action (CTAs) must be clear & compelling Content must keep prospects coming back for more
  7. 7. Read more on our blog Online delivers marketing qualified leads Sales team delivers sales qualified leads
  8. 8. Read more on our blog 5 other reasons to use online marketing  Establishes credibility & builds trust (while you sleep)  Helps genuine leads qualify themselves in  Helps others qualify themselves out  Confirms lead quality before handover to sales  Reduces length and cost of sale cycle
  9. 9. Online marketing Is a fraction of the cost of offline marketing per lead Is 100% measurable Enables instant update/change/response/tweak Cost-effective back up to any offline activity Benefits of online vs offline
  10. 10. Read more on our blog When online marketing generates marketing qualified leads, sales people are busy progressing & closing Closed deals > commissions paid Sales people making money don’t go job hunting Sales people on target > higher profit & lower costs Online Marketing & Sales churn 2
  11. 11. Read more on our blog Read more How to Match Collateral to the High Tech Buyer's Journey How to Get The Most out of Online Marketing How we do High Tech Marketing
  12. 12. Read more on our blog Check us out www.technoledge.com.au Contact us 02 9909 0246 info@technoledge.com.au Follow us Learn more