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Simple to Sensational: Taking iPad Projects to the Next Level

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This session will share practical ideas for extending simple iPad projects by combining them with a second app to deepen learning and creativity. Examples of student projects from K - 8 will be shared, along with apps and hints for managing projects.

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Simple to Sensational: Taking iPad Projects to the Next Level

  1. 1. Karen Bosch Pre - 8 Technology Instruction Nicole Nesbitt 2nd Grade Teacher Southfield Christian School Southfield, Michigan From Simple to SENSATIONAL http://tinyurl.com/ipadcreate Taking iPad Projects to the Next Level
  2. 2. About our iPads Southfield Christian School High School - one to one iPads Elementary School - 2 shared sets of iPads + 2 per class Middle School - shared cart Also have a set of 13 iPod touch devices (some project examples done on iPods)
  3. 3. Presentation Resource Link: Karen Bosch kbosch@southfieldchristian.org Twitter: @karlyb Nicole Nesbitt nnesbitt@southfieldchristian.org http://tinyurl.com/ipadcreate
  4. 4. Photography Text Drawing Audio Video Internet for Research IPAD MULTIMEDIA TOOLS all in one solution!
  5. 5. Use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing including with collaboration with peers with multimedia components (graphics, sound, video) in presentations IPADS AND COMMON CORE
  7. 7. PHOTO
  8. 8. PHOTOGRAPHY •Literacy: colors, shapes, ABCs, vocabulary words •Writing: sequence, creative writing •Science: experiments, simple machines, clouds, weather, leaves •Math: real life problem solving •Social Studies: field trips to locations, community •World Languages: vocabulary PHOTOIDEAS
  9. 9. PHOTO Outdoor Photography ‣Use pictures as part of science or creative writing projects ‣ Work with partners
  10. 10. PHOTO ‣Use copyright friendly images, especially if you plan to publish ‣Save to camera roll ‣http://pics.tech4learning.com/ ‣http://www.morguefile.com/ ‣https://openclipart.org ‣http://www.photosforclass.com/ (includes attribution!!) ONLINE IMAGES FOR PROJECTS I put icons on our iPads that connect to these websites TOOLKIT
  11. 11. PHOTO Animoto (free) Musical Slideshows PUBLISH •Combine images and video clips into a movie with music and effects. •Direct upload online to Animoto site or download to camera roll. •Free full featured account for educators! •From Emma Garner’s 1st grade VIDEO
  12. 12. PHOTO TEXT T
  13. 13. PHOTO TEXT T Balloon Stickies Plus •Add cartoon balloons to an individual photo •Variety of styles, colors, fonts •Ads in free version •From Nicole Nesbitt’s second grade
  14. 14. PHOTO TEXT T COMIC BOOK APPS PhotoComic (paid) Comic Book (paid) Comic Life (paid) TOOLKIT
  15. 15. Labelbox (free) Labels (free) Phonto (free) A+ Signature (free) Skitch (free) PHOTO TEXT T TOOLKIT PHOTO TEXT APPS
  16. 16. PHOTO TEXT T New Year Goals using LabelBox app •Use front facing camera •Ideas: descriptions, vocabulary, parts of speech, poetry, science experiments •4th grade
  17. 17. PHOTO TEXT T #OneWord using Phonto ‣Selfie Cam ‣Ideas: descriptions, vocabulary, parts of speech, poetry, science experiments ‣4th grade Link to Project/ Video Tutorial
  18. 18. PHOTO TEXT T Six Word Story ‣Six Word Story - project by HS English teacher Diane Allen ‣Front facing camera ‣Use any app that combines a photo and text.
  19. 19. PHOTO TEXT T Fall Poems using Phonto app ‣4th graders combine their photography with poetry (step by step directions at blog link using Snapguide) ‣Ideas: adjectives, poetry, science experiments
  20. 20. PHOTO TEXT T Color Poems using LabelBox app ‣6th Grade ‣Use copyright friendly sites for images: Pics4Learning Morguefile
  21. 21. PHOTO TEXT T Pic Collage for Kids (free) • Digital Posters! • Search for photos for project in app • Add text and backgrounds • Save to camera roll • New version for kids removes social media!
  22. 22. Pic Kids • Homophones, Singular/Plural • Examples - Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd grade
  23. 23. Pic Kids • Landforms • Google Earth screenshots + Pic Collage • Example - Ruth Bennefield’s 2nd grade
  24. 24. Pic Kids (parts of speech) • Fall adjectives and pictures • Example - Sheri Veldman’s 3rd grade
  25. 25. Pic Kids - Reports • Reports - famous African Americans, Africa, Bats, Climate • Searched for images in app • Examples - Nicole Nesbitt’s and Ruth Bennefield’s 2nd grades, Denise Bourque’s 4th grade, Gwen Sullivan’s 8th grade
  26. 26. Pic Kids • Fifth grade Common Core Exemplar: Sentences with correlative conjunctions • Do INSTEAD of worksheets! • Example - Carrie Fair’s Fifth Grade
  27. 27. PHOTO TEXT T Goals with Popplet ‣Photo with front facing camera ‣Simple tools ‣By fourth graders ‣Use with book covers, book characters, science concepts
  28. 28. Food Chains with Popplet ‣Images downloaded from internet using Safari ‣By third graders
  29. 29. Anything photo project saved to the camera roll, could be extended by: LEVEL UP PHOTO TEXT T VIDEOEBOOK ANIMATEAUDIO (Examples coming in next section)
  30. 30. ‣Save projects as photo to camera roll. ‣Email projects. ‣Use cord to sync photos/video to computer. ‣Upload to a Dropbox account. (Other online storage options: Google Drive, Box) ‣NOTE: Printing via wifi from iPad photo roll prints 4 x 6 size. HOW TO PRINT OR TRANSFER PROJECTS PUBLISH
  31. 31. ‣Blog it! - Wordpress, Blogger, Weebly ‣Microblog it! - Instagram, Twitter, Flickr ‣Have students blog it! - Kidblog PUBLISH TO YOUR DIGITAL HALLWAY! PUBLISH
  32. 32. WordPress ‣ Blogging app lets you take photos/images from your camera roll on your iPad and directly upload them to your blog - huge time saver! ‣Let students photograph and blog class activities! Document learning!
  33. 33. AUDIO
  34. 34. AUDIO APPS ‣AudioMemos SE (free) ‣iTalk Recorder (free) ‣GarageBand (free on new iOS devices ) AUDIOTOOLKIT
  35. 35. AUDIO ‣Fluency/Vocabulary ‣Reader’s Theater ‣Create/record commercials - National Parks ‣Recordings for music/band/foreign language ‣Raps - rules, concepts, vocabulary AUDIOIDEAS
  37. 37. Audioboom (free) ‣Audioboom for use for podcasting - publishes to web directly from your iPad ‣Must create free account, allows 3 minutes of recording ‣NOTE: Links to social media, other accounts ‣Generates a QR Code for each podcast file! PUBLISH AUDIO Record students talking about what they learned - top ten list style!
  38. 38. QR Code Listening Galleries ‣Listen using any app that scans QR codes! PUBLISH AUDIO
  39. 39. Audioboom QR Codes ‣Create account for class ‣Go to your Audioboom account online ‣Click QR code at towards bottom left
  40. 40. Audioboom QR Codes ‣Generates code ‣Print in large (full page) or small (good size for corner of project)
  41. 41. PUBLISH AUDIO GrandParents Day QR Code Books ‣from 2nd grade teacher Nicole Nesbitt
  42. 42. PUBLISH AUDIO QR Code Books ‣from 2nd grade teacher Ruth Bennefield ‣Students were able to read/ listen to each other’s books ‣Fluency!
  43. 43. Audio Book Reports ‣Second grade book reports from Nicole Nesbitt ‣Snap photo of book cover (or student artwork/ project) ‣Record audio ‣Link to example Add to projects that you already do! PUBLISH PHOTO AUDIOAUDIO
  44. 44. PUBLISH PHOTO AUDIO Body System Tours with QR Codes ‣from 5th grade teacher Crystal Voytal ‣Drawings with Doodle Buddy ‣Link to example of audio DRAW
  45. 45. PUBLISH PHOTO AUDIO Fotobabble (free) ‣Snap a photo and record a 5 minute audio description. ‣Instantly upload online to free Fotobabble account, simple publication! ‣Easy for kids to use. ‣Students reflect on their artwork
  46. 46. Message Posters ‣Pic Collage + Fotobabble ‣Students record explanation, commercial, or rap explaining their poster ‣Picture and audio published to web! ‣Link to example PUBLISH PHOTO AUDIO TEXT T
  47. 47. Write About This (free/paid) • Photos with story prompts • Write story, record audio • Save to camera roll • Can create your own prompts • Also Tell About This for younger students AUDIO TEXT T PHOTO
  48. 48. ‣Create free Adobe account to use. ‣Photos, icons, audio, music, in app search! ‣Creates copyright credits for images/music at end ‣Publish online or download to camera roll Adobe Voice (free) PUBLISH PHOTO AUDIO TEXT T VIDEO
  49. 49. DRAW
  50. 50. Drawing •Literacy: ABCs, vocabulary words, story maps •Writing: Illustrations for creative writing •Science: diagrams, science labs •Math: problem solving illustrations •Social Studies: maps, timelines •World Languages: vocabulary http:// blogs.south fieldchristi an.org/e http:// blogs.south fieldchristi an.org/ elemapptit ude/wp- content/ uploads/ site http:// blogs.south fieldchristi an.org/ middlepag IDEAS DRAW
  51. 51. DRAW SIMPLE DRAWING APPS ‣Drawing Box (free/paid for full version) ‣Drawing Pad (paid) - text! ‣Doodle Buddy (free) - also add text! ‣Hello Crayons (free) - great for early elementary TOOLKIT
  52. 52. Draw a Picture that Begins with a ..... Hello Crayons app • Simple drawing apps - draw with crayons, marker, paint, pencils • Includes a paint bucket fill option • Can open and save images from and to camera roll • Shop includes additional in app features and coloring pages for purchase DRAW
  53. 53. DRAW All About Bats Hello Crayons app • Kindergarteners drew picture of a happy bat after field trip to Cranbrook Science Center. • No option to add text, saved to camera roll and opened in A+Signature to add their name. • Use in narrated slideshow using 30 Hands or Explain Everything apps
  54. 54. DRAW Drawing Pad (Paid) ‣Excellent set of realistic looking drawing tools ‣Clipart collection ‣Includes text! Use for story illustration!
  55. 55. ADVANCED DRAWING APPS ‣SketchbookX (free) ‣Flipink (paid) ‣Tayasui Sketches (free/paid) ‣Paper53 (free) DRAWTOOLKIT
  56. 56. Digital Sketchnotes DRAW• Notes while Listening • Watching Videos • Summarizing Chapters/Books • Mapping Ideas
  57. 57. DRAW TEXT T
  58. 58. DRAW Story Illustration • Hello Crayons + Pic Kids apps • Kindergarteners worked with 5th grade buddies to write the stories • from Jan Tetirick’s class TEXT T
  59. 59. DRAWPic Kids (free) • Vocabulary • Definition, synonym, antonym, part or speech, example sentence • Drew a picture • Example - Carrie Fair’s Fifth Grade TEXT T
  61. 61. NARRATED SLIDESHOWS Shadow Puppet Edu (free) - search in app for images! Explain Everything (paid) 30 Hands (free) Lets you redo audio recordings! DRAW AUDIO VIDEO TOOLKIT
  62. 62. Narrated Slideshows ‣Use apps: 30 Hands (free) ‣Load images (artwork does not need to be created on iPad) into app, then record audio. ‣Perfect for the one iPad class! DRAW AUDIO VIDEO
  63. 63. SCREENCASTING APPS ‣Show Me (free) ‣Explain Everything (paid) Has many features not available in free apps ‣Educreations (free) - in app search for images ‣Knowmia/Teach (free) - for teacher use DRAW AUDIO VIDEO PHOTOTOOLKIT
  64. 64. Educreations Tutorials ‣Second graders demonstrate money strategies - from Nicole Nesbitt DRAW AUDIO VIDEO PHOTO
  65. 65. DRAW Math Tutorials ‣Fifth and Sixth grade students created tutorials as review for MAP testing ‣Free account ‣Published directly to ShowMe and Knowmia websites ‣Common Core: explain your thinking! DRAWING APPS ‣ShowMe and Knowmia Teach
  66. 66. DRAW ANIMATE
  67. 67. DRAW ANIMATION APPS Talking Characters ‣Chatterpix Kid (free) ‣Facejack (paid) ‣Photospeak (free) ANIMATE TOOLKIT
  68. 68. DRAW ChatterPix Kids ‣Talking artwork! ‣Talking snowmen by second graders ‣Picture drawn with Drawing Pad app, but could also take a photo of student artwork ANIMATE
  69. 69. DRAW ChatterPix Kids ‣Talking Artwork! ‣Christmas Story Characters ‣Picture drawn with Drawing Pad app, but could also take a photo of student artwork ANIMATE
  70. 70. DRAW SCENE BUILDERS ‣Make a Scene: Farmyard ‣Feltboard ‣Alien Buddies (has additional activities) ‣PBS Parents Play and Learn (has additional activities) ‣My Play Home Lite ‣Faces I Make ‣Imagination Box TOOLKIT
  71. 71. DRAW Story Illustrations with Feltboard ‣Used Feltboard to illustrate stories ‣Printed/ combined with text that was typed on the computer ‣From 2nd grade teacher Nicole Nesbitt TEXT T
  72. 72. Book Creator for iPad (paid) ‣Add text, pictures, simple drawings, record audio, add video, hyperlinks, comic templates ‣Export as epub document directly to iBooks or to Dropbox, publish to iTunes ‣ Link to our elementary collection of eBooks DRAW TEXT T EBOOKAUDIO PUBLISH
  73. 73. Hints for Managing Recording • Set up project ahead of time with all images loaded in • Station in hallway where it is quiet • Teacher Aide or Parent Helpers • Older students working as buddies • Teach one who teaches the rest • Rest Time!! (or other quiet work time)
  74. 74. SPOKEnPHOTO (free) ‣Create free account ‣Add photos, record audio for each image (no text) ‣Saves to account, view online or in app ‣Example: Snowmen All Year Use projects that you already do, turn into a book!
  75. 75. VIDEO
  76. 76. VIDEO Video Camera Hints ‣Use horizontally, like the shape of a TV screen! ‣Take short clips of students in action, edit into a simple video at night while watching TV. ‣Assign students to take videos of class activities.
  77. 77. VIDEO Video Editing apps ‣Splice (free/paid) ‣iMovie (free on newer iPads/paid) TOOLKIT
  78. 78. How to Publish VideosPUBLISH • Create a Vimeo or Youtube account • Save videos to photo album/camera roll • Tab on the video in your photos, then the share arrow at the top • Tap on Youtube/Vimeo (First time you will need to login to your account • Type in the title of your video, then tap post
  79. 79. VIDEO ANIMATION APPS for Digital StorytellingTOOLKIT Puppet Pals Tellagami Toontastic Bible Buddies Sock Puppets Chomp ANIMATE
  80. 80. President Campaign Speeches ‣Created by 5th graders in Carrie Fair’s class. ‣Searched and downloaded images from the internet to use in project.
  81. 81. I am Brave like a Lion ‣Photographed lion face created in art class. Then used FaceJack to record a way they are brave (with teacher help). ‣Clips combined by teacher using Splice video editing app.
  82. 82. Bethlehem Eyewitness ‣Bethlehem Eyewitness project ‣In art class, created portraits using construction paper and chalk ‣Wrote story, then recorded in FaceJack
  83. 83. Talking Human Bodies ‣Created by 5th graders in Crystal Voytal’s class. ‣Used bodies created with Doodle Buddy
  84. 84. Kindergarten First Thanksgiving with Puppet Pals ‣Kindergarteners recorded puppet play about what they learned about Thanksgiving.
  85. 85. Bible Buddies (free lite version/paid) ‣Create puppet shows with Bible characters ‣From the same company as Puppet Pals ‣Example: The Fiery Furnace
  86. 86. Sock Puppets (Free Lite Version/Paid) ‣Talking Socks! Crazy voices! ‣Second grade teachers Mark Steer and Ruth Bennefield use to review math facts and vocabulary words.
  87. 87. Sock Puppets (Free Lite Version/Paid) ‣Story Elements ‣From second grade teacher Ruth Bennefield
  88. 88. Toontastic (Now totally FREE!!) Animated stories broken down into easy to follow directions with audio. Comes with many settings and characters, including option to paint your own. New camera allows you to add photos for backgrounds and characters. Tall Tale Story - The Forest Fire
  89. 89. Toontastic (Free) Tour of Zambia: ‣incorporates social studies research ‣ student drawn characters and objects ‣by 6th grader Khari
  90. 90. Tellagami (free/paid) ‣Create animated 3D talking characters ‣Use included backgrounds or your own images ‣30 seconds of recording
  91. 91. Telestory VIDEO ANIMATE
  92. 92. iMovie Book Trailers VIDEO ANIMATE Drawing + Pickayoo Avatar + Puppet Pals + iMovie
  93. 93. Book Shelfies - iBooks Author Middle School Multimedia Book Reviews •Book Trailer •Garageband recording of book •Animated book character •Book Quiz •Published to iTunes!
  94. 94. Famous African Americans Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd Grade LEVEL UP Pic Kids
  95. 95. LEVEL UP Famous African Americans Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd GradeChatterpix Kids iMovie
  96. 96. LEVEL UP Famous African Americans Nicole Nesbitt’s 2nd GradeChatterpix Kids iMovie Pic Kids DoInk Green Screen
  97. 97. iPad Multimedia Resources: http://tinyurl.com/ipadcreate
  98. 98. Creative-APPtitude - iPad Multimedia Tools for Creativity by Karen Bosch. All rights reserved. Karen Bosch kbosch@southfieldchristian.org Want to learn more?  - I love working with educators to help them explore how to effectively use iPads and other technology tools to leverage learning and creativity in their classroom. My consulting sessions are filled with real and practical examples from the classroom. Click here for more information on working with me.
  99. 99. Icon Image Credits: https://creativemarket.com/pixelbazaar/13226- Flatilicious-200-icons https://icons8.com/web-app/new-icons/all Photos by Karen Bosch