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Shoot me NOW! The Life and Death of an O365 Admin and User

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You think O365 is the greatest thing since yesterday's TikTok, well you may want to peer into this slide deck for some realistic viewpoints.

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Shoot me NOW! The Life and Death of an O365 Admin and User

  1. 1. @LotusEvangelist 1 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Shoot Me NOW! The Life and Death of an O365 Admin and User Hogne B. Pettersen Information Adviser at Nord University HCL Ambassador Keith Brooks CEO - B2B Whisperer HCL Ambassador #HCLAmbassadorTips
  2. 2. @LotusEvangelist 2 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org
  3. 3. @LotusEvangelist 3 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org
  4. 4. @LotusEvangelist 4 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org • CEO – B2B Whisperer • Pinball Enthusiast • My addiction to Lotus started in 1993 • Windows Admin since NT was in Beta • Hates using MS apps, still better than Google’s though • Wrote IBM Redbooks, Certification Exams and this book • Writing a tip a day, 366 days of 2020 using #HCLAmbasadorTips on Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn Admin: Keith Brooks 2012 2020
  5. 5. @LotusEvangelist 5 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org • Information Adviser at Nord University in Bodø, north of the Arctic circle • And…Writer, photographer, user trainer, developer and Lego enthusiast • Working with collaboration tools since 1995 • Unhappy user who’s forced to use Outlook and SharePoint during daytime • (But Teams and Office is kinda good) User: Hogne Bø Pettersen
  6. 6. @LotusEvangelist 6 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Microsoft Collaboration Tools We will talk about – What we, admins and users, like – Also about our everyday frustrations
  7. 7. @LotusEvangelist 7 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Office 365 is a Mess
  8. 8. @LotusEvangelist 8 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org And Then There is Licensing Microsoft O365 will only cost us $8pp/mo…. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/enterprise/compare-office-365-plans Office, Teams 100GB Mail, SP WEB Office, Teams 50GB Mail, SP No Mail, Teams, SP Everything
  9. 9. @LotusEvangelist 9 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org SharePoint – Pros/Cons • The place files go to die! • Users hate it (no, they do!) • Search is really bad • Meta-tagging dropped in SP 2019 • Sharing externally can be a nightmare • Collaborative editing is confusing • SharePoint has good cloud storage • Offline file sync works well • Very good integration with Office • Document Management • You can build powerful solutions with it but costs $$$ Cons Pros
  10. 10. @LotusEvangelist 10 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Data Depositories in How Many Places?
  11. 11. @LotusEvangelist 11 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Microsoft Time https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2008/07/27/microsoft-time/ Create a user, wait a few minutes, right? 15 Minutes! https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/known-issues#calendars Add the admin to manage their mail? 60 Minutes! The service typically takes less than 30 minutes to provision a user... It could take up to 24 hours for provisioning to occur. Everything in O365 has a time frame to go live. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/troubleshoot/user- and-shared-mailboxes/delays-provision-mailbox-sync-changes
  12. 12. @LotusEvangelist 12 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Teams Announcement This Week Due to a recent increase in Teams usage, when you assign a Teams license to a user it may take around 24 hours before they’ll be fully set up. Until then, you won't be able to assign Teams policies to them, and they might not have access to some Teams features like calling and audio conferencing. - Exchange Online Administration Dashboard Oct 22, 2020
  13. 13. @LotusEvangelist 13 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Is This Notes or Outlook? • Complete inconsistency in the design versions and between – Client Windows Application – Webmail version – Mobile client application • Creates more complicated user support and training • At times can be finicky, unstable and crash • Way too many functions and options • Everything opens in new windows
  14. 14. @LotusEvangelist 14 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Teams is Cool, or is it? • Teams has a very confusing relationship with SharePoint – One team is a SharePoint site – simple – A private channel inside a team becomes a separate SharePoint site – confusing – Never, ever rename a channel or team – it will screw up SP • Only possible to be on one tenant at a time – This drives users belonging to many organizations crazy! • Mobile client can only be logged in at one place • The mobile client is very much a work in progress
  15. 15. @LotusEvangelist 15 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Teams Chats and Groups Oh My! Team vs Group chats – All files shared in a Team will be in the SharePoint site • Each channel is a document folder in SharePoint (except for private channels) • All users added to the channel will have access to the files – All files shared in a chat or group chat will be in OneDrive • If you add more people to the chat, they will not have access to the files shared in the chat
  16. 16. @LotusEvangelist 16 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Teams, is it Good or Bad? • Calendar Integration is nice, but try to have it interact with ANYTHING else to book those meetings, sorry no SP integration. • User side: – Add the person you are talking to your favorite list, go ahead, try it, no way to do it – Talk to someone, get a message try to talk to them, try to get back to the first person, not very clean way to get work done
  17. 17. @LotusEvangelist 17 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Teams - The Positives • Excellent for meetings • Great functionality for collaborative document editing • Very good integration with Outlook and Calendaring • Excellent replacement for internal email • Many third-party products integrated • Secret: Hogne really, really, likes Teams (sssshhhh) • Not a Secret, Keith really hates Teams
  18. 18. @LotusEvangelist 18 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org “At the end of the day, for many users it is just email and files. As long as it fits in with the way they want to work – highly mobile, from their phone, iPad, laptop, web browser – they are (usually) happy, even if it has been a nightmare to configure for us poor IT admins!” – Darren James https://specopssoft.com/blog/confessions-admin-o365-implementation-experience/
  19. 19. @LotusEvangelist 19 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Active Hours? Restart?! Why? Why are we only limited to 12 active hours? We work from home!
  20. 20. @LotusEvangelist 20 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org PowerShell Riddle • Brand new Win10 Pro laptop setup for the admin • All Windows updates updated • Load PowerShell to admin the O365 • You need an update that does not exist in Windows Updates! • Microsoft updates PowerShell modules so frequently, check for updates monthly! https://www.slashadmin.co.uk/how-to-connect-powershell-to-office-365/ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/install/installing-powershell-core-on-windows?view=powershell-7
  21. 21. @LotusEvangelist 21 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Audit Logs that Audit only Daily? “It can take up to 30 minutes or up to 24 hours after an event occurs for the corresponding audit log record to be returned in the results of an audit log search.” https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/search-the-audit-log-in-security-and-compliance?redirectSourcePath=%252fen- us%252farticle%252fSearch-the-audit-log-in-the-Office-365-Security-Compliance-Center-0d4d0f35-390b-4518-800e-0c7ec95e946c&view=o365-worldwide#PickTab=BYB Thanks Heather H.
  22. 22. @LotusEvangelist 22 @NordicCUG keith@b2bwhisperer.com hbp@elfworld.org Let’s Review Shall We • Set a goal and a destination • Create a strategy and Plan the deployment • User training and documentation starts from day 1! • It’s not an IT project! It should be run by HR, promoted by the CEO • Don’t listen to Microsoft – Only introduce the tools you need to reach your goal – Try to integrate all into ONE intranet solution • Are you positive Office 365, SharePoint and Outlook is what you need? Hmmmm? • Yes, “it’s all included,” but it’s also very expensive!
  23. 23. Hogne Bø Pettersen Blog: https://domino.elfworld.org Twitter: @NordicCUG Instagram: @elfworl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hognebp LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hbpettersen/ Email: hbp@elfworld.org Keith Brooks Blog: https://blog.vanessabrooks.com Twitter: @LotusEvangelist Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kbmsg LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithbrooks Email: keith@b2bwhisperer.com