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First Impressions Matter: LeanUX Design of Landing Page #1

My talk on Landing Page Design at Lean Startup Machine Tokyo 2013.

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First Impressions Matter: LeanUX Design of Landing Page #1

  1. 1. First Impressions Matter:LeanUX Design of Landing Page@sprmari0Lean Startup Machine Tokyo | May 17th-19th 2013(Courtesy of Jefrey Bulla)
  2. 2. What’s the point?Think in their workflow
  3. 3. Why?• There is an intended behavior we want tocreate.• We have no direct control over user behavior.• Design gives us means to control thecontextual environment and evaluate theresulting effect.
  4. 4. Why?“Customers don’t care about your solution.They care about their problems.”- @davemcclure
  5. 5. First Touchpoint ExperienceCustomers are increasingly using the web asfirst touchpoint.*Winning the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)First impressions are 94% design related;positive first impressions lead to highersatisfaction.*Persuasive Design of Destination Web Sites: An Analysis of First Impression*Users love simple and familiar designs – Why website need to make great first impression
  6. 6. “Powers of 10”0.1sec: Form first impression about a website.1sec: Stay focused on their current train of thought.10sec: Often leave the website.1min: Able to complete simple task.10min: Long visit to a website.*Powers of 10: Time Scales in User Experience(Cont’d)
  7. 7. Starting Point of Journey*User Experience Journey Map
  8. 8. Make An Assumption of Your CustomersName and PictureWhat does the persona look like? What’s the persona’s name?CharacteristicsWhat are the persona’s relevant characteristics?Need and PainWhy the persona want to use the product ?*Persona Sets
  9. 9. Test Your Ideas
  10. 10. Create & Encourage Emotional ConnectionBuild ‘Memorable’ Website
  11. 11. Emotional Design*Plutchik’s Emotion Wheel
  12. 12. Different emotional layers*Emotional Design: Why we Love (or Hate) Everyday ThingsVisceralReflectiveBehavioralVisceral – AttractivenessBehavioral – UsageReflective – Self-Image
  13. 13. ‘Emotional’ Landing Page
  14. 14. Simplified LayoutHeadline• Key Benefit• Key Benefit• Key BenefitSocial ProofLarge GraphicCall-to-Action
  15. 15. HeadlineFirst thing read for customers to search forspecific solution to their problem.*AirbnbBig Picture Hypothesis = Solution Hypothesis = Value Proposition
  16. 16. Key BenefitsHow does your product or service benefitthe customer?*Instagram
  17. 17. Large GraphicImage high-lighting product and conveyshappy customer experience.*Square
  18. 18. Social ProofSocial networks to establish credibility andtrust by building multi-touchpoints.
  19. 19. Call-to-ActionSolicit one clear action that tests yourriskiest assumptions.*FlickrTotal number and ratio of early adaptors, interests, etc.
  20. 20. Questions to be answeredStimulus Awareness Relevance Confidence SatisfactionWho is this for?How long will this take?What should I do next?Where should I go next?How should I do it?*ARCS Model
  21. 21. Don’t blow it• The headline is everything and will probably havethe biggest impact on conversions—A/B Split Testthe Headline.• Don’t be lazy about the page design. Polish =Credibility.• People don’t read. Keep copy clear & concise.
  22. 22. 3 Pillars of Emotional DesignVisceralDesignBehavioralDesignReflectiveDesignMakes you feel… Helps you do… Says about your…
  23. 23. Skeumorphism
  24. 24. Tinke
  25. 25. Momento
  26. 26. Path
  27. 27. First Impressions Matter:LeanUX Design of Landing Page@sprmari0