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  1. 1. Welcome to Fresh Window Tinting Providing high quality window tinting at affordable prices
  2. 2. Index: •About us •Why choose Fresh Window Tinting •House window tinting •Contact us
  3. 3. About us: At Fresh Window Tinting, we use high-quality car window tinting in Melbourne and our excellent service has always brought a smile on the faces of our clients. Our films are able to block more than 70% of the sun’s heat and 93% glare. As a result of this, it has reduced the uncomfortable hot spots and eyestrain that was caused due to direct sunlight.
  4. 4. Why choose Fresh Window Tinting? We have been at the top for many reasons, but most importantly, we have been successful in providing high-quality service. Our clients have acclaimed our service for various reasons: Car Window Tinting in Melbourne Office Window Tinting Home Window Tinting
  5. 5. House window tinting Apart from car window tinting, we are also experts in house window tinting. Our house window tinting in Melbourne will definitely add a value to your property.
  6. 6. Contact us: Fresh Window Tinting http://freshwindowtinting.com.au/ Address: 125 the Gateway Lilydale, Melbourne, VIC, 3140, Australia Phone No: 0434272547