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To Home, To Work, To Home, To Collabsphere!

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A slightly technical session on how to make your activities more efficient, from a practical and technical point of view for HCL Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, iNotes and Traveler.

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To Home, To Work, To Home, To Collabsphere!

  1. 1. @LotusEvangelist 1 keith@b2bwhisperer.com To Home, To Work, To Home, To CollabSphere! Keith Brooks CEO - B2B Whisperer HCL Ambassador #HCLAmbassadorTips @LotusEvangelist keith@b2bwhisperer.com
  2. 2. @LotusEvangelist 2 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Talk to the Sponsors, They Don’t ALL Bite
  3. 3. @LotusEvangelist 3 keith@b2bwhisperer.com • CEO – B2B Whisperer • Pinball Enthusiast • My addiction to Lotus started in 1993 • Windows Admin since NT was in Beta • Hates using MS apps, still better than Google’s though • Wrote IBM Redbooks, Certification Exams and this book • Writing a tip a day, 366 days of 2020 using #HCLAmbasadorTips on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn Admin: Keith Brooks 2012 2020
  4. 4. @LotusEvangelist 4 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Questions, We Have Questions What would make a difference to your daily routine? How can you get your work done better? What if you could be doing more with what you have in place already? How Do You Get More Out of What You Own?
  5. 5. @LotusEvangelist 5 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Special Theory of Collaboration Hierarchy HCL Domino HCL Connections HCL Sametime Workflows HCL Verse/Traveler HCL Notes CYA Volt Nomad iNotes
  6. 6. @LotusEvangelist 6 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Notes & Domino Where would most of us be without it? From the 1st day of working from home, we are connected… So is everyone else, so what’s so special? I asked myself the same question The answer is not so simple If O365 is your answer, come to my session tomorrow “Shoot me NOW! The Life and Death of an O365 Admin and User” Thursday at 9am CDT for even more differences
  7. 7. @LotusEvangelist 7 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Outside Looking to Come In, and Get out • Put HCL Domino Passthru Servers in place if you don’t have a proper VPN • HCL SafeLinx (Mobile Connect) if you want a VPN just for your HCL infrastructure • SSL, by now you should have it, but if not, get it http://technicalfusionn.blogspot.com/2016/05/the-ssl-certificate-and-your-websites.html
  8. 8. @LotusEvangelist 8 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Upgrades Required • On Disk Structure, latest is ODS 53 with R10, servers and clients • Notes clients should be upgraded to the latest version of your release to reduce issues, increase security and benefits • Whatever “other” clients you use, upgrade them always to get new features and security
  9. 9. @LotusEvangelist 9 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Play Nice With Others • Check your replication settings, you don’t need to hammer the server every 2 minutes, 15 is fine. • You may also want to turn off the High Priority replication
  10. 10. @LotusEvangelist 10 keith@b2bwhisperer.com TCPIP Efficiency in Notes/Domino Nothing: TCPIP=TCP,0,15,0,,12288, Compression only: TCPIP=TCP,0,15,0,,12320, Encryption only: TCPIP=TCP,0,15,0,,45056, Both: https://blog.vanessabrooks.com/2014/11/sntt-in-which-port-settings-dont-quite.html https://www.autoblog.com/2017/01/11/tesla-ludicrous-plus-mode-video/ https://electrek.co/2016/03/23/tesla-model-s-p90d-ludicrous-top-speed- acceleration/ Notes.ini
  11. 11. @LotusEvangelist 11 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Client Side Notes Benefits • Remove any extra Notes ports, from clients and servers so there is no time/processing wasted on them • Tweak your replication settings to get what you need, by date, size, etc.. • Set Domino Directory Server equal to Home Server in your location document
  12. 12. @LotusEvangelist 12 keith@b2bwhisperer.com https://i.pinimg.com/originals/29/69/38/29693845373b890aacfb63b3307202fe.jpg A Little RnR Helps 1. Did you create a Resource just for Fun? 2. A place anyone can visit or use with others, or The Boss? 3. You did at least set up a time to talk to your team regularly, right? 4. Also, No one wants a live feed on them all day long.
  13. 13. @LotusEvangelist 13 keith@b2bwhisperer.com SHUT UP! Can’t You See I am Working Here! • Temporarily, but if you leave it off…. – Notes - Preferences-Mail-Notifications – Sametime – Turn off pop ups (Preferences-Notifications) – Verse/Traveler – Turn off sound for mail notifications – Phone – DayWise https://getdaywise.com/
  14. 14. @LotusEvangelist 14 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Let’s Review • Configure your clients to leave you alone • Make your Notes client more efficient • Secure your environment • A little RnR fun for everyone • Upgrade and Secure everything you can • Silence is golden, but don’t forget to turn the devices/apps back on and check in twice a day
  15. 15. @LotusEvangelist 15 keith@b2bwhisperer.com Keith Brooks Blog: https://blog.vanessabrooks.com Twitter: @LotusEvangelist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kbmsg LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithbrooks Email: keith@b2bwhisperer.com