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Voice of the Customer Template

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Here's an example Voice of the Customer template we use at Kayako. This free report template will help you share your insights and findings throughout your company.

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Voice of the Customer Template

  1. 1. Voice of the Customer Report January 1, 2017
  2. 2. Voice of the Customer Interviews • List of customer details • Interview highlights • Peaks and valleys of the feedback given • Link to archived interview and recording
  3. 3. Common win reasons: • Ease of use • Customer conversations • API • Messenger/live chat Common loss reasons: • Competitor • Pricing Win/Loss
  4. 4. Feature requests • XX responses in January • Interesting requests:
  5. 5. Dev issues affecting customers
  6. 6. Churn Report • Cancellation reasons summary • Business need (X) • Doesn’t have necessary features – integration (X) • Not functioning as expected – bugs/downtime (X) • Pricing plan types • $XX MRR lost • Customer’s reason for cancellation: • Interview feedback 1 • Interview feedback 2 • Interview feedback 3
  7. 7. Get The Voice of the Customer Toolkit A handy set of templates for customer-driven businesses. This toolkit will help you: • Understand customers pain points • Create stronger product positioning • Prioritize features in your product